Cuba Honeymoon

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When it comes to choosing the perfect destination for your honeymoon, there is hardly any other spot that can work as well as Cuba. With the Vintage Havana, the live Salsa Music, the beautiful haunts of Hemingway and the lush blue oceans, Cuba truly defines the essence of romance and companionship. This vibrant island has been chartered since time immemorial by happy honeymoon couples, and is a perfect spot for everyone who is willing to make their honeymoon experience tad more exciting. Most travelers share this view and believe that Cuba is perhaps one of the most magical destinations you will ever stumble upon. So if you are a couple who’s looking for some active fun and romance backed by a cultural and once in a lifetime experience, Cuba will definitely live up to your expectations. Whether it is the secluded beaches, the luxurious spas, the huge and plush hotels, the immense proximity of popular shopping spots or the incredibly delectable food- Cuba comes with every viable element to make your honeymoon one of the best experiences of your life. So if you baffled about choosing the right destination for honeymoon, here are some reasons that’ll totally convince you to choose Cuba honeymoon options.

Visit beautiful landscapes and secluded beaches

Well, one of the primary reasons why you should choose Cuba, as your honeymoon destination is simply because it comes with an extensive range of beautiful landscapes. The beaches too are secluded, thereby giving you ample opportunities to explore it with your partner. Try talking a walk along the virgin beaches of Cayo Coco or the Vandero, to enjoy the luxurious couple-time that you are looking forward to.

Experience the live music in Cuba.

Experience the live music in Cuba. Photo by Gabriel

Experience the live music

The Cuban live music is not something that you hear, but something that you experience once in a lifetime. So if you happen to visit the island nation for your honeymoon, try visiting the La Zorra El Cuervo club to enjoy an evening of jazz, sax and beautiful romantic music.

Feast on the delicious street food

Your honeymoon is all about luxury, fine dining and candlelit dinners. But if you’re looking to have some adventure backed by romance, try tasting the local cuisine of the city. The streets are teeming with small food joints and street food eateries. Check them out and try the delectable pork hamburgers, the fruity milkshakes, the pies and the tacos.

Learn salsa in Cuba

Your romantic trip to Cuba can never be truly complete unless you ace the salsa game. So if you and your partner are in the mood for some adventure, try learning some basic salsa in the city. For most people in Cuba, the moves are as natural as walking. So, visit the outdoor club 1830 at their salsa nights to pick up some moves and spice up your romance.

Bask in the beauty of the classic Cuban sunset

Your honeymoon can never be complete unless you spend some romantic time with your partner while basking in the beauty of nature. So in case you’re looking forward to some true-blue classic moments of companionship, visit the El Morro to watch the beautiful sunset. El Morro is an age-old Cuban Fortress that even served as a prison for several years. Right now, this point has been revamped and acts as one of the best vantage points from where you can watch the amazing Atlantic sunsets. If you happen to stay here till night, you can also watch the ceremonial cannons being fired from the walls of the fortress.

Delve into the luxuries of Varadero

As I already told you, Cuba happens to be one of the best spots for honeymoon, because it opens several ways to enjoy some private time with your partner, along the secluded beaches. Varadero is one such beach and it is currently one of the leading resort towns of the island nation. Stroll along the 3,000 miles of beautiful coastline to pick you perfect spot. Whether it is the bustling locale of Havana or the more relatively less chartered areas- you will definitely end up with a spot according to your likes and convenience. If you’re in the mood to sit back and relax, book a resort on the beach and enjoy a luxurious experience like never before.

The old plaza in Cuba.

View on Plaza Vieja and the old part of Havana (Habana Vieja). Picture taken from the roof of a building on Plaza Vieja. Photo Credit

Enjoy the cultural delights at Old Plaza

Whether it is the beautiful art galleries or the swanky beer museums, the Old Plaza from Havana, has it all. So if you are a couple who is specifically interested in peeking into the cultural side of the destination, this spot can be your perfect locale. Spend a romantic afternoon in the local cafés, try the classic beer towers and finally then take a lazy stroll along the streets with your partner.

Cuba Honeymoon packages

If you have chosen Cuba as your honeymoon destination, a good idea would be to browse through cuba honeymoon packages instead of the individual deals. Not only will this save you money, but it will also turn out to be way more convenient and hassle free. These honeymoon packages ensure that you get a nice room and it also includes couple activities and other private sightseeing tours. Likewise, it also cuts down on every other unnecessary thing that you do not really need for the trip. Although, the price of these trips are likely to vary; but in most cases, a good Cuban honeymoon package will cost you something around $1200 to $1500.

Tips to consider while planning your honeymoon in Cuba

Avoid traveling alone for the local sightseeing- Traveling with your partner always comes with its fair share of excitement. But it also comes with one major con. As you travel privately, your costs are likely to be higher than it would have been if you travelled in a group. So when it comes to budget travel, I will always recommend you to travel in a group. Even if you are traveling solo, try to do things in groups as much as you can. Whether it is carpooling or local sightseeing, being with more people opens your way for many more exciting deals. This saves your costs and lets you enjoy a perfect budget travel experience.

Do not be impulsive

One of the main reasons why we end up spending so much on our trips is simply because of our sudden impulses. As you travel, it is extremely natural for you to want to do something at that very instant. But it’s likely to increase your costs for the entire trip. One of the best ways to avoid this is by planning out your day well in advance. In this way, you will at least know where your money is likely to go. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t plan your entire trip. But as you look over the day, every time you start your day, a large chunk of your overall costs are saved in the process.

Avoid day trains

When it comes to traveling via local transit, most of us prefer taking the day trains as it renders the perfect feel of taking a trip. But this is one such thing that is likely to increase your costs without you understanding about it. Yes. When you travel on day train and reach your destination by the noon or evening, you end up spending extra money for accommodation. But this doesn’t happen when you take a night train. The night train saves your accommodation costs as you can sleep in the train. In fact, once you get used to this, it’ll be all the more fun and exciting.

A blue Car in Cuba. It looks like a 47 Ford

A blue Car in Cuba. It looks like a 47 Ford but I could be wrong. Photo by Tony

Book your rentals early

While planning a budget trip, you’ve got to book the car and other necessary rentals early. Last minute rentals can cost a huge sum. So if you want to travel without making a dent in your pocket, book your cars, buses and other necessary transportation, much before the trip.


No matter wherever you’re planning a trip, tries to list those places of interest that are available for free. In this way, you get to make the best out of your trip, without compromising, much on the expenses.

Try the local cuisines

If you want to enjoy the best from your honeymoon tour, trying out the local cuisines can be a great idea. Food is an excellent way to check out and explore a city. So once you check in to a destination, find out the local eateries and savor the taste of the local cuisine. You can even go for formal dining for a classy and elegant feel.

Experience the nightlife

You are traveling can never be complete unless you experience the nightlife of a city. So whenever you visit Cuba, make it a point to check out how it looks at night. Take a walk along the streets, visit the local pubs and bars, find out the evening entertainment options and you’ll soon end up with a fruitful and enjoyable trip.

Cuba is certainly one of the best destinations for a beautiful and luxurious honeymoon with your partner. With several attractions and couple activities- this destination will never really disappoint you. So now that you know everything about the honeymoon packages, book one right away, and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

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