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There are a number of things that you may strive to take advantage of if you are planning a holiday to Christchurch. And one of the best things that you may seek to consider doing while you are on your trip is to hit one of the local area’s most beautiful beaches! Christchurch and many of greater Canterbury vicinity are the home to a vast array of some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. Regardless of how you want to enjoy the beach itself whether hitting the surf, sunbathing, taking a leisurely stroll or enjoying a picnic and just relaxing, you can be sure to find the perfect beach waiting for you in Christchurch.

Christchurch Beach - Sumner

Sumner Beach is located strikingly close to the where the 2011 earthquake of Christchurch occurred. Since the earthquake, this quaint little community has becoming increasingly more close knit and have banded together in strength in unity. The end result is a community that boasts warmth and beauty everywhere you look. In the summer, you will be able to enjoy a number  of fun-filled activities for all ages. In fact, dotting the beaches of the area you will be able to enjoy dozens of cafes, endless shopping, catching the latest flick and tons more! And when you are ready to hit the beach you can take advantage of the opportunity of learning how to surf or just enjoying the waves and sandy beaches.

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Christchurch Beach - New Brighton

New Brighton is most notably famous for its pier but it also boasts one of the finest swimming beaches in the area, and it is also conveniently located a mere 8 km from the center of the city!  New Brighton is also the host to a wide array of various activities throughout the year, some of the activities include the incredibly popular Kite Day and also an unmatched New Year’s Eve fireworks display! The area can tend to get a bit windy at times, but the water is perfect, the beach is flawless and you can always be sure to find a great spot in the area.

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Christchurch Beach - Taylors Mistake

Quaintly nestled within the scenic bay area near Sumner you will find Taylors Mistake. Taylor’s Mistake is conveniently located and if you are into surfing is also the prime spot to take in some of the best surfing action in the area as it boasts nicely sized waves. If you are ready to hit the surf be sure to check out the local surf watch where you can get up to date webcams to make sure that you are going to be getting in all the best action. If you aren’t quite ready to try out the waves you may want to opt to go for a nice stroll over to Godley Heads (or pretty much any walk throughout Christchurch) where you can take in the stunning, scenic views and may even catch a glimpse of some orcas!

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Pines Beach, Christchurch

The small village of Pines Beach can be found nestled in close proximity to Kaiapoi at the mouth of the Waimakariri River. If you are looking to get in some fishing action, you will most certainly want to consider heading to Pines Beach, where you can launch a surf caster and are sure to catch a more than a few Kowhai! If you aren’t up for some fishing, be sure to take advantage of walking the Pegasus Track over to Woodend Beach where you can spend the afternoon escaping from the stresses of the world.  

Akaroa, Christchurch

If you find yourself seeking a great spot to spend the day, then you may want to check out Akaroa. The main beach area is the prime spot, particularly if you are bringing your entire family. Akaroa is home to some of the best swimming locations in the area and you will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful views in the area. After you have enjoyed the pristine waters, you may want to venture off on one of the area’s nature cruises where you can take in some of the incredible wildlife of the area such as seals, sea birds and even playful dolphins! The area is also home to lots of areas to explore, you can even go about enjoying some delicious ice cream or fresh fudge from one of the area’s local shops!

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Le Bons Bay, Christchurch

Yet another spot that you may want to consider spending the day at is Le Bons Bay. In fact, if you are planning on heading out to Akaroa, you may want to double up your beach time and hit both spots as they are in super close proximity to each other. Le Bons Bay is the prime location that offers plenty of space on the stunning sandy beaches of the vicinity. Bring a net for volleyball or take advantage of playing some on-the-beach cricket, or simply get out and enjoy the waves, sun and breathtaking beauty.

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Corsair Bay

A hidden gem of its own, Corsair Bay can be found nestled near Lyttelton. Regardless of how you want to spend your day, you can be sure to enjoy it to the utmost perfection at Corsair Bay. Here, you can take advantage of paddle boarding, leisurely strolls in the surf, or simply enjoying a nice swim. The area in itself is endlessly beautiful and you can be sure to find a perfect spot away from the crowds at Corsair Bay. The beach is clean, and there is lots to do the in area as well once you have soaked in all the sun and sea air you can take for the day!

There is so much beauty and expansive beaches that you must take advantage of on your upcoming holiday or business trip to Christchurch. With friendly people, pristine natural beaches and wildlife, there is truly a limitless amount of things to do and experience in Christchurch.

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When you hit the beach, you are going to want to ensure that you pack in everything that you need to truly enjoy the experience, if you forget something however, be sure to take note of the fact that the beaches around Christchurch are quite notable to be host to a number of stores where you can conveniently pick up any item that you may have forgotten to bring with you.

There are also a ton of quaint cafes and unbeatable restaurants in the area so when you are famished after a long day on the beach don’t forget to refuel at any one of them in the area. And finally, though the beaches of Christchurch are strikingly beautiful, due to the 2011 earthquake, the air quality can sometimes be a bit on the poor side. If you are planning on spending a day at the beach, you may want to double check the air quality in order to better ensure that you and your family breathe in the glorious, fresh air that Christchurch is sure to provide you with!

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