Best Beaches in Sardinia

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The thousands of kilometers of coastline in Sardinia create some of the best beaches on the continent which are often compared to those from the Caribbean. Where ever you stay on the island, you won’t be far away from a beautiful beach in Sardinia , but there are some standouts which you should try to visit if you can. To reach some of the most secluded, it’s best to rent a car, grab a map and go exploring. This is particularly useful during the summer months of July and August when the larger and most popular beaches get crowds with hordes of tourists and locals who descend on the island to partake in the various summer activities and to swim, snorkel, and spend time with their families.

Here is a list of the best beaches in Sardinia should you decide to vacation in this fantastic island. Also read about the other places to visit in Sardinia!

Spiaggia Oasi Di Bidderosa

Spiaggia Oasi Di Bidderosa lies near to the little village of Orosei on the eastern coast of Sardinia. It’s characterized by white sand backed by pines and eucalyptus trees. The calm, swallow Mediterranean Sea laps up onto the beach, encouraging locals and tourists to swim. The beach makes up part of the Biderosa National Park, a protected area which keeps the area well maintained, clean, and pristine. The park limits the number of vehicles that are allowed to arrive, which keeps the beach from getting too crowded. The whole stretch is actually divided up into several beaches that span almost 3 kilometres. A lovely walk through the forests (which provide some welcome relief from the summer midday heat) join all five together. There is a small mobile bar offering snacks, cold drinks, and gelato. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented on the beach. There isn’t much else in terms of food along the beach, but the restaurants and bars of Orosei are not far away and make for a good place to visit after a day on the beach. Visitors can also rent bicycles to ride along the trails or sea kayaks to glide across the calm sea. The easiest way to reach the beach is by car, though you will need to arrive in the morning during the summer months or you won’t be allowed in. Alternatively, there is a shuttle bus, but this is limited.

Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu is one of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches and is located on the eastern side of the island, near to Cala Goloritze. Though the beach is tiny and made up of pebbles instead of sand, it is simply spectacular with granite cliffs rising around it’s edge. There are no trees to provide shape, but the cliffs block out some of the sun in the late afternoon. Many tourists visit Cala Mariolu as it has some of the best opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. The aquamarine waters are simply teeming with marine life including large schools of Mediterranean fish.  Surprisingly, the beach never gets that busy, probably due to the difficulty in reaching it. To get to Cala Mariolu, one must first take a 5 kilometer hike from the Piredda which winds its way up and down a nearby plateau and takes over two hours. It’s challenging, so be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, plenty of liquids, a hat, snacks, and sun cream. It’s is worth setting off early in the morning when the temperature is at its lowest. Another way to get to the beach is by boat, and daily excursions leave from the Cala Gonone village and Santa Maria Navarrese throughout the high season. You can also combine the two by walking in the morning and taking the boat back in the evening. There are no hotels at the beach (not any other facilities), so make sure you leave with plenty of time to get back to town.

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Spiaggia di Mugoni

Spiaggia di Mugoni looks more like a beach from Asia or the Caribbean than one from Europe. Picture perfect, the beach is located around 16 kilometers from the town of Alghero and through pretty, is one of the least visited beaches on the island. The beach, which overlooks the Porto Conte National Park, stretches for almost 2 kilometers and is backed by lovely pine forests. The nearest village is Tramariglio which is also worth visiting while you are in this part of Sardinia. Like many of the beaches, it is covered with fine golden sand, and the shallow waters are a lovely aquamarine colour, perfect for families with children. It’s a beach where you can really set yourself up for the day. Facilities include the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, and a bar serving up some snacks, meals, and cold drinks throughout the summer months. If you are staying in Alghero, the only way to reach the beach is by car or taxi which follows the coastal road for about 10 kilometers. Currently, there are no shuttle buses or other modes of transport to reach the beach, and there are no hotels or guests houses to stay at nearby. If you have a rental car, don’t let this put you offer visiting this magical Sardinian beach.

Spiaggia di Campana Dune

Spiaggia di Campana Dune is a beach located in the very south of the island. This almost 2 kilometre stretch of white sandy beach works its way all the way up to Su Giudeu beach. Fringing the beach behind is some towering 15 metre high dunes which overlooking the Su Giudeu Island. The shallow waters are calm, sheltered by the bay, and perfect for families with children. For those who aren’t natural beach dwellers, there is a great range of activities on offer including sea kayaking, wind surfing, kite surfing, and paddle boarding. There are also some great hiking trails nearby and the beach itself is lovely for morning walks. A restaurant and bar served up snacks, meals, cold drinks, and ice cream throughout the high season. There are some great hotels and guesthouses close by making it great for holidays being near the beach is important.

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