Hiking Tattoos - options and recommendations

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Making the ultimate decision to get a tattoo to celebrate your love of Hiking and Travel is an important one. As with any Tattoo, it is a long lasting choice. Which is precisely why when it comes to selecting a hiking tattoo that you are going to want on your body for the rest of your life, you are definitely going to want to opt for one that you won’t end up regretting! One of the top options for someone who is seeking to get a tattoo is to not just head to the nearest local tattoo shop and select one out a book, that is a thing of the past! If you want to get your first tattoo or have been in the business of getting tattoos for a while now, and just happen to love hiking, one great option that you may want to consider is to get a dedicated hiking tattoo. In this brief article, we will be taking a look at some of the best options for hiking tattoos, which may in fact be a great pick for exactly what you are looking to permanently place on yourself !

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Hiking Boots

This may sound like an odd choice, but with the right artist and the right design, a hiking boot or pair of hiking boots can make for one incredible tattoo that serves as a tribute for your hiking passion. If you happen to have a photo of your first pair of hiking boots, bring that down to your tattoo appointment and bounce some ideas off of the tattoo artist. They are artists for a reason and may be able to point you in a good direction of some great ideas that you may want to consider for a tattoo that incorporates your hiking boots. You may even want to consider bringing in a photocopy of the treads of your current hiking boots to just get a very cool design of the wear and tear of the hiking boots from your numerous travels. There are so many remarkable ideas that can come from your plain old hiking boots.

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Hiking tattoo boots


Another great idea for a hiking tattoo is to sit back and reflect upon the best hike you have ever gone on. Where was it? Why was it memorable? Perhaps it was your first hike or maybe the one where you felt you really pushed through and gave it your all to reach the top of where you were going. Maybe the destination is a hike that you haven’t even gone on just yet, but are so passionate about eventually getting to. Regardless of you love of the destination of the hike and what draws you to the place itself, you may want to consider going for a scenic destination tattoo to pay a personal homage to the natural beauty of the destination. If you have a photo of the hiking excursion or if you can do a quick web search of the area, this is an excellent way to show your tattoo artist what you are wanting to tattoo on your body. Destination tattoos serve as wonderful reminders of past experiences as well as hopeful goals. Be sure to talk with a couple of tattoo studios about which artist in their studio does the best nature or scenery tattoos as they can be tricky in terms of overall detail and really bringing the tattoo to life.

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A compass is a tell-tale sign of a true hiker. It is easily one of the trusted, reliable and heavily used instruments of hikers around the world. And that in itself is what makes opting to select a compass tattoo a great option! Whether you are male or female, there are a ton of gorgeous options that your can consider when it comes to selecting how you want to jazz up the design of the compass. Whether you want to keep it simple and classic or surround it with flowers or trees, the options for compass designs really are unlimited!

Compass tattoo

State Park Symbols

If you have a memory associated with a state park, whether it is one that you frequent often or maybe you just have a very fond memory of hiking in one in particular, you may want to consider getting a tattoo of one of the signs, symbols or crests of the state park that has draw you in!


Yet another very cool and highly personal hiking tattoo idea is to get a tattoo of your personal hiking backpack. It is what carries the load of all of your much-needed hiking gear and equipment and just like the tattoo you are wanting, it is also one of the features that you keep the closest to your body on your hiking excursions. There are a ton of exceptional ways that you can incorporate an image of your backpack and transform it into an awesome tattoo idea. Bring your backpack with you, or a photo of it and talk with your tattoo artist about what you can transform into a uniquely personal tattoo.

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There are a ton of awe-inspiring quotes that are based on both nature as well as hiking that you may seek to turn into an incredibly beautiful and meaningful tattoo. Do a quick web search for various ideas and terms that may strike your fancy or if there is one that may be pressing on your mind, just run with it. Quote tattoos come from the heart and can often become the focal point for other surrounding image tattoos as well that you may seek to consider adding in the future.

Hiking tattoo quote

Photo by Angelica

Navigational Coordinates

One hot new trend that has recently been creating a stir in the world of tattoos is that of navigational coordinates. People are getting tattoos of the coordinates of where a loved one lives, where they were born, and of course, their favorite (or memorable) hiking spots. Finding the coordinates to your favorite hiking location is a quick web search away, and it is also a small, cost effective way to go about devoting a tattoo to your favorite hiking area.

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There are so many incredible ideas that can so easily be transformed into works of art on your body, and if you are a passionate, avid hiker that may be all that you need to get started in creating your own bodily masterpiece of which is devoted to your favorite past time. If you are new to the world of tattooing, or are just not sure what you want to get tattooed to pay tribute to your love of hiking, be sure to do some quick internet searches for some ideas that intrigue you (Pinterest is an excellent place to start) and then set up an appointment with a tattoo artist to bounce some of those personal ideas that you have to create an awesome hiking tattoo piece, that is all your own.

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