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The Dolomites are a mountain range in the Italian Alps and have almost 20 peaks reaching over 3,000 meters above sea level. The whole range are over more than 140,000 hectare, a vast landscape ideal for camping, hiking, cycling, and winter sports. It's a beautiful landscape of towering granite peaks, and narrow gorges and valleys. The Dolomites are equally stunning in both the summer and winter months. While there are lodges and chalets to which guests can stay in, nothing compares to the camping where you can wake up in the morning and unzip the door of your tent to an incredible view over the mountain range. There are many campsites to consider. Here's rundown of the best of the bunch.

Campsite Valley Verde * *

The two star Campsite Valley Verde is located near to Predazzo and has more than 100 pitches available to tents, campervans, and motorhomes on grassy spots. It doesn't have a huge amount of facilities, but is perfectly located for hikes along the mountain trails which work their way around the lakes. Bird watchers should head directly here as there is plenty of avifauna to observe. You can use a camping memberships to get a discount for your stay. Prices start from US $25 per night.

Campsite Spiaggia * * *

This beautiful campsite in Calceranica al Lago is nestled in the Dolomites and has more than 100 grassy pitches available for tents, campervans, and motorhomes. One of the benefits of Campsite Spiaggia is the private beach on Lake Caldonazzo. The pitches are spacious at around 100 square metres offering maximum privacy. The washroom blocks have toilets and hot showers, and are well maintained. Internet access is available throughout the camp ground. It's a perfect base from which to walk and take biking excursions. It costs just US $25 per night per pitch.

camping dolomites
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Campsite Lago 3 Comuni * * *

The Campsite Lago 3 Comuni is smaller than most with just 66 pitches available for tents, motorhomes, and caravans. It's nestled in a wonderful part of the Dolomites surrounded by a lake and the forests foothills. It's not far from the autostrada highway, so it's a popular stop off point along the way. It has all the facilities you would expect from a campsite and provisions can be bought at a shop just a kilometer away. It costs from US $24 per pitch per night.

Camping Mario Village  * * * *

The four star Camping Mario Village is located near to Caldonazzo and has 160 grassy pitches available for tents, campervans, and motorhomes. Through it has many pitches, it's a particularly quite site making it great for couples looking for a quiet retreat. All the pitches are shady offering a cool site in the midday heat. There is a year round heated outdoor swimming pool, electricity and water hook ups on some pitches, a newly renovated washroom block with hot showers and toilets, and internet access throughout the camp. Prices start from US $20 per night per pitch.

Campsite Corones  * * *

Another excellent option is the Campsite Corones, a 135 pitch site nestled in the heart of the Dolomites in the South Tyrol region. It's one of the more luxury campsites located right next to the hiking trails and the skiing area. There is a heated outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant serving up Italian and regional cuisine in simple surroundings, and a lovely sauna. From here, guests can go walking in the mountains, cycling down the routes, climbing up the granite cliffs, and winter sports like cross country skiing and snow shoeing. Prices start from US $30 per night per pitch.

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Campsite Fleiola  * *

The budget Campsite Fleiola is a year round camping ground with over 100 grassy pitches available in the high season and almost 20 open in the winter. It's located near to Calceranica al Lago in Trentino and you can use your camping memberships to get a discount. Located on the shores of Lake Caldonazzo, most of the pitches boast beautiful views across the water and the Trentino Mountains. There are all the facilities you would expect from a decent campsite including washroom blocks with hot showers. It's a clean and well maintained site which makes for an excellent base to hike, bike, and ski in the area. Guests can bring tents, campervans, and motorhomes. It costs just US $20 per night per pitch.

camping dolomites

Campsite Al Pescatore * *

The two star Campsite Al Pescatore is located in the Trentino region near Calceranica al Lago. It's a lovely and good value campsite with almost 250 pitches shaded by the forests. It might be budget, but the campsite enjoys some excellent facilities including a newly built outdoor swimming pool which is heated throughout the year and features a hydro massage, internet access across the site, and pitches with electricity and water hook ups. It's available for tents, campervans, and motorhomes, and gets booked up well in advance. Campers can get excellent views over Lake Caldonazzo and the mountains from the site. It starts from US $22 per pitch per night.

Campsite Punta Indiani * * *

The Campsite Punta Indiani is only open during the high season months, but if you travel during this time is well worth a stay. The campsite has 115 grassy pitches which are available for tents, campervans, and motorhomes and has discounts available for those with camping memberships. It's very family orientated and has a private beach right on Lake Caldonazzo. Nearby, guests can find a grocery store with all the provisions you would need. There is also a restaurant and transport just a short distance away from the campsite. Most people come to the site to use it as a base for exploring the mountains by foot and bike. It starts from US $23 per pitch per night.

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Campsite Toblacher See * * *

The three star Campsite Toblacher See is open all year round and has 132 pitches available for tents and vehicles. It's nestled in the heart of the Dolomites near Lake Toblacher, and is used as the starting point for hiking the nearby trails, mountain biking, and by adrenaline junkies who descend upon the area to ski and snow shoe in the wintery wonderland between November and March. There is an onsite restaurant serving up Italian and regional dishes, and a washroom block with hot showers and well maintained toilets. Prices start from US $21 per pitch per night.

