The Best Iceland Travel Guide

by Kshaunish Jaini

Getting to Iceland

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe, Iceland is easy to reach. All international arrivals come through Keflavik International Airport (KEF) followed by transfer to Reykjavik city center which is about 50 km away and takes about 45 mins. by bus or car. You can reach Iceland by air as well as by sea.

Getting to Iceland by Air

You can consider the national carrier of Iceland i.e.Icelandair, which also provides a lot of Iceland stopover packages. It offers passengers an option to stopover in Iceland for up to 7 days en-route any Icelandair destination with no additional cost. There are other international air carriers as well like Lufthansa, Delta Air Lines, to name a few, that fly regularly to Iceland.

Reykjavik Airport is the hub for domestic travel and flights in Iceland. You can consider local carriers like Air Iceland and Eagle Air.

Getting to Iceland by Sea

If you looking for a self-drive holiday in Iceland, where you drive a car across the country yourself, or you want to explore the Atlantic on the way to Iceland then you can book a place on Smyril Line cruises. Anyone who brings in their vehicle to Iceland must get the registration, insurance proof, and a valid driver’s license.

Northern lights seen in Budir Iceland

Seeing the northern lights in Iceland can be an intense experience. Photo by Milo

Iceland Travel

Below are some key information you should know before you start your travel:

Vaccinations for Iceland

There are no recommended or required vaccinations when traveling to Iceland .

Snowmobiling across a glacier in Iceland.

Snowmobiling across a glacier in Iceland. Photo by Sarah

Health Insurance for Iceland

Driving in Iceland

Driving can be a little challenging in Iceland due to its topography, but if you are up for it, there is no better way to explore the country. There are a lot of car rental services packages available for you to choose from.

car driving across Iceland

A seld driving tour across Iceland is an excellent way to see the country. Photo by Oleksandr

Always remember the below while driving to enjoy your trip to fullest:

car driving across Iceland in the snow

Driving across Iceland is probably the best way to experience the country. Photo by Andres

Driving in the winter in Iceland

VISA for Iceland

VISA requirements can vary by country, some general tips which apply to all tourists:

You can read more about Iceland as seen from Game of Thrones perspective , the northern lights and more here .

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