Wacky Things NOT to bring on trek 

by Kshaunish Jaini, on Jan 6, 2017

We have all seen those lists that tell us about things that we 'must' bring on a trek. Today we thought we'd do something different. How about a list of things that's a strict no-no when going on a trek or a camping trip? After all, if we avoid doing everything that's wrong, we'd do everything right, right? So here, for the uninitiated, are the things to 'not' bring on a trek!

  1. A Personal Chef - Unless you're Queen Mary, or this guy, you'd like to keep the kitchen stuff to a minimum. Not to mention, that finding a rucksack big enough to put him in would be a chore. Bring these instead - candy, nuts, tail mix etc.

    Gourmet cooking when on the trail? I think NOT.

  2. An AK47 - A strict no for the fun family trek, chances are if you do bring one, you'd end up using it on the mosquitoes. And bullets are expensive. Bring these instead- mosquito coil, bug spray, a useful hacked homemade mosquito repellant.
  3. An evening gown(or tuxedo) - Who doesn't like being sharply dressed for that hike? Though trust us, being comfortable is better. Wear this instead - A track suit.

    The trees don't care how sharp you look!

  4. The entire video collection of 'the Jerry Springer show' - You'd be better off with a couple of quiet books or a kindle if you're crunched for space. We'd suggest 'Into the Wild' by Jon Krakauer.
  5. A fake mustache - Guys, walking the trail is a task and you're likely to get a little sweaty. So keep the fake mustache and wigs at home. Bring these instead - cooling juice, salts, talc powder and lot's of water!

    Fake mustaches Sir, do not fit on the trail. (Pic credits )

  6. The ONKYO HT-S5400 7.1 full surround sound stereophonic system with ultra rich bass and eardrum support. Seriously, consider bringing a portable speaker set if you cannot live without music or a nice pair of noise canceling headphones instead. An awesome gadget to get along is UE Roll . Something like these would also do nicely.
  7. Occulus Rift - virtual reality is really cool right now, but consider giving it a miss, knowing you'll need an insanely powerful machine to connect it to. Bring a pair of radically cool binoculars instead, actual reality eh? And spot interesting birds and animals from a distance too. Double trouble!
  8. Your baby - Although we'd personally want people to take up adventuring early in life, it is sure not an easy task to have one of these newfangled bandits in disguise with you on a difficult climb. Keep them securely at home. Bring Hugh Grant (or Jessica Alba) instead. We guarantee that you'd have much more fun!

    Say what?

So, what's (not) on your list?

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