Beaches Near Manila

by Kshaunish Jaini

Manila is an incredibly popular tourist destination in the Philippines, and it’s for a good reason. This is where you can take in all of what the Philippines offers. This includes everything from the culture to the history to the food. However, when visiting Manila, you may be interested in checking out some of the beaches spread throughout. We have compiled a list of some of the best beaches near Manila. Each one of these beaches offers something different to experience, so we recommend visiting as many as possible. All of these listed are close enough to Manila to be reached by car, public transportation, or boat ride.

Silanguin Cove

In San Antonio, Zambales, you will find Silanguin Cove. Of all the newly discovered San Antonio beaches, Silanguin is the least crowded. It is extremely remote, perfect for those traveling looking to escape tourist crowds. The views here are absolutely breathtaking. The sand is not that perfect white color that many hope to find in the Philippines, but nonetheless, the scenery is gorgeous. The water is shallow and calm, perfect for swimming and relaxing. The surrounding mountains have a red soil, which when combined with the bright greenery, makes a picture worthy view. If fishing is your thing, Silanguin Cove is perfect for you. The waters are incredibly rich with all different kinds of fish.

Nagsasa Cove

Nagsasa Cove is another gem in San Antonio, Zambales. It was just recently recognized as a tourist destination. It is perfect for those seeking adventure. The sand is enveloped in ashes and the waters are a beautiful turquoise blue. Around the beach you will find breathtaking Agoho trees, which are similar to pine trees. The setting is extremely laid back, perfect for those looking to get away and revitalize themselves.

Borawan Beach

Borawan Beach can be found on the Pagbilao Chica Island in Pagbilao, Quezon. Here you can find astonishing rock formations similar to those in Palawan. The beaches are almost as white as those in Boracay. The island is relatively quiet, as there are no resorts here. However, if you are visiting, you will be able to find cottages, toilets, and shower rooms, so you won’t have to worry too much about these accomodations. This beach is gorgeous, and a perfect place to relax and take in the views.  

One of the beaches near Manila.

One of the beaches close to Manila. Photo Credit

Talisayin Cove

Talisayin Cove is in San Antonio, Zambales. It is the quietest ashen cove on the coastline. It is often overlooked by travelers, and it shouldn’t be. Here, you can relax on the white sand for hours, and take a dip in the crystal blue waters. The scenery is unbeatable, as the coast is lined with beautiful trees. In the background of the beach, you will find mountains you could just stare at for hours.

Anawangin Cove

If you are traveling anywhere near Zambales, you absolutely have to visit the Anawangin Cove. It is a crescent contoured cove unlike anywhere else in the world. The white beach is completely unspoilt. It is so white that it looks like snow. Along the beach, you will find tall, packed pine trees. Anawangin used to be very rocky, but since the Mt. Pinatubo explosion covered the area with volcanic ashes, the lush vegetation added up. As you are relaxing on the beach, you can overlook the mountain scope views and bask in their beauty. This is the perfect place to swim, relax, and enjoy nature.

Cagbalete Island

At Lamon Bay in Mauban, Quezon, you will find Cagbalete Island. This is a popular tourist destination for backpackers and travelers alike. Because this area is so popular with tourists, there are many resorts and hotels available. If those aren’t your style but you would still like to stay here, you are welcome to pitch a tent along the beach. The shoreline is covered in white sand beaches, and goes on for three miles. The water is incredibly clear and ideal for anyone looking for some time in the ocean.

South Beach

On the Corregidor Island, you can find the unknown South Beach. This destination is incredibly quiet and remote, allowing for you to truly “get away” if that’s what you seek. The sand here doesn’t have that snow white color that so many tourists seek for in the Philippines, but it is still remarkable. Throughout the beach, you will find “bloodstones”  which are medium sized pebbles that are tainted with a red material that looks similar to blood splatters. There are a lot of activities to partake in, including swimming, kayaking, fishing, and more. Overall, the landscape here is beautiful. Although it’s remote, there are still a few resorts located here if that’s what you need.

