Croatia Honeymoon

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If you’re looking out to get spoiled in utmost luxury on your honeymoon- Croatia can be a perfect destination. Indeed, what can be a better destination than this glamorous and suave spot where the beautiful turquoise sea gushes across the shores and where the streets are teeming with rich cultural heritage? This European country perhaps perfectly exemplifies beauty in its truest possible sense. The brick-red buildings, winding streets, paved walkways and the beautiful historic landmarks will definitely pep up with your special time with your partner. Visit the country to bask in its beauty, taste the delectable cuisine and spark up your romance like never before. In case you’re still wondering why exactly you should consider Croatia honeymoon as a viable option- here are some reasons that will definitely compel you to choose this destination for your romantic getaway.


Dubronvik is one of the most leading romantic spots in Croatia, and when it comes to spending some quality time with your partner- there is hardly a destination that can match up with the aesthetic appeal of this spot. Dubronvik is incredibly appealing with its bright blue sea, the beautiful brick roofs and the vintage ochre walls. Explore this beautiful city holding hands with your spouse and bask in its glory as you walk past or even stop by the architectural attractions like St. Blaise’s Church. Again, if you are in the mood to relax and laze around, spend your evening walking or sailing along the stunning sea coast of Dubronvik, as you clink wine glasses with your spouse.

Visit Hvar

If luxury is what you are looking forward to, then Hvar can be your go-to destination on your Croatia honeymoon trip. Nestled at the heart of the famous Dalmatian Islands, Hvar is indeed one of the most popular tourist spots of the country. As you visit the spot, you’ll realize that perhaps nothing works better than simply sitting in the warm company of your partner, while admiring the spectacular views above. But then again, if you are looking for some adventure and activity- then too this spot can meet your requirements and live up to your expectations. The nightlife here is bustling and vibrant to say the least. The destination is teeming with pubs and restro-bars where you can enjoy exactly the kind of couple-time you are looking for. But having said that, don’t really miss out on the historical and cultural spots because that is perhaps the primary attraction of this destination. So while you plan an adventurous night, reserve the day for a romantic walk along the paved walkways of the city.

Split is a popular place to visit in Croatia

Split is a popular place to visit in Croatia. Photo by Giannis

Sailing in Split

Your trip to Croatia will be truly incomplete if you happen to miss out on visiting Split. This is probably one of the biggest Cities of Croatia, and just like the other destination, this spot too opens several options to have a fun time on your honeymoon. One of the biggest attractions of Split, however, is kayaking and sailing . You can also try canoeing if you’re in the mood for some more adventure. Then again, if your primary focus is on relaxing and prepping up for the next couple of days, walk along the cobbled streets of Old Town. As you stroll along the streets, hand in hand with your partner, you will get the ‘much needed’ feel of Fourth Century. This spot redefines old school romance; it will definitely live up to your expectations.

Wine tasting in the Peljesac peninsula

As you enjoy your time strolling along the streets, relaxing on the sea shores and visiting the classic museums of this European country- you also can’t really miss out on the food and drinks. There are several group tours for wine tasting and you can simply choose one that perfectly syncs with your requirements. Usually, the tours include a full day trip along the Peljesac Peninsula, which is laden with rich vineyards and famous for its wineries. You can also stop by the rustic town of Ston, and taste its incredibly delectable oysters. Right after that, as you delve deeper in the peninsula, you can try tasting the wine of the leading wineries here. You can directly interact with the wine-makers and know how exactly wine is made and manufactured. Finally, complete your tour with a delicious Dalmatian Lunch in some local restaurants.

Tour in the Blue Cave and Six Islands

Croatia is best known for being a popular romantic getaway, and a perfect destination for your honeymoon. But if you’re someone who chooses adventure over lazing around- then too, the country opens several attractive options for you. To begin with, you can always set sail on a fun-filled adventurous journey to the popular Blue Cave and Six Islands. Both the cave and the islands are located near Split and as you participate in the trip, you also get a chance to try out the various water sports like swimming, sun-beaching or even snorkeling. Complete your trip with some light refreshments, some classic wine and try out island-hopping .

