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Cascais always proves to be an incredible holiday destination location and is one of the finest  resort towns that sits along the coastline of Lisbon. Surrounding the region of Cascais is a gorgeous coastline that provides travelers with the option to visit one the varied beaches, that range from the more wild, natural surfing beaches to calm, more family friendly beaches. The vast majority of the following beaches are all situated within walking distance from the center of Cascais and are all comprised of golden sand, breathtaking ocean views and unmatched tourism facilities. Here, are some of the top beaches that you may seek to consider planning a day to visit on your travels to Cascais!

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Praia da Conceição and Praia da Duquesa

The two beaches that make up the main beach of Cascais are Praia da Conceição and Praia da Duquesa. The combination of these two remarkable beaches provides guests with a beautiful stretch of golden, sandy beaches and calm, pristine waters, along with a ton of options for endless beach activities. The beaches are divided up into the two by way of a minor promontory, which is where the Casa Faial mansion is set. To the west of the mansion is where you will find the beach of Praia da Duquesa and to the east of the mansion (closer to the center of Cascais) is the beach of Praia da Conceição.

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Cascais beach Lisbon

Photo by Andre

Throughout the summer months the beaches come alive with activity. On the beaches of Praia da Conceição and Praia da Duquesa, you will be able to take in the wondrous sights and endless bits of activities that the area has to offer, including boats towing banana, large sea inflatables, sea pedalos and ringo rides. Both Conceição and Duquesa are quite suitable for bringing children, due mainly to the fact that there are not any currents or waves and the entire beach is fully supervised by lifeguards. Both beaches, Duquesa and Conceição are wonderful places to kick back and enjoy a relaxing day enjoying the sun and sea.

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Praia de Carcavelos

Praia de Carcavelos is a top notch, and those who have visited Lisbon in the past have all gone on to highly recommend this beach, and locals rave that is it regarded as their best beach, all of this for a number of great reasons! Carcavelos beach is renowned for its reliable surf, soft golden sands and great tourist facilities, but expect it to be busy at the weekends, especially during the summer season. Praia de Carcavelos is the biggest beach on the coastline of Lisbon-Estoril-Cascais and it is also one of the largest in the entire Lisbon region, as it boasts a a sandy 1.5km of gorgeous shoreline. The waters of the sea are fed via the Atlantic Ocean and the area is far enough away from the Tejo Estuary so that you can be sure that it the waters are always pristine and perfectly suitable to surf or go swimming in. The area is also home to numerous beach cafes and bars which make for the perfect opportunity to enjoy a meal or beverage or to simply just escape the intensity of the sun!

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Cascais beach Lisbon

Praia da Rainha, or the Queen's Beach. Photo by Kjell

Praia da Rainha

Praia da Rainha, which translates to Queens Beach, was the private beach of Queen Amélia throughout the latter 19th century. She opted to select only the finest beach in the area to serve as her very own private bathing area. And she most certainly made a very good choice, Praia da Rainha is quite the picturesque setting, with its pristine, blue waters of the sea, jagged rock outcrops, and the golden sands of the beach, this area proved to provide absolute privacy that the queen required. Praia da Rainha serves as a secluded and charming beach, and is commonly referred to as being one of the most beautiful beach that is situated along the coastline of Cascais. Unfortunately, due to its very small size, you can be sure to find this beach consistently crowded.  

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Praia do Tamariz

The main beach of Estoril, is Praia do Tamariz, which is the a quaint little resort town located just down the coastline from Cascais. Praia do Tamariz boasts many of the same similarities to both the beaches of Praia da Duquesa and Praia da Conceição, however it is significantly less packed, hectic and free of all of the side water activities. The beach of Praia do Tamariz seems to many people to be a good distance from Cascais, however, it sits just at the end of the beach promenade, actually proves to be quite an enjoyable walk. There is a natural rock swimming pool that can be found opposite of the stone jetty and it consistently proves to be a favorite play area for children.

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Cascais Lisbon

Photo by Andre

Piscina Oceânica Alberto Romano

Piscina Oceânica Alberto Romano is a natural sea-filled swimming pool, and makes for a prime play area for families with children to be able to swim and enjoy the water safely and comfortably (the water here is actually quite a bit warmer than the sea itself!)  The area requires no admission fee and it always proves to be a favorite with the children, particularly when fish get trapped in the pool after the tide goes out!

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One of the finest aspects of visiting the any of the aforementioned beaches, or any others that exist throughout Cascais, is that the vast majority of them are calm, safe and offer all the tourist facilities that you may be seeking to enjoying taking advantage of on your next holiday.  of the previous beaches were very similar; calm, safe with extensive tourist facilities. The best time to plan your travels to Cascais is going to be when the region is warm enough to be able to  spend some genuine time on the beaches, which typically extends through the months of May until about the end of September. The waters of the sea are usually pretty chilly due to the fact that they are fed via the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and on average only reach about a maximum of 21C during the summer months. It should certainly also be noted that the beaches that face the Atlantic, do in fact, have quite strong currents, so be sure to exercise caution and only surf or swim in designated areas.

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