Campsite Belvedere * *

 The budget two star Campsite Belvedere is located in Trentino near to Calceranica al Lago. It's got just under a hundred grassy pitches available for tents, campervans, and motorhomes. It's a family friendly site close to the lake where guests can go swimming in the summer (or the brave in the winter). Nearby, there are several excellent restaurants and cafes selling roasted Italian espressos. It's a good starting point for hiking in the mountains and taking part in the many winter sport activities available. Prices start from US $20 per pitch per night, but can get more expensive during the summer months.

Campsite Laghi di Lamar * * *

The three star Campsite Laghi di Lamar is located near Terlago and has just over 100 pitches available for tents, campervans, and motorhomes. It's situated in a lovely spot surrounded by the snow peaked mountains. It's a wonderfully peaceful site and has all the facilities that one would expect from modern camp with washrooms and hot showers available. If you can drag yourself away from the camp, you can go hiking or biking along the mountain trails, or take visits to nearby Trento. It starts from US $26 per person per night. One of the most popular campsites in the area.

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camping dolomites

Campsite Gilfenklamm  * *

This seriously budget campsite is located after the Brenner Pass in the heart of the Dolomites, but is particularly easy to reach. They have more than 130 unmarked pitches which are available for campers, campervans, and motorhomes. Some of the pitches are unavailable during the winter months. You can use various camping memberships to receive a discount, through you will hardly need to when the pitches start from just US $20 per night. It's popular through the summer for ramblers, and during the winter some people bring their motorhomes to use as a base for cross country skiing and snow shoeing.

Camping Village Lago Arsie * * *

Camping at the Village Lago Arsie is a pleasure. It's relatively big for the Dolomites with pitches available for almost 170 tents, campervans, and motorhomes. You can also use a variety of camping memberships to secure yourself a discount here. It's located near to Lake Corlo overlooking the mountains and is perfect for couples looking for an activity getaway. It's pet friendly, so feel free to bring your dog. For anglers, this is the perfect location so be sure to pack the rod and reel and get ready to cast your line into the lakes and mountain streams. Prices start from around US $24 per pitch per night.

Campsite Riviera * *

This two star campsite has 135 grassy pitches available, some of which has shade, and several which are open during the winter months. Guests can pitch their tent, or bring their motorhomes and caravans. It's located on the shores of Lake Caldonazzo which can be used for refreshing dips during the summer months (or winter for the very brave). It's a quiet location used for hiking, biking, and other outdoor pursuits. It has all the facilities you would expect from a modern campsite and there are several restaurants and cafes nearby. It's particularly good value at just US $17 per pitch per night, making it the best value on this list.

Camping Hermitage * * * *

The Camping Hermitage is often voted as one of the best sites in the Dolomites and has been given four stars. It's relatively small with 70 or so grassy pitches that are available for tents and motorhomes. It's a quiet spot located near the pretty town of Meran, and surrounded by mountain views. To reach town you can hop on one of the buses which takes 15 minutes or so. The site boasts an outdoor and indoor heating swimming pool, well maintained washroom blocks with hot showers, and internet access. A great place for exploring the mountains by foot or bike. It starts around US $26 per pitch per night and a little more during the summer months.

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Camping Village Lago Levico * * * *

The four star Camping Village Lago Levico is located near Levico Terme in Trentino. It's well maintained and has a staggering 420 pitches available making it one of the largest campsites in the Dolomites. It's great for families with plenty of facilities including three outdoor swimming pools, one of which is heated, a private beach which is perfect for kids, a playground, and a washroom block with hot showers. The site is dog friendly and has internet access throughout. It's available for campers, campervans, and motorhomes, and is great value starting a just US $22 per pitch per night.

Campsite 2 Laghi * * * *

The four star Campsite 2 Laghi is another large site with over 400 grassy touring pitches available for tents, campervans, and motorhomes. Most of the pitches are naturally shaded by the trees. It's located near to Levico Terme in Trentino and is close to the shores of Caldonazzo Lake. The site is well equipped with outdoor swimming pools, well maintained toilet facilities, and even tennis courts. Guests can go hiking in the mountains, swimming in the lake, sunbathing on the beach, or visit the pretty nearby towns and villages. It is open all year round, but is quiet during the winter months. Pitches start from US $23 per pitch per night.

Campsite Gajole * * *

The good value Campsite Gajole is located near the town of Arsie in Belluno. There are 100 shady pitches available, all of which are quiet and well maintained. It's one of the oldest campsites around having started over 40 years ago. It's located on the shores of Lake Corlo which can be swum in during the summer months. The campsite is open for hikers and mountain bikers who can use the mountain trails. It's also a great jumping off point for visiting the pretty little towns and villages that dot the nearby area. Prices are good value starting at US $22 per pitch per night.

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