The Best Botswana Safari Lodges

by Alan Stock

For a fantastic African safari, look no further than Botswana. Its huge national parks offer a diverse range of landscapes and habitats for a wide variety of wildlife, from elephants and giraffes to hippos, lions and leopards. Thanks to Botswana’s limits on tourist numbers, each region has a only a small number of camps and lodges compared to the sprawl of accommodations within the parks of Tanzania and Kenya. To help you choose between them, here we have some recommendations for the best Botswana safari lodges and camps to suit different budgets. All of these accommodations have excellent reviews across the board. Don’t know where in Botswana to visit? Check out our “Botswana Safari places to visit ” article too!

Best Luxury Botswana Safari Camps and Lodges

Ghoha Hills , Botswana

Ghoha hills safari lodge in Botswana.

Ghoha hills in Botswana.

This lovely, isolated eco-lodge is perched on wooded hills, overlooking the Savuti area of the Chobe region. You sleep in tented rooms with fantastic views of the Ghoha Plains below. Wildlife in the area is excellent, with a particularly high concentration of elephants and zebra. As well as private game drives the lodge has a viewing platform over a waterhole which allows you to relax and let the wildlife come to you. The lodge’s eco stance is to be admired and staff are hired and trained from local villages. Reviews of Ghoha consistently praise their fantastic and friendly service, great food, beautiful surroundings and lots of wildlife to see.

Mombo Camp , Botswana

In the centre of the Moremi Game Reserve is Chief’s Island, and on its northern tip you will find Mombo Camp, one of the most expensive, and luxurious camps in the country. With a rustic, colonial inspired design a lot of effort was made to create a high class camp which blends into its surroundings - the stunning Okavango Delta. The accommodation is tented rooms and game drives take you around the area to see the incredibly diverse wildlife. The camp has a raised viewing platform overlooking the floodplains and from your tents you will be able to watch animals in the morning as you enjoy your coffee. Reviews of Mombo are overwhelmingly stellar, pointing out the peaceful atmosphere, excellent service, the lodge’s superb design, great wildlife spotting and 5 star food.

Vumbura Plains , Botswana

Vumbura Plains safari lodge in Botswana.

Vumbura Plains Lodge in Botswana

This eco-lodge in the Okavango Delta is split into two separate camps, each with luxurious tented accommodation, a sunken lounge with fire pit, dining and bar area and swimming pool, all overlooking the floodplains for great views. Activities in this wildlife-rich area include game drives in Botswana , night safaris and mokoro/motorboat trips in the delta. With a mixture of contemporary and traditional design, it is a new and very attractive lodge. Vumbura’s customer reviews all mention fantastic and abundant wildlife, great service, a very luxurious experience and a lovely location.

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Best Mid-range Botswana Safari Camps and Lodges

Sango Safari Camp , Botswana

Sango safari camp in Botswana

Sango safari camp in Botswana

This classic style tented camp sits on the river Khwai in the Okavango Delta, providing great game spotting opportunities including hippos bathing in the water and elephants outside your door. You will sleep in Meru tents, and enjoy peaceful mokoro boat rides along the river or game drives out to see the abundant wildlife in the area. This is a community focused camp with most staff brought in from the local villages. The many positive reviews for Sango mention the excellent wildlife and quality guides, friendly local staff who make you feel at home, the serene peaceful location and stargazing at night.

Bakwena Lodge , Botswana

This eco-lodge on the Chobe river has a choice of either river-view chalets or quaint treetop accommodation raised on stilts into the canopy. There’s a wide range of activities to enjoy here from game drives in the nearby national park, to river cruises, bicycle tours and local village visits. It has hundreds of 5 star reviews which point to excellent and friendly service, a unique cultural experience, great river trips getting close to the wildlife, a lot of things to do and see, and delicious meals.

Tuli Lodge , Botswana

Tuli Lodge in Botswana

Tuli Lodge in Botswana

This lodge is nestled in the small but magnificent region of Tuli Block. Elegant tented suites are set in a garden out in the peaceful bush. There is tons to do here. Game walks and drives go to many different locations and scout out a large range of wildlife. Take a cultural community visit including a school, local villages and wine tasting. Go to see the Tuli Block’s strange rock formations and impressive vistas, or check out the lodge’s hides - one of which you can even spend the night in! Tuli Lodge’s reviews praise the peaceful bush setting, spacious and luxurious rooms, excellent food, friendly service, good wildlife sightings and range of activities to enjoy.

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Best Budget Botswana Safari Camps and Lodges

Muchenje Campsite and Cottages , Botswana

Muchenje Campsite and Cottages in Botswana

Muchenje Campsite and Cottages in Botswana

A peaceful and attractive campsite in woodland on the banks of the Chobe floodplains. It has good camping facilities including wi-fi and hot showers. Muchenje also offers budget priced (but very appealing) self-catered chalets. Situated close to the national park entrance and a range of activities are available to purchase, from game drives to boat trips. Has great reviews from campers, self-drive tourists and chalet users alike with particular mentions of the friendly and helpful service there and lovely campground views.

Limpopo River Lodge , Botswana

A very modestly priced lodge on the Limpopo river in the Tuli Block, which includes attractive chalets, rondavels and a riverside campsite. This is a rustic resort with scenic surroundings, wildlife spotting opportunities in the area and clean, comprehensive facilities. Reviews are excellent, applauding the peaceful surroundings, lovely riverside views, friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere.

Haina Kalahari Lodge , Botswana

Haina Kalahari Lodge in Botswana

Haina Kalahari Lodge in Botswana

This lodge on the northern border of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve caters for budgets of all levels. It includes mid-range and luxury priced tents with standard all inclusive packages, and a campsite for budget travellers 1.5km from the lodge. Haina is out in the bush and is unfenced, with many reports of animals wandering into the camp for a close and personal experience with the wildlife! Customer reviews rate both the lodge and the campground highly, with its isolated location, proximity to wildlife, excellent views and friendly staff. Visitors report seeing lions on multiple occasions within the area too!

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The Best of Botswana’s Accommodation

Botswana has such a high standard of camps and lodges it was difficult to narrow down the choices for this list! Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one, if you’re hopping between Botswana’s many safari regions there is plenty of quality lodging to choose from, whatever your budget . We hope you’ve found these recommendations useful, and don’t hesitate to check out our other Botswana articles for more information about safaris, tours and when to go on a safari in this wonderful country!

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