Top Ten Adelaide Beaches

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Adelaide is one of the most stunning cities in all of Australia. Regardless of where exactly you find yourself in Adelaide, you can be sure to be able to find adventure all around you. And one of the best things that you may seek to explore in the area are the incredible beaches of Adelaide. If you are heading to Adelaide for work or pleasure, you will surely not want to miss the opportunity to visit one or more of the stunning beaches that Adelaide has to offer its guests.

  1. Glenelg Beach

    Glenelg Beach is a lovely sandy beach that features a golf course and an amusement park, as well as the ever popular sailing tours of which will allow you the once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to hop into the sea and swim with playful, wild dolphins! Located just a short tram ride from Adelaide, you and your family can find all the adventure you are seeking (and more!) at Glenelg Beach.

    glenelg beach adelaide

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  2. Brighton Beach

    Brighton Beach is a mere 10 minute drive from Glenelg and is an incredibly family-friendly beach. The water is flawless and makes for a perfect opportunity to take in some stand-up paddleboarding or just laying out in the sun. While Brighton Beach lacks a few of the more trendy amenities of some of the other beaches in Adelaide, that in no way takes from the experience overall. The beach itself is clean and beautiful and you surely will not want to miss the opportunity to take in a breathtaking sunset from the Brighton Jetty!

  3. Robe Beach

    The quaint city of Robe is notably popular for good reason. This bustling city packs in tourists in huge numbers every year due to the friendly people, awesome accommodations and stunning beachline that runs abound. Robe Beach is a vast, sandy beach where you can take the opportunity to play in the water, relax in the sunshine or get your hands on a 4WD vehicle and hit the sand really hard, just be sure that you double check tide times and make sure that your vehicle is fully equipped! If you have every considered surfing, there are local surfing schools that offer convenient lessons located in close vicinity as well. There really is something to do for everyone at Robe Beach!

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  4. Henley Beach

    Located in the City of Charles Sturt you will find Henley Beach. Henley Beach provides its visitors with conveniently close parking (with 3 free hours!), along with nearby cafes, restaurants, and takeaway outlets that are just opposite the beach. The beach itself is pretty quiet most of the time and is always incredibly clean. Children will love it as the beach is widely regarded as being a superb place to endlessly be able to search for shells and build sand castles!

    henley beach adelaide

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  5. Stokes Beach

    Quietly located on the serene northern coast of Kangaroo Island is where you will be able to take in all the beauty that Stokes Beach has to offer those who opt to visit the region. The beach itself is protected from the roaring surf thanks to the giant pool being surrounded by natural rocks, which makes this a prime spot to take advantage of taking a wondrous dip in the sea free of detrimental waves, currents and the looming threat of rip tides. The sand and water are effortlessly clean and this is a great spot to bring your family, particularly if you are trying to steer clear of the larger crowds. There is also a nice picnic area nearby if you don’t want to eat in the sand!

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  6. Aldinga Beach

    Aldinga Beach is a quaint suburb of southern Adelaide (about a 45 minute drive from the city itself)  and can be found in the City of Onkaparinga. Aldinga Beach provides its visitors with over 10 acres of tranquility and peace that is purely unmatched. Aldinga Beach offers you the opportunity to be able to actually drive and park your car down on the beach which means that you can easily set up your spot without having to lug all of your items back and forth between car and beach. The surrounding area itself is also full of countless area wineries, boutiques and great restaurants which means that this is a great place to enjoy your entire day both before and after hitting the beach.

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  7. Maslin Beach

    Maslin Beach is a great beach, but there are certainly some considerable boundaries… Particularly if you are planning on bringing your family. A good majority of this beach, the south side, is a nude beach, while the north side is family friendly. If you prefer to swim and enjoy the sun in an unclad fashion by all means take to the south side! However, if you are planning on bringing your little ones, you will certainly all be more comfortable on the north side, where you can enjoy the beach as well as a park and picnic area!

  8. Horseshoe Bay

    horseshoe beach adelaide

    Horseshoe Bay is undoubtedly a favorite in the area. If offers guests a very calm swimming area along with some incredibly beautiful views. It is a great beach for the entire family as there are tons of opportunities for your little ones to be able to safely splash in the water. There is even a quaint little cafe that is home to some truly great dishes, and also a nice little park for your kids to burn off any excess energy. Most definitely a spot where you can find a little bit of something for your entire family.

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  9. West Beach

    If you are seeking a beach that isn’t too commercial and is sure to not be super overpacked, you may want to consider planning a visit to West Beach. West Beach offers all the amenities that one could ask for in a beach, such as a picnic area, showers, bathrooms, surfer club, etc. Not to mention it is incredibly beautiful and super clean. And, the beach is also pet-friendly so it is the perfect place to let your furry family member enjoy the water as well!

  10. Not only is Adelaide an absolutely stunning place to visit and enjoy some of the best aspects that Australia has to offer, but the beaches that can be found in the vicinity of Adelaide are plain and simply unmatched in terms of their beauty and cleanliness. Which is precisely why wherever it is that you may find yourself in Adelaide, you can be sure to find the perfect beach to fit whatever it is that you are searching for!

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