Gloucester Beaches

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Gloucester is one of the most stunningly beautiful areas in all of Massachusetts. Boasting gorgeous sandy beaches on the North Shore, with vast green parks, wild estuaries that are packed with shorebirds, woods that are full of hemlock, and rocky outcrops, it is most certainly of no huge wonder why Gloucester has come to attract such a bountiful community that is full of diversity and art. And one of the most notable features that Gloucester has to offer those who visit are the breathtaking beaches of the area, here we will be exploring the top ones that you may consider visiting on your next trip to Gloucester!

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Good Harbor Beach

Good Harbor Beach is a quaint little beach that offers some prime conditions for swimming and is conveniently surrounded by marshes and sand dunes. Take note that Good Harbor Beach is super popular and can fill up quite quickly throughout the season, not to mention the fact that there is also very limited parking in the area, so you will most certainly want to get there early if you plan on getting a good spot for the day!

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Gloucester Beaches

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Wingaersheek Beach

If you are planning on bringing your family along, then you may want to consider checking out Wingaersheek Beach. Wingaersheek Beach boasts stunning white sandy beaches, along with calm, crystal clear water, and large rocks within the water that can be climbed at the low tide. The beach extends out significantly during low tide and stays shallow for a good duration of time which allows for your little ones to be able to safely explore tidepools that are home to tiny fish, shrimp, hermit crabs and snails!

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Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach is an intimate, quiet, beach that is crescent-shaped beach and conveniently located at the historic Stage Fort Park. The beach is nicely protected by a rock hill of which offers numerous shady areas and seclusion from the park area. There are lifeguards on duty from Memorial through Labor Day weekends from between the hours of 9am to 5pm EST. The beach is handicapped accessible, and there are restrooms located in the park. Please note that flotation devices and surfboards and alcohol are prohibited on the beach, and dogs are permitted in the park area only.

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Gloucester Beaches

Photo by Niki

Singing Beach

Singing Beach is a beautiful public beach that provides guests with a summertime bathhouse and a snack bar throughout the season. The beach itself gets its name from the sand due to the fact that it makes a fun, singing sound when it is dry. The area itself is widely accessible, but plan ahead with regards to parking as the main parking lot is reserved for locals only during the weekends.

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Gloucester Beaches

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Long Beach

Long Beach is exactly what its name implies, it is incredibly long! While there are most certainly “prettier” beaches in Gloucester, Long Beach is a standard beach where you can sit back and enjoy the calm surf in a great spot. If you find that some of the other beaches in Gloucester are packed to the brim and you want to avoid some crowds, you may want to opt to check out Long Beach. The parking here can get a bit pricey, but it is most certainly worth it if you want to avoid having to walk a good distance, packing all of your beach items as well.

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Pebble Beach

Though this beach gets its name from the small pebbles and stones that line it, do not let that deter you from planning a visit. The pebbles are incredibly and surprisingly comfortable to walk upon thanks to their rounded smooth surfaces that were crafted due to constant tidal motion. The beach in itself is incredibly clean and the perfect spot to enjoy the sun and the waves! Lots of sea life has been spotted here as well, so if you plan on spending the afternoon at Pebble Beach, keep your eyes peeled for divers and seals!

Gloucester Beaches

Photo by Niki

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Coffin’s Beach

Coffin’s Beach is a hidden gem, and one that you will be more than happy to selected to spend an afternoon. Coffin's Beach expands over 2 miles and provides guests with fine, white powdery sand that is conveniently surrounded by stunning white sand dunes. The beach itself is very flat and when the tide rolls out, the beach extends to more than 500 feet deep and it also exposes a vast multi-acre submerged rock (that the locals refer to as Bald Rocks). Bald Rocks allows your family to be able to explore the tidal pools where they can find starfish, crabs, lobsters, sea urchins and sea clams as well! Coffin’s Beach is super kid friendly, there is not worrisome current or rip tide and access is very limited to you can be sure that you can keep a sharp eye on your little ones.

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Front Beach

If you are seeking a spot that is close to the center of town and doesn’t really get too packed up as some of the other beaches in the area, then Front Beach may be an awesome spot for you to check out. Front Beach is the perfect spot to hit if you don’t really want to spend an entire day on the beach but may also want to take in some shopping, eating or just sightseeing. The beach is pretty small when the tide comes in, so you may want to get there a bit early. There are a couple of good parking lots available in the area, but the one just adjacent to the beach is going to be well-worth your money if you plan on spending the entire day in the area.  

There are countless beaches that you can take advantage of visiting during your visit to Gloucester, MA. While we have only listed a few of some of the top ones, you can be sure that regardless what beach in particular you may find yourself near in Gloucester, it is pretty safe to say that you will be able to find yourself in luxury, beauty and comfort on any of the stunning beaches of the area.  

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