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So, you’re considering going on a Kruger National Park Tour. Amongst all the exciting decisions from which region to focus on and where to stay there is of course the thrilling thought of how you would like to approach the wild, by foot, on a 4x4 safari truck or perhaps even by air.

This article will attempt to provide a thorough overview of all the different types of tours and safaris available in the Kruger National Park, including key information such as the length of the tour, itineraries and pricing.

Kruger Day Safari

A one-day tour is ideal for visitors with limited time yet a craving for an authentic, jam-packed safari day experience in the Kruger National Park.

There is nothing like driving out on an open safari truck to experience the wild up close so if you have the chance to spend only one day amongst Africa’s wild, it is still more than worth the effort and investment.

Key facts:

Fees and availability:

The Greater Kudu seen in Kruger National Park

The Greater Kudu seen in Kruger National Park

2 Day Kruger Safari Tour

A two-day tour will provide you with a bit more flexibility and offer you a better chance of experiencing just how diverse the wildlife is across the main four regions from north to south.

Key facts:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Fees and availability:

3 Day Kruger Safari Tour

There are various three-day tours on the market however bear in mind that if you’re already in the vicinity of the Kruger National Park, you’ll effectively benefit from one extra game drive and an additional night’s stay in comparison to the two-day tour; don’t expect a full extra day worth of exploring the wildlife. The extra day consists predominantly of a collection and transfer from Nelspruit or even Johannesburg.

This tour could be a good option however if you’re flying into Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo Airport and would like to get a direct connection from there to the Kruger National Park for your safari experience.

Key facts:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Fees and availability:

Night Safari in Kruger National Park

Night Safari in Kruger National Park

Kruger Night Safari

Selecting a night safari is certainly one of the most thrilling options as you will get a true sense of the African wild experience as many animals can be fairly inactive throughout the course of the day, especially during the summer to shelter from the heat. So within the space of a 3-4 hour game drive at night you will have a much better chance to spot the nocturnal animals such as the lion hunting for his prey.

Key facts:

Fees and availability:

Approximately R1,500 per person for two people sharing, and R1300 for four people sharing. Dependent on the particular tour provider.

Kruger Walking Safari

As with everything within the Kruger National Park, diversity comes with the territory and that’s no different with the incredible choice of walking trail safaris available to choose from.

Many come as part of a package with your accommodation, however you will also find scheduled walks organised by the government owned SANParks which are accessible and offers great flexibility so that you can organise your accommodation independently.

All walks will offer you the chance to experience Africa’s wild up close, within a safe distance and the guidance of your experienced ranger. You will have the chance to see the Big 5 and many other animals over 2-3 hour walk so bear in mind you will need a good level of fitness to endure the walk, often at high temperatures.

Below you will find a brief outline of the available options:

  1. Morning Walks: Available from most locations within the Park including Berg-en-Dal, Biyamiti, Letaba, Lower Sabie, Pretoriuskop amongst others. The price ranges between R500 – R575 per person. Generally available daily.
  2. Bushman Wilderness: Departs from Berg-en-Dal. The price ranges between R 4,500 - R 4,150 per person dependent on the season. Generally available daily.
  3. Napi Wilderness Trail: Departs from Pretoriuskop. The price ranges between R 4,500 - R 4,150 per person dependent on the season. Generally available daily.
  4. Nyalaland Wilderness Trail: Departs from Punda Maria. The price ranges between R 4,500 - R 4,150 per person dependent on the season. Generally available daily.

Kruger Flying Safari

The name speaks for itself; an aerial safari offers the opportunity for breath-taking views flying by the border of the Kruger National Park.

Until fairly recently flying safari tours were all the craze as the unhindered views from above offered a whole new experience. Recently however new regulations have restricted access to the Park as no helicopter charters or small aircrafts are able to fly across it, but only alongside its borders thereby restricting the views to animals that are known to gather by the water. These include crocodiles, hippos, buffalos, elephants and several others.

Fees and availability:

Approximately R42,000 per group of four people sharing. It is based on a flight from Nelspruit to the border of the Kruger National Park and flying along the border to offer the best possible views of the wildlife, working according the latest regulations.

Dependent on the particular tour provider.

We hope this article has provided you with a good overview of some of the best ways to explore the Kruger National Park so you can make the best of your trip.

You can inform yourself further about an African safari via the following articles:

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