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The Italian island of Sardinia has over two thousands kilometres of coastline, and countless beautiful beaches ranging from the secluded coves to swatches of golden sand backed by limestone cliffs. Even the spectacular beaches along the mainland of Italy don’t compare to Sardinia’s whose are often compared to those in Asia or the Caribbean. There are plenty of things to do here and you can find out more detailed information about the islands beaches on sardiniabeaches . Also, here is a guide to holidays in Sardinia and places to visit.

Northern beaches in Sardinia

Spiaggia Rena Bianca

Located 100 metres or so from the old village of Santa Teresa Gallura, Spiaggia Rena Bianca is a large sandy beach overlooking the sea and Municca Island, as well as the large island of Corsica. It’s kept beautifully clean and there are sun loungers, deck chairs, and sea kayaks for rent. The swallow waters mean it is great for families with children. If you can drag yourself away from the beach, hike up the Torre di Longonsardo to look out over the views. There are some great snorkelling opportunities here, particularly around the rocks where schools of fish congregate. Be warned, the beach gets seriously busy during the high season, so get here early to secure a place.

Spiaggia Rena di Ponente

Another excellent option in the north of the island is Spiaggia Rena di Ponente. This half kilometre long beach looks out over the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach joins the mainland of Sardinia with the small Capo Testa so it is flanked by sea from both sides, and is located close to the village of Santa Teresa di Gallura. It’s another popular beach with tourists and locals alike who come during the summer months to swim and snorkel in the swallow waters, take part in water sports like jet skiing, and go out dolphin spotting on daily boat excursions. Get here early to avoid disappointment as it does get very busy, particularly in July and August. A great option for families with children.

North Eastern beaches in Sardinia

sardinia beaches

Spiaggia del Principe

The gorgeous Emerald Coast holds many beautiful beaches, but the Spiaggia del Principe is a particularly popular one. To reach the beach, visitors need to take a 15 minute walk along the trail, but those who make the effort are treated to with a spectacular white sandy beach and lapping turquoise waters. It’s slightly isolated position means there aren’t many amenities here other than a little restaurant selling cold drinks and meals. But who needs anything more when you have swatches of golden sand and shallow waters teeming with schools of fish? A car park nearby is easily reached by rental vehicle.

Spiaggia Capriccioli

Spiaggia Capriccioli is another beautiful beach along the Emerald Coast. It’s not far from La Celvia, the beach is a couple of hundred metres long in the bay of Cala di Volpe. The picture perfect beach is fringed with pine and olive trees, as well as granite boulders. Like many of the beaches in Sardinia, the waters are shallow and calm, making them excellent for families. In the distance, Mortorio Island and Soffi Island can be seen and reached by boat. The visibility here is excellent, so be sure to bring your snorkelling mask and fins, or hire them. The beach can be reached from Olbia in a rental car and gets busy during the high summer months.

Eastern beaches in Sardinia

Cala Mariolu

Having visited the beaches in the North and North East, you’d be forgiven for thinking you had seen the best, but the beaches down the Eastern side of Sardinia are equally stunning. Rising up along the back of the beach is a towering limestone cliff. This beach isn’t sandy, it’s made up of small pebbles, but don’t let this put you off. It’s particularly good for snorkelling and scuba diving in the waters that teem with marine life. There aren’t any hotels or guest houses nearby, so you will need to travel down from Cala Gonone or up from Santa Maria Navarrese. There’s also some amazing hiking trails along the coast not far away.

Cala Goloritze

Much like Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritze is surrounded by high cliffs. It’s a tiny beach which is only accessible by an hour long hiking trail. Boats and cars can’t reach Cala Golorize. The effort keeps most of the tourists away, but those who make the effort are treated to one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. The beach was listed as an UNESCO site in the 90s which further proves its importance. Be sure to bring your snorkelling gear as there is nowhere to rent it and the underwater marine life is magnificent. Birders will enjoy sightings of coastal birds along the 200 metre beach.

