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If there is a paradise on planet Earth, it resides in the island country of Fiji. This South Pacific archipelago is comprised of over 300 different islands, offering some of the most impressive scenery, exciting adventures, and rich cultures in the world. Known as one of the best smallest countries in the world, Fiji has quickly risen to the top of backpacker’s bucket lists and is a common honeymoon destination.

With so much to do and so much to see , like any other island country, it’s imperative to time your travels in accordance to the island’s climate. Ironically, Fiji can be defined as the perfect destination as the weather is nearly perfect year-round. In other words, the best time to visit Fiji can be decided based upon your holiday intentions.  

Visiting Fiji from November to April

In Fiji, November and April are known as “wet months” or typhoon season. The climate during this time is traditionally tropical, indicating higher temperatures and frequent afternoon storms. While this may seem discouraging, this can be a popular time for travelers as well to experience what Fiji has to offer.

During this time, traveling and accommodations are considered to be the least expensive. There are numerous events for travelers like the Fiji Tennis Invitation Classic or the Outrigger International Competition . If you are not in the mood for local events, during these months, you can visit local restaurants and bars to try kava , which is a traditional yet controversial beverage with deep-rooted history, or find a restaurant, resort, or village that is cooking a lovo , a traditional feast in Fijian culture.

Most notably, these months are quite dry and there are not as many tourists as other months through-out the year. So, if you are seeking some adventure during a Fijian vacation from November to April, there are ample of opportunities with short waits. Visit different islands, travel through the villages, or visit one of the many adventure parks like Zip Fiji or Kula Wild Adventure Park. The unstable climate may be a deterring factor from many adventurous activities. On average, one can expect the temperature to vary from the high 60’s to the low 90’s.


Visiting Fiji from May to June

Following the tropical season of incessant rain storms, in May to June, the island country begins to prepare for its busiest season. In these months, the tourist traffic is still quite low, making it a favorable time for individuals wishing to travel to this popular destination without any masses of people on the streets. On top of this, like that of November to April, traveling and accommodations fees are still notably cheaper, making it an opportunistic traveling time.

During these months, the average temperatures range from mid-60’s to the mid-80’s. With significantly less rain storms and threats of typhoons, May to June may be the best months for those wishing to appreciate the beaches of Fiji in solemn and peace. If that sounds like you, be sure to stop by Castaway Island , which is one of the most popular beaches of Fiji. This is a volcanic archipelago that is encompasses stunning beaches, beautiful rainforests, and a 4-star resort for those who wish to stay on the island. If you have extra time, visit Horseshoe Bay , which is ironically a beach shaped like a horseshoe. Here, you can dip your toes into the pearly-white sand or spot beautiful coral and marine life in the local reefs offshore.

Aside from the perfect beach weather, this is also the perfect time to experience different activities on the island or participate in local events. From the World Music Festival and numerous water-sport activities like jet skiing, snorkeling, and kayaking, there is ample to do if you are looking for a Go-Pro video-recording type of vacation while also saving some money.

Visiting Fiji from July to September

In our opinion, the best months to visit all of what Fiji has to offer is from July to September. This is more formally known as “peak season” to travelers as the climate presents the perfect environment for the perfect vacation. With temperatures hovering between the mid-60’s to the mid-80’s, minimal weather disruptions, and influx of events, travelers around the world flock to Fiji during these months, driving the costs of hotels, accommodations, food, and attractions to skyrocket.

From July to September, there are a wealth of events happening around the islands. For starters, in July, Fiji hosts the Bula Festival . Bula, which means “hello”, is a festival to appreciate and introduce those on the island to the Fijian culture and traditions. The festival lasts for 8 days, offering numerous different fun events through-out the week. Another popular event in Fiji is the Hibiscus Festival in August . This is an island-wide event, that has even begun to spring up in other areas of the South Pacific. One can anticipate Fijian dancing, crafts, singing, and more.

If your travel plans do not coincide with these events, there are a wealth of other local villages, adventure parks, nature grounds, and resort hosting activities you can’t miss. From traditional fire-walking ceremonies , stunning views of the bay and reefs, temples , and even some of the best snorkeling spots in the world, there is a reason why this is the busiest season for the island. In our opinion, if you are visiting Fiji during these months, don’t forget to celebrate your vacation with a traditional Meke dance night or visit a local village at night to witness of local nightly rituals.

Fiji in October.

Fiji in October. Photo by Razel

Visiting Fiji in October

October could be considered the transitioning month between the peak-season and the typhoon season. While it still offers events, adventure, and beautiful scenery, much of the hustle and bustle of tourists quickly dies down during this month. With temperatures still hovering in the mid-60’s to upper-80’s, prices on accommodations, hotels, and excursions slowly decrease through-out the month as the rainiest months near. While there may not be too many tourists, the festivities still continue.

One of the most prized festivals in all of Fiji happens on October 10th, or National Fiji Day. This day, Fijians celebrate their independence from Great Britain in 1970. Now, if you are planning on visiting Fiji in October for this holiday, be sure to check what the theme is for the year. Each year, the country selects a new theme that represents the Fijian culture and traditions. Also during this month, Fiji celebrates the Rising of the Balolo and Fiji Ocean Swim Festival . Alongside all of these events in October, the adventure and rich-culture of Fiji still readily awaits tourists from around the world.

So, don’t forget to stop by Bouma National Heritage Park and trek through an ancient rainforest, spot stunning waterfalls, and beautiful-sounding birds. Also, while the waters are still warm, visit the pristine Coral Coast and snorkel around the offshore reef or scuba dive in the Beqa Lagoon .

Visit Fiji On Your Clock

Like many other island countries, there is a rainy season; however, there is still many local cultural events and activities that tourists can participate in. We highly encourage tourists to visit Fiji on their clock and depending on their vacation goals and desires. For example, if you are planning on doing a plethora of adventurous activities, you may want to stray away from Fiji from November to April. Otherwise, if you have the opportunity to visit, do it!

Be sure to say “Bula”!

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