Even through the state of Victoria is the second smallest in Australia, it's by far the most densely populate">Free camping Victoria - Alienadv.comEven through the state of Victoria is the second smallest in Australia, it's by far the most densely populate">Even through the state of Victoria is the second smallest in Australia, it's by far the most densely populate">Even through the state of Victoria is the second smallest in Australia, it's by far the most densely populate">

Free camping Victoria

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Even through the state of Victoria is the second smallest in Australia, it's by far the most densely populated. Covering an area roughly the size of the UK, the state is located in the south of the country. It's capital Melbourne lies on the Yarra River near to Port Phillip Bay and is one of the most popular cities to visit for tourists. Outside the city, the landscape is beautiful and made up of mostly forests, mountains (Mount Bogong and Mount Feathertop are the tallest at almost 2,000 meters), and bushland. Though the climate varies depending on location, the state typically has mild weather with summer temperatures reaching around 25 C and winters dropping to around 13 C. High up in the mountains, this can get much colder, with snow settling between June and September.

The best way to experience the magical landscape is camping, and Victoria has some of the largest numbers of free camping spots in the country. Just rock up with your tent and pitch up. Spend the rest of your time hiking in the bush, mountain biking, or foraging for food. Many of these sites are easy to reach from Melbourne and usually you are permitted to bring your dog. Here's a rundown of some of the best free campsites in Victoria.

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Noonans Flats camping

Located in the Howqua Hills in Victoria, close to Mount Buller is the Noonans Flats camping ground. Here you will find the remnants of old gold mines, and a smelting furnace. It's a great area for hiking, or swimming in the crystal clear rivers. Guests can also go horse riding or even pan for gold, though don't expect to find a lot! The campground is rustic, but there is enough room for tents, cars, and caravans. There are also toilet blocks and barbecues that campers can use to cook up dinner.

Triplet Falls camping

Located in the Great Otway National Park, campers are treated to a spectacular scenery of plunging waterfalls which can be taken in from the viewing platforms. Take a hike through the bushland and forests of ash trees on a 2 kilometre trail. Camping here is basic but free and including toilets with running water. There aren't any other facilities, so be sure to bring your tent, camping stove, water, and provisions. This is wilderness camping at its very best.

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Gunbower Island camping

The free camping ground is located on the banks of the Murray River in Victoria. There aren't many facilities, so be sure to bring everything you need with you. Those who come to camp here are treated to a variety of colourful birdlife, and can fish for perch in the creek! Take back you catches to the ground to cook up a bush dinner. Guests can also kayak on the river (you will need to bring this with you) or hike along the 15 kilometre Koondrook Trail.

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Tali Karng camping

Nestled in the mountains of Gippsland, the Tali Karng has a huge glistening lake that can be explored. The rest of the landscape if made up of forests hills which are perfect for hiking. There is much wildlife to see here including birds and mammals. This is Aboriginal lands, and campers are asked to show respect by clearing up after themselves and not camping next to the lake itself. There are numerous free spots to pitch up. A few things to remember here. Camp fires are not permitted within a kilometre of the lake and some of the areas request that only camping stoves are used. Some have toilet facilities, and this high up, snow should be expected at any time of the year, but particularly during winter.

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing camping

Many people come to hike the point to point walk from the falls to Hotham Alpine crossing. It is only possible between November and April, the rest of the year it is simply inaccessible. It's a challenging walk which takes visitors past creeks, gum forests, high plains, and rivers. It takes around 3 days to hike and there are free camp grounds along the way including the Dibbons Hut Campsite. It's a basic campsite with no facilities, so you will need to bring your own tent, sleeping bags, camping stove, provisions, and water with you. You'll also need to get a camping permit before you hike.

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Parker Hill camping

Parker Hill is located in the Great Otway National Park. There are several campsites here available to small groups of campers. You can only bring your tent here, no campervans or caravans are permitted. The campsites are basic with no electricity or drinking water available. No camp fires are permitted, so you will need to bring a camping stove as well as provisions to cook, however there are non flushing toilet facilities.

Reeves Beach Coastal Reserve camping

This beautiful spot is located along the Ninety Mile Beach, and overlooks the ocean. Not very many people know it exists, so you might very well have the whole site to yourself. On the nearby beach, guests can sunbathe, swim in the azure waters, hit the surf, cast in a line to catch sea fish, or go walking along the coastal paths. If you are in luck, dolphins and even whales can be seen fluking from the shore line. The facilities here are basic. All the pitches are shaded by the trees, and there are toilets, but no showers or running water. Fires are not permitted, but the site does provide wood barbecues to cook up camp dinners. No campervans or caravans are allowed here, only tents.

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Manna Gum camping

The state's Alpine National Park is simply spectacular. During the spring, the mountains are carpeted in a thick layer of wild flowers, while during the winter between July and September, they glisten with powdery snow. Camping can be done for free here all year round, but be sure to wrap up warm as the nights can get chilly. The best place to pitch up is at the Manna Gum Camp on the edge of the park. Facilities are limited, but guests are permitted to bring tents, campervans, or caravans to the site. Most of the pitches are shaded and there are toilets, but no showers, running water, or electricity. Fires are permitted, but you might have a hard time lighting them during the cold snowy winters.

Loch Valley camping

Loch Valley is located around 60 kilometres east of Melbourne near to the Yarra Ranges. It's a stunning area of forests, rolling meadows, and bushland. Guests are permitted to camp, or bring their motorhomes and caravans to this peaceful place. Spend day hiking along the banks of the Loch River looking out for colourful birds. Again, as this is a free campsite, the facilities are basic. There are shady pitches, toilets available, and campfires are permitted, but there are no showers, running water or electricity. Be sure to bring all the provisions and water with you.

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Muttonwood Camp

Another site located in the Alpine National Park, the Muttonwood Camp is nestled in the rolling foothills of the park along the Wellington River. Days here are spend fishing in the river, or hiking along the park's trails and bush tracks. Cool off with refreshing dips in the sea. The nearest place is Licola about a 15 kilometre drive away. It's popular and there are some facilities here including toilets, and showers. Camp fires are permitted, but there is no running water and you are not allowed to bring pets.

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Blue Pool camping

Guests descend upon the Briagalong State Forest in the summer months to take refreshing dips in the natural Blue Pool swimming hole. It's easily accessible from Melbourne which bring in weekend vacationers. The campground has toilets and shower facilities, but not much else. You are permitted to have camp fires most of the year, but check with the rangers first as there have been several bush fires over the years. It's a peaceful place and a good base for hiking and horse riding in the forests of the park.

Ada River camping

The Ada River is the only campsite located inside the spectacular Errinundra National Park. It's free and has pitches for tents, motorhomes, and caravans (though huge vehicles are not permitted). It's basic, but has everything you need to explore the park in comfort. Most guests relax in the natural surroundings, or go hiking along the bush trails. Just be sure to bring your camping stove, equipment, and all the provisions you think you'll need.

Sheepyard Flat camping

The Sheepyard Flat camping ground is located in the Howqua Hills Historic Area near to Lake Eildon and the Alpine National Park. For a free campsite, it is surprisingly well equipped with toilets, showers, running water, and picnic tables. It's a pet friendly park, so you are welcome to bring your dog. There are several other free campsites nearby, but none with the amount of facilities as the Sheepyard Flat camping ground.

Want to camp nearer to Melbourne? Check out our guide to camping near the big city!

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