The Best Surf Watches

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Over the years, the surfing industry has taken notice of just how important watches are for surfers and other wave riders. Which is specifically why over the course of the past decade, the surf industry has gone above and beyond taking action to create some of the best watches that provide surfers, of all skill levels, with all of the top needed essentials to ensure that get all of the necessary information needed to make for the best surfing session.

Thanks in large part to several decades of ongoing research, tidal movements have become predictable, which means that they can now be conveniently stored in a watch! Toss in added options such as moon phases, sunset times and wave counters, and you have yourself an authentic and personalized surf computer.

The best surf watches

Beaches recommendation: New Chums Beach, New Zealand

As of most recently, both women’s and men's surf watches have gone on to introduce both WiFi and GPS systems of which grant users the opportunity to be able to check-out and update the conditions of the ocean in any given location, in real time! In other words, with some of these top rated watches, you will be able to receive all of the much-needed surfing information such as wave period, wave height, wind speed, wind direction, and water temperature as well.

Some of the top rated brands that provide surfers with some of the most useful and reliable information are: Freestyle, Rip Curl, Vestal, and Nixon. Here, are some the most raved about watches from the aforementioned brands that you may want to seek investing in!


Freestyle Killer Shark Tide XL :

The Killer Shark Tide XL by Freestyle is a chunky and hefty surf watch that is suited for even the biggest of wrists. With a case that measures 48mm case, this watch provides surfers with the most accurate tide data for over 150 beaches around the world, which greatly helps to maximize your overall time spent riding the waves. If your nearest break is not featured in the watch, just take the tide data for the surf that is closest to your location and then adjust it to 2 hours and you will be able to get a super close reading to your personal location.

Beaches recommendation: Lamai Beach

The best surf watches - Freestyle Killer Shark Tide XL

The strap of the watch is incredibly comfortable and secure and it never feels as if it is going to slip off or come undone when you are paddling out on the water. The watch incredibly durable and is more than capable of being able to withstand anything that you put it through. The Freestyle Killer Shark Tide XL is available in a ton of various color options and looks awesome on any surfer.

Rip Curl

Rip Curl Search GPS :

If you just so happen to consider yourself a “data junky”, then look no further than the Rip Curl Search GPS. This watch is basically a fitness watch for surfers as it utilizes GPS to be able to track all of your surf sessions. The Rip Curl Search GPS provides you with speed and distance covered as well as overall wave count. And, the data is also available in live action as you are actually surfing or simply waiting on the next wave. The data in turn gets uploaded directly to the Cloud on your iPhone’s bluetooth or through a USB cable to your computer. Unfortunately, at this time, there is not an Android app.

The best surf watches - Rip Curl Search GPS

Once the info gets uploaded to your phone or computer, you will be able to analyze all of the data in charts and in turn allows you the opportunity to be able to clearly overview your time on the waves on a clear and concise map. With this data you can create a logbook, share it with friends and even compare your personal data to that of Rip Curl sponsored surfers!

Beaches recommendation: Sardinia Beaches

With a 47mm case, this watch is a pretty big one, so if you have a smaller wrist, it may look a little bit awkward, however the data that is provides users most certainly makes this one a cut above the rest.


Vestal Brig Tide & Train :

Endorsed by Jordy Smith, the Brig Tide & Train surf watch by Vestal was crafted for surfers who are training for competition or simply want to see if they can stand up to what it takes to enter into a competition. The tide data provides you with all the info you need for over 200 breaks and recent reviews have gone on to note that this watch gives surfers the most accurate tidal data that is available via some of the most top ranked watches available on the market.  

The best surf watches - Vestal Brig Tide & Train

One of the most useful, main elements that is used to track and help you reach your training goals is called the “Suffer and Recover” mode. One of the coolest features about this mode is the fact that is can provide you with interval training of which can be utilized for pretty much any type of sport, not merely surfing. In the Suffer and Recover mode, there are two different countdown timers that go about working at the same time with the stopwatch.

Check out: Calangute beach in Goa There is also a “Heat” mode that provides you with a countdown along with some added presets that are specifically useful to help you train for upcoming surf competitions. With this mode, you can receive specific warnings at both the 1 minute mark and the 5 minute mark.


Nixon Ultratide:

Nixon has gone on to partner up with Surfline in order to bring surfer’s all of the key information they need, directly to your wrist! With the Nixon Ultratide, you will find yourself being able to take in a ton of highly useful information and data from your surfing sessions. The Nixon Ultratide provides you with basically a tiny little surfing computer that offers you more than 10 times more data than competition surf watches that are available on the market.

Beaches recommendation: Belize

The best surf watches -nixon ultratide

With the help of the Nixon Ultratide surf watch, you will be able to receive incredibly quick geolocation options that provide you with a clear and concise Surfline rating (Flat to Epic), along with swell height, wave height, direction, and also the forecasted swell height, swell direction, and also real time tide and tidal info for the following day as well. The one main drawback is that the companion app for it is via iPhone only at this time.

There are so many unique, affordable, and all around awesome options of surf watches of which are presently available on the market today. When it comes down to selecting which one is going to be the best option for your needs, be sure to consider what exactly it is that you are seeking to get out of your surf watch overall. Whether you are training for competition or are simply looking to up your game, the perfect surf watch is a mere search away!

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