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One of the most notable aspects that Portugal has to offer those who visit are the number of incredible beaches that fill the area, most notable in Carvoeiro. The choice truly lays with you with regards to where exactly you want to spend the day relaxing your cares away with stunning views of the sea. In this brief article, we will be providing you with everything that you will need to know about all of the beaches of Carvoeiro! Including information pertaining to what beaches of Carvoeiro provide lifeguards during the seasonal months (which typically extend from April to the end of September) along with what facilities are included, the car parking situation and finally, what watersports are available at some of the top Carvoeiro beaches!

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Praia do Carvoeiro

Commonly referred to as the 'town beach',  Praia do Carvoeiro is a quaint little area of which is comprised of gorgeous sandy beaches that is sheltered by cliffs on all sides. Here, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of both toilet and shower facilities and the area itself is nicely surrounded with a large number of various restaurants and bars on the paved areas that are situated just behind the entrance to the beach itself. Beach access is super easy and the area is nice for walking thanks to the paved area, though the main walkway is a short boarded series of planks. Car parking can additionally be located just behind the beach as well, however, you should be sure to arrive pretty early as space is limited and Praia do Carvoeiro is a highly trafficked beach during the summer months. Lifeguards are on duty during the beach season, however, it the beach is not classified as a standardly “Accessible Beach”.

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Praia do Carvalho

If you are seeking a beach that is a bit smaller in size, though just as remarkably beautiful as the various other beaches of Carvoeiro, the Praia do Carvalho may be just what you are looking for! Praia do Carvalho is a bit on the smaller side, yet it boasts a remarkable curved bay, which is sheltered abound by a vast array of rocks. The beach of Praia do Carvalho can accessed from both directions; with one side containing the entrance of which leads visitors down a series of fairly steep steps of which cut precisely into the face of the cliff. On the opposing side, you have the ability to be able to simply walk down via the car park and then head down a series of steps that are uniquely carved  into a tunnel in the rock. There are unfortunately a few drawbacks to Praia do Carvalho, the first is that both options make for unsuitable access for those with physical disabilities or hindrances. There are additionally no shower or toilet facilities on site, nor is there a lifeguard on duty, and finally, you will more than likely need to eat before or after your arrival, or pack in drinks and food with you as there really are not any restaurants or bars in super close vicinity of the beach.  

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carvoeiro beach portugal

Praia da Marinha

If parking is a concern to you, you may want to opt to head to Praia da Marinha, which boasts quite a large car park that is located just at the top of beach entrance and also has a very nice little picnic area, of which provides you with astounding views and overlooks of the sea along with remarkable views of the coastline as well. If you are planning on travelling the area by bus, this is also a great spot to visit as Praia da Marinha is also on a super convenient bus route. To gain access to the beach, you will be required to follow a stunningly beautiful tree-lined path, that will guide you to the top of the steps. The steps are, in fact, quite steep however, there is a handrail the entire way down that can be used for guided support. Unfortunately, these steps make this beach not suitable for those who require wheelchair access. At the bottom of the steps you will find a restaurant right at the entrance to the beach and there are additionally a number of convenient shower and toilet facilities right on site. The beach of Praia da Marinha is a decently good-sized beach and when the tide is low you have the option to be able to enjoy a number of small little bays. Scuba diving is a popular activity in the area and frequent boat trips are available as well. The beach also has lifeguards on duty during beach season,as well.

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Praia do Paraíso

The next beach along Praia do Carvoeiro is that of Praia do Paraíso. Praia do Paraíso can be accessed by simply driving up a small hill that is located on the western side of Praia do Carvoeiro, keep on following the main road around to the right hand side and you will find a car park off to the left hand side. There is a restaurant called, "Restaurante O Boteco", that sits directly above the beach for your convenience. The bay is small and sheltered and the beach of Praia do Paraíso can be reached by following a series of long, winding flight of steps that are built directly into the cliffs. While there are no amenities available on the beach, the restaurant is  open year round and provides diners with a beautiful outdoor terrace were you can relax and enjoy your meal as you take in the incredible views of the cliffs and the sea. There are, however, no lifeguards on duty.

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Vale de Centeanes

The beach of Vale de Centeanes is a gorgeous beach that offers visitors the opportunity to relax in a sandy, sheltered bay with a few rocks dotting the eastern area. The beach is conveniently located a few kilometres away from the town of Carvoeiro. There is also a restaurant that can be found at the entrance to the beach that provides toilet facilities to beach-goers and during the summer months there is also a nice little hut that sells ice cream and cold beverages. The beach has very nice access as the road down to the beach entrance was recently paved and there is also an area to turn around at the bottom. Beach access is also perfectly suitable to guests who require wheelchair access and though it is not classified as a standard “Accessible Beach”, there are lifeguards on duty during the summer months.

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There truly are so many incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring beaches throughout Carvoeiro. The trick is to mainly select which one is going to be the best suited for your needs! Pay attention to the beaches that are the most easily accessible, provide facilities and of course, have lifeguards on duty, particularly if you are planning on bringing children with you! The beaches of Carvoeiro most certainly are a spectacular series of sights to see, so do not forget your camera!

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