Capones Island

Capones Island is located in the southern portion of San Antonio, Zambales. The island is most well known for its lighthouse, which was handmade by the Filipinos back during the Spanish regime. Capones Island has a gorgeous white sand beach. The waters here are very clear and turquoise, making it a must see for all nature lovers. The experience offered here is truly one of a kind. Before visiting the Capones Island, keep in mind this island doesn’t feature any amenities. Be sure to bring any camping equipment and personal necessities that you may need.

Dinadiawan Beach

Dinadiawan Beach is located in Aurora. Although Aurora may be a popular tourist destination, not many know about Dinadiawan Beach. It is calm and quiet, offering a perfect place to relax on the beach. This would be a great place to catch up on meditation. The white sand beach is absolutely gorgeous and is picture perfect. The waters here are so beautiful clear and calm, they’re perfect for swimming, kayaking, and more. If you are staying here, you can visit one of the many resorts or go old school by camping on the beach.

A view of the harbor from Manila.

A view of the harbor from Manila. Photo by Jopetsy

Tambobong Beach

In Dasol, Pangasinan, you will find Tambobong Beach. Pangasinan is already a popular tourist destination, due to the Hundred Islands. However, many beach goers visiting Pangasinan go straight for Alaminos. If you’re looking for a quiet, remote, untouched beach, Tambobong is perfect for you. The glistening, sugary sand is unlike any other sand. The water is incredibly clear and warm, perfect for a swim. This is the perfect island to lie out in the sun and enjoy incredible scenery.

Potipot Island

Potipot Island is about 240 kilometers from Manila. It is an incredibly isolated island that doesn’t have a bunch of amenities such as hotel rooms and stores. That being said, make sure you bring your camping equipment, food, and other personal necessities when traveling here. Aside from that, Potipot Island is the perfect place to escape society and enjoy a serene environment. Here you will find beautiful green trees, white sand beaches, and clear, calm waters. Swimming and camping go hand in hand at Potipot Island.

Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach can be found on Tingloy Island, Batangas. This beach is perfect for those looking to avoid any places crowded with tourists. The water is a gorgeous clear blue. The beaches are covered in white sand. The sand is seriously so white that it looks more like snow. There are also incredible rock formations to be found here. This is a great place for camping, kayaking, swimming, and overall just relaxing in nature. There aren’t any hotels or resorts in the area, but you are able to rent a cottage. You are also allowed to camp here, whether in a tent or under the stars.

Sepoc Beach

Also found in Tingloy, Batangas, you will find a fish-shaped island called Maricaban. This is home to the one-of-a-kind Sepoc Beach. It is private and uncrowded, ideal for those of us who really don’t like dealing with tourist crowds.Here you can lie down and relax in the white sand beach. You can go for a swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters. Kayaking is also popular here, and we definitely recommend it. The views here really feel like you aren’t even on this planet. There aren’t many sleeping accomodations available here, but it provides you a great opportunity to camp on the beach. If you have never woken up to the sound of ocean waves and the smell of the water, you’re seriously missing out.


When you are visiting Manila, you absolutely have to visit at least some of the beaches nearby. Do consider visiting Cebu and Palawan too. Which one you visit depends on your personal needs and interests. You should consider whether you want to camp out or not, how long you want to stay on each beach, and more. If you are looking for that signature white sand, make sure you visit a beach that has it. Some beaches don’t have any accommodations such as food, so make sure you are prepared before visiting.

If you are planning to travel to Manila in the future, you should visit my blog . Here, you can find the best travel articles. Not only will you find articles specific to the Philippines, you will also find general travel tips to keep your head on straight. Perhaps after browsing my website, you will even find inspiration for your next travel destination. You can use this site to contact me directly with any questions you have about traveling. Enjoy your vacation!

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