Lake Bled Hiking

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The backdrop to Bled is comprised of the wondrous woods of Jelovica, Pokljuka, and Mežakla. With the incredible view of Triglav and the Julian Alps on one side, and Begunjščica, Karavanke, Stol, and Vrtača on the other side, it is the essence of this scenic beautywhich makes this such a remarkable area and is highly sought after by visitors throughout the year. And many of those who visit the Lake Bled area are quick to understand that one of the best ways to take advantage of enjoying the scenery of the area is to head out on a Lake Bled hike.

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On the most clear days, you will be able to take in the Savinja Alps and the Kamnik Alps on the eastern horizon. Though even on days that are a bit less clear, you will still be able to enjoy mountainous views abound, both near and far. In fact, Bled is widely regarded for its long-standing mountaineering traditions, of which date back to at least 100 years ago. With the development of tourism in recent years, it is really of no great surprise that so many people come to visit Lake Bled to personally take advantage of the area’s infamous backpacking and hiking options. If you are heading to the region of Lake Bled and are considering taking advantage of the hiking options that are available in the area, take note that there is most certainly something for everyone of all skill levels. Here, we will be exploring some of the top hiking options to consider in the area, and just what makes them so very special.

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Lake Bled Hiking

To start, some of the mountains in the area that are of medium height include: Karavanke (Ajdna, Roblek under Begunjščica or Dobrča), Jelovica (Talež), Pokljuka (Galetovec, Lipanca), and Mežakla (Jerebikovec) these are most certainly inviting to beginner to intermediate hikers, but they are also great options to try out before hitting the bigger mountain ranges.

If you are not quite the avid hiker but still want to take advantage of checking out what all the “fuss” is about, you definitely should check out some of the Lake Bled hiking tours that are available in the area. One of the best options to consider is what is referred to as the "Bled Home Mountain Trip". The Bled Home Mountain Trip is a hike over to the mountain Lipanca that is set high above Pokljuka where hikers will find the alpine hut that is owned by the "Mountaineering Club Bled”. The hut can be accessed all year round and is quite comfortable.  This trek is pretty undemanding, yet in no way is it boring or unappealing to any skill level. There are various hiking trips to multiple locations such as Stol, Begunjščica, Viševnik, and Debela Peč, that are great options for all skill levels. However, the more experienced hiker may want to consider summiting Triglav, which requires far greater hiking and climbing skills. There are several hiking agencies in the area where hikers can hire local guides to take them on a number of various hikes throughout the area that are perfect for hikers and climbers of all skill levels. You can also find countless maps and mountain guides in local bookshops and tourist agencies.

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Lake Bled Hiking

The Pohorje Hills

The Pohorje Hills are located not very far from Maribor, directly next to the city. When hiking the Pohorje Hills you will be able to take in the stunning natural scenery of the ancient woodlands of the Pohorje Hills, the Mali Šumik Waterfalls, the peat bogs throughout the regions of the Lovrenc Lakes, Lake Črno, and Ribnica Lakes, the powerful Veliki Šumik and the crystal clear River Lobnica. When you opt to hike throughout the Pohorje Hills, you will be able to take advantage of enjoying the winding wine roads where you will be able to view countless tourist farms throughout the area.

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Idrija and Cerkljansko Hills

The hills of Idrija and Cerkljansko require some durable shoes as they are in fact relatively steep and reach elevations of upwards of 1000 metres. Spread out in seemingly endless directions, you will be able to check out the expansive valleys and narrow gorges that are loaded with crystal clear waters of which wind throughout the ridges and hills of the region. Over 3/4 of the region is covered in natural woodlands, and the region is home to numerous floral and fauna. Some other popular hiking destinations of the vicinity are: Mt. Kojca, Mt. Porezen, Mt. Črni Vrh, and Mt. Blegoš.

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The Škofja Loka Hills

The Škofja Loka Hills boasts a breathtaking landscape, with countless trails of which are very well-marked and are perfect to hike throughout any season during the year. These hills are perfect if you are seeking to simply enjoy a leisurely stroll to just take in the beauty and scenery of the pastures, meadows, forests, quaint villages and the panoramic ascents to the leering peaks high above the valley.  

Slovenia Lake Bled Hiking

The Koroška Region

One of the best aspects of selecting to hike the Koroška Region is the fact that the area is actually home to several special themed trails. The Koroška Region is home to nearly 600 km of well-marked trails along with dozens of various themed hiking trails. Including the Koroška Hiking Trail, which is a long-distance circular trail. The area is also home to the K24 trail, which is easily one of the most trying hiking challenges in the region of Koroška Region. If you are truly ready to take in some excellent hiking, this region is a great option to consider as there are hikes for people of all skill levels to be able to enjoy. From the Mt. Smrekovec, the Kozjak Hills, and Mt. Uršlja Gora for beginner to intermediate hikers and Mt. Raduha, Mt. Peca, and Mt. Olševa for the more advanced hikers, here, you will be able to take in all the hiking action you can handle.

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The Posavje/Zasavje Region

Set in the beautiful rolling hills of the Posavje region, you will be able to enjoy vineyards, orchards, castles and crystal clear waters when you opt to hike this area. This region is literally what the location that only exists in fairy tales. The area is also home to several themed hiking trails and boasts peaks that raise upwards of 900 metres. The most popular hikes include: the Gorjanci Hills, Mt. Bohor, Mt. Lisca, and Mt. Grmada. If you venture over to the Zasavje region you will also be able to hike some of the most popular hills that include, Mt. Kal, Mt. Kum, Mt. Mrzlica, Mt. Kopitnik, Mt. Zasavska Sveta Gora, and Mt. Čemšeniška Planina.

Slovenia is home to more than 150 mountain huts and over 10,000 km of well-marked trails. Which is why it is of no great surprise that it is one of the most sought after places to enjoy some hiking and relax. Be sure to take the time to visit some of the local villages along the way, where you will be warmly welcomed and offered to parttake in some of the local area cuisine.

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