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Located in the central Philippines, Cebu is one of the best tropical getaways for any vacation. It doesn’t get as much attention as other parts of the Philippines , but that just means it isn’t as crowded here. The beaches in Cebu are unlike any other. At Cebu beaches, you will find warm, crystal blue water, perfect for a postcard (or Instagram post, since it is 2017). Most of the beaches near Manila feature plenty of attractions, while Cebu beaches are known for activities, such as diving and waterfalls. If you are looking to explore different Cebu beaches and all that they have to offer, this article can help guide you to the best beaches in all of Cebu. If you visit any of the beaches mentioned here, you will be greatly impressed. All of your family and friends traveling with you will remember how wonderful Cebu is.

Virgin Island

Located about a thirty-minute long boat trip from Bantayan, you will find Virgin Island. This island is perfect for a daytrip on the beach. The island’s beaches are similar to what you would find on a postcard. They are absolutely gorgeous and can’t be missed. The beautiful shades of blue in the water line up perfectly with the clean, white, sands, creating the perfect tropical aesthetic. It is very uncrowded, making it ideal for those who can’t stand crowded beaches. If you are looking to stay on Virgin Island a bit longer, there are simple cottages you are able to stay at.

Bounty Beach

Bounty Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in all of Cebu. In fact, one could consider this beach the best in all of the Philippines. The beach is located on Malapascua Island, which is on the north side of Cebu. Bounty beach is incredibly well known and touristy, due to the famous thresher shark dives that attract divers from around the globe. If you don’t dive yourself, Bounty Beach still has plenty to offer. Soft sand, warm turquoise clear tropical waters, and swaying palm trees make this beach the fantasy of all beach lovers. If you are looking for an island to stay on, Malapascua Island is the best. Throughout the beach, you will find many different bars, resorts, and restaurants. Grab a cocktail, unwind and watch the gorgeous sunset on this beautiful island.

Santa Fe in the Philippines

Santa Fe in the Philippines.

Santa Fe Beach

On Bantayan Island, you will find the Santa Fe beach. Santa Fe is the most popular place to stay on the island, and it is no wonder why. There are numerous resorts to stay at here, and none of them are too luxurious. This makes Santa Fe affordable to all tourists. However, Easter time is the busiest time of the year here. During this time, you can expect room rates to triple in price. It also becomes heavily crowded, which deters some people. If you are looking for a calmer time of year without as many crowds, try later in the summer, around June. At this time of year, the weather's still nice enough to bring out the beauty of Santa Fe beaches. Over all, Santa Fe is a great place to relax. It has a very laid-back, friendly feel, which many tourists love.

Paradise Beach

Bantayan Island makes the list once more. Paradise beach is nice, secluded beach to visit when you’re looking for some quiet time. Sometimes, you will find that you are the only person on this beach, which gives you the opportunity to bask in all of the beaches serenity. This beach doesn’t feature any tourist amenities, it is really best just for swimming and relaxing. It is a nice change from other great beaches in Cebu. If you are visiting Paradise beach and decide you need a little more civilization, Santa Fe town is located nearby.

White Beach

On Moalboal, you will find two main beach areas. Panagsama Beach is very rocky with little sand, which prompts many people to avoid it. The other beach, White Beach, is very sandy and lovely. White Beach is the perfect place for marine life enthusiasts. There is a lot of sea life in the reef running near the beach, and it’s absolutely perfect for snorkeling. You could even run into sea turtles while on your snorkeling expedition. The crystal blue waters make snorkeling an even more life changing experience. Due to the popularity of White Beach, weekends and holidays can get extremely crowded. You can rent out cottages for day use. If you are looking to stay near White Beach longer, there are a number of resorts along the shoreline. Many of these resorts even feature their own dive shop.

Sumilon Island in Cebu in the Philippines

Sumilon Island in Cebu in the Philippines

Sumilon Island

In the south of Cebu, you will find Sumilon Island. This island features a stunning sandbank. The beach here is perfect for swimming and enjoying the tropical weather. The aqua blues you’ll find in the water here are truly unique. This island is incredibly popular for day trips. It isn’t far from Oslob, which features Cebu’s most popular tourist attraction, swimming with whale sharks. If you are looking to stay on Sumilon Island, there is one resort available with nice rooms and amenities.

Badian Island

In the south of Cebu, you will find Badian Island. Badian Island features an incredibly lovely beach. The island has a real tranquil feeling to it, perfect for tourists looking to escape the stresses of real life. Nothing beats drinking a refreshing cocktail on the beach of Badian Island while watching the warm, tropical sunset.

Santiago Bay

Arguably, Santiago Bay is one of the best beaches on the Camotes Island. Santiago Bay waters are warm, crystal clear, shallow, and calm. They are perfect for taking a nice, long, relaxing swim in. The sunsets here are absolutely spectacular. Along the beach, you will find a number of restaurants. Many of these are open air, perfect for taking in the wonderful tropical weather. If you are looking for a place to stay overnight, Santiago Bay features plenty of different resort options, of all different sizes. You can choose the one best for your needs. Overall, spending your Cebu vacation in Santiago Bay is a vacation well spent.

Tingko Bay in Cebu in the Philippines

Tingko Bay in Cebu in the Philippines.

Tingko Bay

If you aren’t a fan of tourist spots and prefer local favorites, Tingko Bay is the beach for you. Located in southern Cebu on the island of Alcoy, you’ll find the incredibly pretty beach of Tingko Bay. It is especially gorgeous during the warm, tropical summer months. On weekends and holidays, this beach can get a little busy, but overall, it’s still a great destination. You could stay at Tingko Bay thanks to the number of resorts in the area. Wherever you stay in Tingko Bay, you can be sure you will have great views and warm weather to accompany your trip.

Bakhaw Beach

If you are looking to visit the Camotes Islands but aren’t looking to deal with crowded tourist destinations, Bakhaw Beach is the spot for you. This beautiful beach is the perfect spot to relax, swim, and bask in the views. This is a popular day trip spot. You can rent a cottage for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy some food and drinks while relaxing on your Cebu vacation. The palm trees make for additional shade. If you are looking to stay overnight here, there are a few smaller resorts. If you are staying in Santiago Bay, Bakhaw Beach is only a short distance away.

Before you go on your vacation to Cebu, be sure to conduct all necessary research. There are plenty of different beaches to visit, and the ones you visit depend on your needs as a traveller. Manila, Palawan and Cebu are all within a few hours of each other. Cebu has beaches that are crowded and tourist for those who prefer that kind of crowd, and also has quiet, secluded beaches for those who enjoy their privacy. Some beaches offer many attractions such as scuba diving and snorkeling, and some are just a spot to relax in the water. All in all, it depends on your preferences. However, you can be sure Cebu has a beach for you.

If you are considering traveling to Cebu or anywhere in the Philippines in the near future, check out the AlienAdv blog for the best travel guides, tips, and suggestions. You can contact me directly with any questions you may have. Enjoy Cebu!

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