South Eastern beaches in Sardinia

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Scoglio di Peppino

This tiny 120 metre long beach lies along the Costa Rei and is perhaps most famous for the whale shaped Peppino’s Rock. The rock can be easily reached through the shallow waters, and is a good spot for exploring or relaxing. Back on the golden sandy beach, there are sun loungers and umbrellas to rent, and if you are feeling energetic, you can hire sea kayaks, windsurfs, and boats. There is also a little restaurant serving up lunch, gelato, and cold drinks.

Spiaggia di Cala Sinzias

This picture perfect beach, located along the Costa Rei, sits near to the famous Cala Pira beach. Being backed by a grove of pine and eucalyptus trees, the beach is particularly scenic. It’s not as shallow as the other beaches in Sardinia, so isn’t the best for young children, but strong swimmers will enjoy the ocean, as will windsurfers who can glide along using the consistent winds. There are some good snorkelling spots around the underwater rocks with schools of small fish. There are sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent, as well as snorkelling and water sports equipment. It’s a long beach at almost two kilometres long, as there is a bar and restaurant serving up basic meals and cold drinks.

Southern beaches in Sardinia

Spiaggia di Porto Pino

Spiaggia di Porto Pino is located in the south of the island, near to the village of Porto Pinetto. It’s huge, stretching on for over 4 kilometres and overlooking Island la Vacca. At the back of the beach, there are some large dunes as well as ponds that are inhabited by beautiful flamingos. You can really set up for the day here with plenty of facilities including sun loungers, umbrellas, and a bar restaurant serving up meals. It is also possible to rent snorkelling, scuba diving, and water sport equipment. It’s easily reached by rental car, and the beach is just a few minutes away from the car park. It gets very busy in the summer months, but its length means it usually isn’t difficult to find some privacy.

Spiaggia di Chia

Spiaggia di Chia is another spectacular beach located along the Costa del Sud. Dunes and trees back the golden sandy beach as well as a lagoon inhabited by pink flamingos. The waters here are relatively shallow, though not as much as some of the other beaches in Sardinia. The flat waters and continually ocean winds mean it’s popular with kite surfers, surfers, and windsurfers. It gets very busy between the high summer months, but the edge of the season in May and June, the weather is pleasant, the skies clear and the beach relatively empty. A great option for those looking for a little adventure.

Western beaches in Sardinia

sardinia beaches

Spiaggia della Pelosa

The Spiaggia della Pelosa is often voted as one of the best beaches in Italy and is often compared to beaches in the Caribbean. Facing the Mediterranean Sea and Piana Island, the white sandy beach is located just a short distance from Stintino village. Interestingly, the beach is also visited for the Torre della Pelosa, a 16th century structure. It’s not the best for families, but is great for those looking to take part in water sports. Sea kayaks, surf boards, and wind surfs can be hired from the nearby rental shop. Like most beaches in Sardinia, it gets really busy during the summer months.

Spiaggia delle Bombarde

Spiaggia delle Bombarde lies along the beautiful Coral Riviera. It’s characterized by golden sands, pine and eucalyptus trees, and cool waters that teem with marine life. The beach is split into two, with one side used as a private beach by the Hotel Dei Pini and the other open to the public. It’s gets busy, and the hordes of crowds are served by several bars and restaurants along its edge. If you need extra facilities like these, the Spiaggia delle Bombarde may be perfect for you, particularly if you are with children.

North Western beaches in Sardinia

Spiaggia di Maria Pia

This long beach is over a kilometre along and lies in Sardinia’s rugged North Western coast. Fringing the Alghero Bay, the beach is backed by towering sandy dunes and pine forests which provide so welcome shade during the hot summer months. It’s a popular beach with locals who come to walk, swim in the calm waters, and spend lazy days with the family with picnics. It’s easily reached by rental car and there are wooden walkways, providing easy access to those in a wheelchair. Cold drinks and gelato are available from the little bars along the beach.

Spiaggia della Speranza

Located along the North Western coast not far from the village of Alghero and Villanova Monteleone, the Spiaggia della Speranza is easily reached by car along a beautiful coastal road. It’s made up of both sand and pebbles, and the waters are shallow making it an excellent spot for families with children. There are continually sea breezes here, making it great for surfers and wind surfers. An excellent seafood restaurant serves up fresh catches of the day in a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean.

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