Mokosica, Croatia

Mokosica, Croatia. Photo by Donald

Enjoy the traditional Pekan cuisine at Mokosica

We can’t really imagine a trip that doesn’t include good and sumptuous meal. And when you happen to visit Croatia, you cannot, under any circumstances, miss out on the delectable traditional cuisine, the country has to offer. Visit the Mokosica village for a taste of this cuisine and enjoy a romantic time with your partner, as you both delve into the awesomeness of the traditionally cooked meat and veggies. You can even try the short cooking courses in the village. This will turn out to be a great couple activity and will also end up complementing your perfect gourmet experience.

Clubbing in Zagreb

Zagreb is one such spot in Croatia, which is still unknown to most travel enthusiasts. So if you happen to visit this country for your honeymoon, don’t forget to visit Zagreb. This destination features the conventional Hungarian architecture of the country. But that’s not all- because the café and clubbing scene of this spot is equally incredible. Pep up your couple time and bask in the awesomeness as you tap feet with your partner in famous pubs and bars of this destination. The spot is not chartered by many and so, you also get to spend some private time here. Honeymoon package and their costs. You can even plan to visit when the yacht week is on.

If you have chosen Croatia as your destination for honeymoon, try checking out the Croatia honeymoon packages that are mostly available online. Skip out on the individual deals because they end up costing much and also turn out to be inconvenient and hassling. Almost all the packages will ensure that you have a luxurious room booked with every possible amenity. The packages include couple activities and sightseeing tours that you can enjoy privately. Although the package deals are likely to vary; an average honeymoon package will cost you something between $1600- $2000.

Tips for Croatia Honeymoon

Croatia is the perfect honeymoon destination

Croatia is the perfect honeymoon destination. Photo by Chuck

Compare the airfare budget

Before planning a big trip, compare the airfare budget. Ensure a thorough research on the popular websites and compare the deals of one flight with another. Finally, with proper research and thorough analysis, choose the flight that gives you the best deal.

Go for package tours- Many travel enthusiasts do not prefer package tours. But if you’re planning to save some big bucks, package tours can be a great idea. These tours include the airfare, basic travel cost, charges of food, costs of the lodging and other impending charges during the trips. So, package tours can be a great option for budget travel.

Go for off-season trips

This might sound difficult, but off season trips can be really easy on your pockets. During this time, the flight rates and hotel rates are relatively low, and great hotels will usually be able to accommodate you. On top of that, with less people traveling, you get to travel peacefully.

Meet people on the local transit

It’s easy to come across new people while you’re traveling via public transit. When, you stumble upon locals, who speak English; talk to them and find out their views and opinions on almost anything. Visit the local bar or the laundry parlor- you’ll end up with a stack of freshly cleaned clothes, some sumptuous drinks and incredibly engaging conversations. Play with the little ones. Try thumb wrestling. Learn saying ‘cute baby’ in the local language. Once you end up catching the attention of the kid, you’ll also end up being friends with the parents.

Connect via social media

Yes. You can also meet like minded couple travelers in a specific destination by connecting via social media. There are many social media platforms where like-minded solo travelers connect and collaborate. Try talking to them, interacting with them and you’ll soon get a couple of new and out of the box ideas to explore the destination.

Shop till you drop

Sharpen your bargaining skills to bring in some awesome stuff in your kitty, during the travel. This is way better than spending huge bucks in the overpriced shops of the posh cities. It is always better to research about the local shopping destinations before visiting a new destination. Thus, while visiting a destination look out for local stores where you get cheaper and authentic stuff.

Well, now that you know what exactly makes Croatia honeymoon special- plan your trip right away and enjoy the country in its full glory, like never before.

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