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Scotland saw around 4 million tourists from April 2016 to Feb 2017. The Linlithgow Palace can be attributed hugely to this influx. To cater to these tourists there are many hotels in and near Linlithgow that offer wide range of services as well as at different price point from budget to luxury hotels.

These hotels host all types of tourists from backpackers to families. Hotels near the palace have a great location and are easily accessible to the station as well. Court Residences and Strawberry Bank house are closest to the palace. They are mid range hotels and offer breakfast of high quality. These are located right across the street from the palace. These hotels give a classic look with modern interiors and facilities. They provide lots of free parking only for residents which make it convenient to road trip travellers. Even for travellers by train, they are quite accessible as it is only a 5 minute walk from the train station. These hotels are ideal for tourists looking for a quiet getaway with friends or family. The hosts of both the restaurants are friendly, warm and are mindful of the guests’ requirements. They ensure comfort and provide as much luxury which makes these hotels a great value for money. As these hotels are family owned they give guests a warm feeling of being houseguests. Based on a review, “One of the guests once had left his camera back which was safely returned”. Such is the personal involvement one may experience is these hotels.

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Slightly away from the palace is West Port Hotel which is also a mid-range hotel. Not just for the stay, the hotel is quite popular for the delicious food they offer, and the open coal effect fire is only the cherry on the cake. The staff is friendly and eager to serve. The hotel has a historic pub exterior. The interiors may feel a bit out dated if one is used to a more modern living. But its old rustic look gives a warm classic feel to the guests. The dance area of the hotel is quite close to the rooms which may pose as a problem for guests whose rooms are directly adjacent to the lounge.

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Champany Inn, another hotel in Linlithgow, has made its name by winning one star for its restaurant. Guests as well as visitors enjoy exquisite cuisines especially the steaks. The décor of the rooms are homely and make for a comfortable stay. Champany Inn offers services like laundry, parking and wi fi.

Another establishment by the name of Kirkland Country House is a popular choice and has wonderful reviews from all its guests. The rooms are comfortable and have a wonderful view of the countryside. Its exterior may remind one of Scottish heritage. The hosts Bunty and Martin are friendly, warm and quite popular among the guests. These hotels fall in the range of USD 80 – 110 per night.

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Since the location of Linlithgow is so close to Edinburgh and Grangemouth, one may also choose to stay in either of these towns and visit Linlithgow. A mere 24 kms away from Edinburgh, it becomes a popular town for tourists to stay and visit Linlithgow among other places. Parkhead House in Edinburgh is one such example. In a quaint village called Abercorn, it gives the perfect getaway from the city life. With a view of the lovely village, the hotel gives an experience of living in an ancient Scottish house but with modern conveniences. The kitchen is available for use and James, the host encourages that guests use the kitchen as much as they want to. The building is an old cottage and has a lot of character. Giving it a feel of homestay, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks and a wide variety of alcohol drinks are always available. For drinks, an honesty box has been placed, the proceeds of which goes to charity. The cottage is located among beautiful landscape that give the guests access to lovely walks. James the host has a great sense of humour and is quite informative about the history of the place. He is well aware of the places nearby and guides the tourists on how to reach there.  This hotel falls in the price mid - range of USD 120 – 150. It is about 15 minutes’ drive from the Edinburgh airport is easily accessible by road as well as air.

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For a budget stay, LeaPark Hotel is a good option in Grangemouth with basic amenities and value for money. The staff is quick and helpful.  Situated on Bo’Ness Road, it is easily accessible to road trip travellers.

Another hotel close to this is The Grange Manor. In Glensburgh, this hotel is in the price point of USD 110 – 130 per night. This hotel is also used for celebrating family functions and weddings. There is a restaurant adjacent to the hotel by the name of Cook's Bar & Kitchen. This hotel also has excellent proximity to the Kelpies that pays a homage to the legacy of horses across Scotland.

While looking for the accommodation, it is important to check if a hotel is children friendly. In case one may travel with pets, there are few hotels like the Elgin Hotel in Fife, The Cairn Hotel in Lothian, Hotel Cladhan in Falkirk and The Agenda Hotel in Edinburg.

There are few AirBnb options to choose from as well from a range of USD 55 to USD 200+. Stay in Airbnb accommodations give the guests a feel of a cosy home stay and enables them to experience the historic city of Linlithgow with the comfort of modern facilities. Few Airbnb accommodations worth mentioning are Linlithgow Loch Apartment, Morven Chalet Cottage, Glenavon Apartment, Shepherd’s Snug, Clin Place, Milnholm Manor. It is an interesting way of exploring a place and enabling guests to understand the cultural aspects of a place.

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