The Best Places to Have Sushi in Kyoto

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If you are planning a trip to Kyoto, Japan, you are more than likely going to seek to check out some of the finest sushi in the area. While Kyoto is more famous for its kaiseki, Kyoto is also pretty widely regarded for having some really incredible sushi spots that you may want to consider visiting on your trip. Here, we will be exploring some of the best sushi places in Kyoto that you will most certainly not want to miss the opportunity to eat at!


When is comes to narrowing down a good sushi restaurant, you are certainly going to want to consider eating at a place that boasts fresh ingredients, while boasting its own authentic style and of course, has some of the most highly trained chefs. If all of those things top your list for your sushi-search the Tomizushi is definitely going to be the perfect spot for your needs. The restaurant is super warm and inviting and the chefs at Tomizushi put forth all of their efforts into preparing some unbeatable sushi while also making customers feel welcome. If you are in a hurry, this is also a great option due to the fast pace that the meals are put together. You can get in, get out and be totally satisfied at Tomizushi.

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Musashi Sushi

If you are seeking some sushi that is not only incredibly delicious but also super affordable, be sure to check out Musashi Sushi. Musashi Sushi serves Kaiten-style sushi, where the plates of sushi are placed on a revolving belt and you simply reach out and grab whatever you want. This allows you the opportunity to be able to enjoy a number of various types of fresh sushi with local Japanese ingredients. Don’t forget to try a hand roll, topped with fresh seafood, rice and nori, the hand rolls at Musashi Sushi are simply unmatched.


Located in the Gion region of Kyoto, Nakaichi is one of the best places to get sushi that is simple, affordable and genuinely great tasting. At Nakaichi, sushi is served kappo-style, with all of the sushi served on a single plate. You will be able to watch your chef prepare the sushi for you as you wait, while also being able to interact directly with the chef, which allows you to be able to personally request the that you prefer to make your sushi perfect. The ingredients at Nakaichi are all local and fresh and the fish are naturally caught each day in order to provide their customers with only the highest standard of authentic Japanese sushi.

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best places to have sushi in japan

Sushi Matsumoto

Sushi Matsumoto can be found centrally located in the heart of Gion. Served edomae-style, which is the most commonly consumed form of sushi in the world, and is also not crafted using  fermented rice as is the case of traditional sushi. The term edomae-style stems from “Edon Bay” or Tokyo Bay, which is where all of the fish that is used to make this style of sushi was originally caught. Thanks in large part to the skillful preparing of all of the ingredients as well as the chef’s true dedication to the overall craftsmanship of the sushi, it is no wonder why Sushi Matsumoto ranks so high on the list of the locals and those who have visited the restaurant.  Take note that reservations are in fact required due to the fact that there are only 11 seats available in the restaurant which allows for a more calming experience.

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Having been around for more than 80 years in Kyoto, Matsuzushi is a traditional sushi restaurant that is most certainly a beloved area spot by the locals. There are a number of great places to find sushi in Kyoto, but if you are looking for authentically traditional sushi you are going to want to find yourself eating at Matsuzushi. Even the historical Japanese novelist, Ikenami Shotaro, often frequented Matsuzushi and even took it upon himself to write about the restaurant! The restaurant offers some great options in terms of combinations of sushi shari and toppings so you can be sure to find the best combo for whatever it is you are craving. The chef’s are always incredibly caring and considerate to customers and if you have any issues or just don’t know what to order, be sure to tell your chef that you want the Omakase course, which means that “I leave it up to you” in Japanese. The chef will then be able to put together some great dishes that are based on local seasonal fish and ingredients.  

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best places to have sushi in kyoto

Ganko's garden in Kyoto. Famed for it's sushi.

Ganko Kyoto

Ganko Kyoto is one of the more larger sushi places in the area of which provides customers with a wide array of various sushi dishes and other Japanese meals as well. While Ganko Kyoto is a top rated spot that goes above and beyond in terms of selecting some of the finest and most fresh, raw fish and shrimp for their primary ingredients, but it additionally puts a tremendous amount of importance in providing a tremendous balance of fresh fish and rich rice for their sushi plates. Ganko Kyoto also freshly smashes wasabi in order to add an incredible flavor punch to the sushi. The atmosphere and environment of Ganko Kyoto is fine and elegant while also being incredibly welcoming and full of life.

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Back in July of 2010, Apple Chairman, Steve Jobs visited Sushiiwa and raved that it was the best sushi he had ever eaten. After that there have been waves of foreign tourists flooding to the restaurant flocking to taste what the fuss was all about! Sushiiwa provides customers with some of the best sushi in all of Kyoto. Sushiiwa offers a number of various sushi dishes, and also agemono (fried veggies), otsukuri-no-moriawase (which is a variety of raw fishes), Ayu-no-yakimono (roasted Ayu fish) and a number of other incredible feats. The owner and chef’s are all incredibly knowledgeable and always ready and willing to help and make you feel warm and welcome.

There are so many great sushi spots that you will most certainly want to check out. The aforementioned list is merely a few of the top rated sushi restaurants in Kyoto. Be sure to ask around and do some local research if you want to branch out a bit further, you most certainly will not be sorry!

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