Galapagos Hotels - best places to stay

by Kshaunish Jaini

The Galapagos group of islands are like a laboratory of the earth itself. Formed over five million years ago due to the intense volcanic activity of a young earth still in the process of cooling down, the archipelago exhibits natural conditions that can be found nowhere else on the earth, with unique flora and fauna that has adapted through the ages in a manner that has astounded explorers. It is here that Darwin came up with his theory of evolution after studying the habits of the now legendary Galapagos tortoise. Today, the islands make up for a perfect destination for travellers who want to experience something rare, unique and close to nature.

The islands offer many choices for travellers in terms of cruises , lodging and boarding, but we have curated a selection of establishments that would cater to your taste ranging from the more luxurious eco-resorts to the quaint budget homestays.

Galapagos Luxury Hotels

Villa Escalesia

Villa Escalesia is located on the Santa Cruz Island overlooking the beautiful Pelican Bay. It is one of the few private villas on hire on the island, but that is not the only thing that makes Villa Escalesia unique. The locally sourced and designed villa is located on the beachfront with a stunning view of the sea out of the Santa Fe Island from all the four bedrooms. On top of that, the villa boasts of a private garden, a swimming pool, an infinity pool, a steam bath, a whirlpool and a sun deck that make it a perfect destination for a luxurious holiday any time of the year . The amenities and services of the villa are managed by The Royal Palm group of hotels, which has immense experience in catering to the needs of tourists for the past few decades. The services provided include excursions and trips to exotic locations such as the lava tunnel, Tortuga bay and Cerra Mesa. Yacht expeditions can also be organized as and when needed.

Galapagos Safari Camp

Galapagos Safari Camp

Galapagos Safari Camp

Nestled within the wilderness of the Galapagos National Park, the Galapagos Safari Camp is 55 hectares of nature with azure ocean views and an immersive experience of the island life. The motto of this establishment is to provide a luxurious holiday to travel in a manner that is unobtrusive to nature. This is reflected in the architecture and the design of the camp, which merges high end luxury with local and sustainable materials. The camp consists of a main lodge which is built on top of a hill, surrounded by thick cocoa plantations. The lodge consists of an expansive verandah, a luxury lounge, a library and a restaurant dedicated to serving farm-to-table cuisine. The family suites are located adjacent to the lodge, and are an ideal place for a family with kids. More adventurous travellers can book one of the nine African style luxury tents with custom made furniture, attached bathrooms and a breathtaking view of the savannah. The camp organizes regular tours , safaris and excursions where you get a chance to look at some of the amazing animals of the Galapagos island both of the land and the sea.

Pikaia Lodge

Pikaia Lodge is the ideal place for travellers who are environmentally conscious and want to have a luxury holiday amongst the best natural wonders Galapagos has to offer. Located on the Santa Cruz Island, it provides access to all the Islands of the archipelago. From here you can discover the white sandy beaches of Santa Cruz, spend your day on a yacht cruise or even go on a land based safari in the Galapagos National Park. Apart from the Garden Suite and the Pool Suite, the lodge has six balcony rooms and six terrace rooms, all of which are beautifully designed to offer magnificent views and cross-ventilation. The suite floors are made of bamboo and carpeted, with split air conditioners and luxury baths. The hotel also houses Evolution Restaurant, which is situated on top of a crater, along with multiple lounges and a spa.

Mid-Range Galapagos Hotels

Red Mangrove Hotel

Red Mangrove Hotel

Red Mangrove Hotel

Situated on the Puerto Ayora oceanfront, with a panoramic view of the Galapagos islands, Red Mangrove Hotel is an excellent choice for luxury to mid-range accommodation. The hotel provides fully furnished rooms in three categories, namely - suites, superior and standard rooms. All the rooms get access to views of the Academy Bay overlooking the Galapagos group of Islands. The tastefully decorated hotel also boasts of the world class Almar Restaurant on its outside deck, where you can enjoy your meals while watching the sea lions that come up to the beach.

Angermeyer Waterfront Inn

Located in the Punta Estrada area, the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn is a boutique hotel that offers an immersive experience in the life and culture of Galapagos. The hotel is designed using lava rock and driftwood of the island, and provides all modern amenities including wifi and air conditioning. The hotel also has its own private pier, which you can use to take a water taxi to other locations on the archipelago. A cafe, restaurant and a bar is also available within the hotel.

Budget Hotels Galapagos

Casa Natura in the Galapagos

Casa Natura in the Galapagos

Casa Natura

Casa Natura is a small family run hotel located in the central highlands of Santa Cruz. Located at a relative altitude, the hotel offers a bird’s eye view of the whole island and its ecosystem. It has 14 rooms, each with a private balcony. Surrounded by lush green plantations, Casa Natura is central to most activities that you would want to do in Galapagos, including scuba diving and snorkelling, yacht cruises and exploring the forests. The hotel owner and their family live on site and provide insightful interaction to the patrons.

La Fortaleza de Haro

Located right next to the Galapagos National Park in Barrio el Eden, La Fortaleza de Haro is a unique structure built with lava rock converted into a lodging and boarding establishment. It has five private rooms with a common swimming pool, air conditioning and wifi facilities. Its proximity to the national park and the beach make it an ideal budget destination for travellers.

Galapagos Islands are a treat to the senses and a perfect place to be if you love the nature and the outdoors. Go through the above selection of Galapagos hotels and decide which one is best suitable for your great escape and get to the islands soon!

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