Bali Car Rental

by Kshaunish Jaini

There is no better way to explore a place than a self paced and flexible travel itinerary. Hiring a vehicle gives you the freedom to start or end your day whenever you want, to take a detour from your itinerary, to explore roads less travelled and spend as much time you want at a particular place or try one of the interesting spas in the region. Bali is just the place to plan your self-drive holiday. It also happens to be the most popular way to explore the island. You can either hire a car or a two-wheeler. But we would highly recommend hiring a car as it's much safer. You also have an option to hire a car with a driver if you are not too comfortable driving in a new country and amidst too much traffic.

As distances are quite a lot in Bali, you would have to rely on car rentals because public transport in Bali is next to nil and cabs work out to be very expensive. All you need is an international driving license and you are all set to explore Bali on your own terms. Incase you don't have one from your home country, you can apply for a tourist driving license at the police station at Denpasar which takes about 2 days to get approved and is valid for one month.

bali car rental

The next question that would pop up in your head is where can you rent a car from? Well, as self-drive is popular amongst the tourists and especially honeymooners , there are number of shops spread all across Bali who rent out cars and bikes. Every area would have their local players from where you can rent your vehicle. Always try and rent from a shop closer to your hotel or where you are staying as you would have to return the car at their shop itself before you leave. Generally they don’t have a pick up and drop service. The prices might vary as per the season, the car model and the condition of the car. So before you rent a car make sure you do a little recce to find out the prices from different shops to get the best price. Most of the hotels too offer rental services but they are generally expensive compared to the local shops but definitely more convenient and reliable. You also have some of the global players like Hertz, Avis, Dollar and Budget from where you can rent a car. You might even be able to bag a discount if you rent from them for a longer duration. There are some local online companies too from where you can book your car online on daily or monthly basis. You could book well before you arrive in Bali and ask them to drop it off and pick it from the airport itself. This way your ride to the hotel and back is sorted too. The only problem is that you don’t get a chance to have a look and inspect the car before you rent it.

Before renting a car in Bali

bali car rent

You can find all kinds of cars for rent in Bali from small hatchbacks to SUVs. Most of the cars are manual but you can also get an automatic car in a few places. Some of the common cars are Suzuki Jimny, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia and Toyota Kijang Innova. You can pick the right car for you based on the number passengers, amount of luggage you are carrying, the kind of terrain you want to drive on and your budget. You can also request for a GPS device, a surfboard carrier, a luggage compartment (if you want to store items when going diving ), or a car seat with your booking.

Driving in Bali is not that simple as the traffic rules are rarely followed and in and around the cities the traffic is just chaotic. The narrow roads outside the cities can also be a little difficult to drive on. If you want a more relaxed holiday you could opt to rent a chauffeur driven car. The chauffeur can also act as your guide and at times some companies also provide a guide along with the chauffeur. This saves you the hassle of navigating your way through the busy traffic with n number of two wheelers, narrow roads, unclear signboards and also looking for parking especially in the touristy places. As Bali is the land of temples, there are a number of festivals and ceremonies performed by the locals throughout the year. During this time the roads are closed for the processions to pass. If you have a driver with you, you are less likely to be caught in such road deviations as well.  

Having said that, people who love driving would look beyond all these issues and still want to drive in the magical lands of Bali. Starting your day early as compared to other tourists can be a great way to beat the traffic and also reaching your destination in lesser time. Hope this article gave you a flavour of how to commute in Bali. Travel safe and do follow the traffic rules to have a fun and peaceful holiday. Happy Travelling!

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