Maldives Honeymoon Packages

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Maldives, a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean has 26-ring shaped atolls. These atolls make up to a thousand different coral islands. Maldives is famously known for its lagoons, coral reefs, sandy beaches and deep caves. The island possesses luminous, flawless beauty and the tropical climate crowns it all. The swaying of the palms, colourful swimming fish, and the sandy beaches are a sight to behold. It is ranked amongst the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

After planning your big day (wedding day) it is only right you get to treat yourself with a getaway treat at the Maldives Islands. This is one of the most romantic places you’d ever take your lover to. It’s on this island where you will get to have his and her footprints, feel of the powder-soft sand between your toes, evening strolls as you watch the sun get to set in the evening. When on this island, nothing else matters; the level of tranquility and calmness is amazing and you’ll find that being in the moment with your spouse is the only thing that matters.

When you are in the middle of planning your big day, you should be able to plan your honeymoon from miles away without spending too much energy on it. Maldives honeymoon packages make all this possible. With fantastic honeymoon packages from the different hotels, you get to spend little and enjoy quite a lot. Whether you are looking for a budget honeymoon getaway or luxury package in the Maldives, all these packages are easily available. You will get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, get the privacy you need and enjoy the best these island countries have to offer.

With these honeymoon packages, you get amazing discounts on your stay at the hotel, food, and drinks, travel expenses and a guide who will help you traverse the vast island, and at the end of your stay, you will surely be convinced that that was the best decision you ever made. Every package comes with a detailed Maldives tour itinerary where you get to understand the day to day routines on the island, and with this, you’re thus assured of making use of every single second enjoying yourself.

maldives honeymoon packages

For the adventure loving couples, aside from hotel and meal packages, you get to enjoy watersports, hiking especially in their deep caves, cruises, paragliding for the adrenaline rush lovers, catamaran sailing, water motor scooter ride, jet-skiing, snorkeling amidst reefs, dolphin watching, kite boarding among so many other activities. There is something for everyone. Aside from such activities, couples also get to enjoy spa therapies. Maldives is known for its Ayurvedic treatments and hydrotherapy. These are the activities that help the couple venture into the new world together with a better understanding of each other.

With most of the Maldives honeymoon packages, you get to enjoy great flavors of the Maldivian cuisine. The cuisine is greatly influenced by culinary varieties from the Indian subcontinent including Sri Lanka and the state of Kerala. The Maldivian cuisine is based on coconut, fish and starches and their derivatives. Enjoy Theluli Mas, Banbukeyo Bondibai, and Dhonkeyo Kajuru among other great dishes. From appetizers to desserts get to enjoy on of the best cuisine worldwide and with honeymoon packages enjoy them at a pocket-friendly price.

Another interesting thing about the Maldives honeymoon packages,is that you get some amazing discount while shopping in certain outlets. Male, the capital city of the Maldives, is the go-to place in the country where people get to do their shopping. The most sought after shopping streets include the Majeedhee Magu, Orchid Magu, and the famous Chaandhanee Magu Street. On these streets get yourself both local and international merchandise.

When we decide to go for a trip, the mode of transport is what really concerns most of us. We all keep wondering how we get to move from one location to the next, the honeymoon packages from Maldives go you covered. Depending on the package commute using private hatch, seaplanes, and boats. Whichever way you choose just make sure you get to completely make use of your time and explore all the places on the island .

maldives honeymoon packages

As stated earlier, the honeymoon packages will help you get great discounts on the accommodation. These hotels include Sheraton Maldives Full moon Resort and Spa, Mirihi Island resort, Anantara Veli Maldives Resort, Bandos Maldives among others. From your hotel room hear the sound of nature, the oceans, see the sun rise and set. The experience on this island is sure to die for. These holiday packages make it possible for all and sundry to enjoy as you can get packages from budget to luxury.

Budget honeymoon packages - Maldives

This budget mostly suits who do not have so much to spend during their vacation . With these honeymoon packages, you get to spend a night in a hotel for as low as 36$ a night. Some water villa hotels on the Maldives Island offer all inclusive options at very affordable prices. All inclusive means all meals included and non-premium alcohol included. The option can also be half-board which includes breakfast and dinner but not alcohol while the full-board has breakfast, lunch, and dinner but no alcohol. These deals are best suited for budget savvy couples.

It is important for honeymooner to understand the best option for you, if you know most of the time you will be out of the hotel during the day, it is only wise to choose half-board. This is ways you get to ensure you save more money. Lunch is not that expensive in local hotels and you may decide to dine there. This kind of package mainly focuses on the hotel stay and the meals. The outdoor activities and watersports are usually not included in the budget packages.

Mid-Tier honeymoon packages - Maldives

This is on the higher side but just a little bit. Most of these packages may be full-board, half-board, or even all inclusive. You also get to choose which works best for you according to your schedule. You may also be treated to some spa moments in the packages and special dinner moments especially on your first night in the hotel. Some of these packages may also include some water sports such as boat riding, catamaran sailing and water motor scooter ride among other activities.

You may also get lucky and get a free ride from the airport to the resort without paying anything extra. These prices may look quite high, but in a way, they are affordable considering it comes with more deals such as the spa and the outdoor activities at a very minimum cost. Most of these deals will start at approximately $200 to 800 per night.

maldives honeymoon packages

Luxury honeymoon packages - Maldives

These are packages for people who are all in. They are ready to get the best of the best. We can talk about VIP treatment from the minute they land at the Maldives international airport to their hotel room in the best of the best resorts .

Although these packages are expensive, you are assured that you are getting value for your money and you will get to enjoy every single moment. This packages include various activities and things to do like spa treats, sporting activities, boat rides, romantic dinners when the sun is setting or at night when the stars are out by the sandy beaches, deluxe or presidential suites furnished with state of the art furniture and equipment. The price range starts from approximately $2000 and above for a single night.

This package may also include a special person who will help you move around the whole island at no extra cost. Enjoy private yacht dates, dinners in the middle of the sea. How else would you want to celebrate your honeymoon? This is the exact definition of class, fun, and exploration at its best.

While looking for the perfect honeymoon packages, you will have to consider a lots of aspects such as what you really would love to do, but the primary concern is your finances. Gone are the days where only individuals with money can take their newlyweds for the honeymoon to exotic places.

When looking for these honeymoon packages understand everything they are offering, it may be cheap, but you may eventually end up spending more because the package did not cater for all your needs. Also, consider factors such as the Maldivian weather and high season, this is where in most cases the prices are quite high, but during the low season, the rates are low. With a Maldives honeymoon package, get to spend the best moments of your life on the island.

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