Agonda Beach Goa

by Kshaunish Jaini

The beaches of south Goa are a very different animal as compared to the famous beaches in the north . While the northern beaches are known for their beachside club and party scene, the southern beaches are much quieter. As you go further south from Margao, the beaches become more and more expansive, pristine and untouched. They are quieter, with much less tourist activity a result of which is that you don’t have to negotiate with crowds for a view of the sea.

Agonda is a major beach with characteristics that make it unique among the southern beaches . About 9 km north of the more famous Palolem, it is a perfect place to relax away from the party scene that happens there. At the same time, it is never too late to hop on the bike and ride 15 minutes into the lights of the Paradise beach of Palolem. Agonda is a beautiful stretch of white sands that extends to 2 kilometers. A long road stretches parallel to the beach, and most of the homestays are located over here. So you always get a beachfront view if you plan to stay in one of the cozy beds and breakfast that this place offers.

The sea at Agonda is naturally slightly rougher as compared to the calm waters of Palolem , so swimmers have to be slightly more careful. But the expansive, secluded stretch of sand makes up for it. More importantly, Agonda is the only beach in the south which witnesses the yearly influx of the olive ridley sea turtles. The only other place in Goa that this happens is Morjim in North Goa, and this makes it a popular time to visit amongst wildlife enthusiasts. The sea turtles are an extremely endangered species, and the Agonda village panchayat along with many environmental organizations is constantly looking for ways to make the space more accessible and comfortable for these amphibious guests. Watching an army of sea turtles in the moonlight on the beach is an experience in itself, and there are strict ordinances about the permissible levels of sound and light on the beach especially during breeding season.

Fishing boats on the Agonda beach.

Fishing boats on the Agonda beach. Photo Credit

How to Get to Agonda Beach

Agonda village falls in Canacona in the South Goa district of Goa. Here is how you get there using:

Agonda Beach - things to do

Here are a few things that you can do while you are in Agonda:

Recommended Places in Agonda

Here are a list of resorts found in South Goa , in case you wish to stay nearby, but not in Agonda Beach.

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