Manila Beach Recommendations

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These gorgeous Manila beaches are a relaxation destination and have a way of sparking wanderlust in people. Even though there are many beautiful beaches in Manila , these are our picks for the casual thalassophile.

San Juan, La Union Beach

For a traveler who is a surfing enthusiast, San Juan, La Union Beach should be the place of choice to have a good time. It takes only five hours to drive from Manila city to the Beach. A tourist can choose to hire a car or take a bus heading to Laoag or the town of Vigan and alight and Urbiztondo. There are numerous resorts and hotels offering accommodation services at the San Juan, La Union Beach. They include Awesome Hotel, Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, and Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel. San Juan is famously known as the surfing capital of the north. It boasts of consistent waves that are favorable to both experienced and novice surfers. Introductory surfing lessons are offered at the beach to equip interested visitors with techniques and skills on how to take a ride in the waves of the clear blue ocean waters. Alternatively, a traveler can choose to sit back on the warm beach sand and enjoy watching the surfers as they play in the magnificent waves. The ideal time to visit San Juan is between November and March or between the months of July and August.

Anawangin Cove near Manila

Anawangin Cove near Manila. Photo by Allan

Anawangin Cove Beach in Zambales

Anawangin Cove Beach can be accessed by road from Manila. It is a three and a half hour drive out of the city. Travelers have the choice of hiring their own car or taking a bus destined for Iba in Zambales. On arriving at Iba, ride a tricycle to Pundaquit. The adventure continues from here, they have to rent a boat to take them to Cove Beach or take a five-hour hike through Mount Pundaquit and reach the beach by foot. Two resorts in Cove offer cozy rooms and other accommodation services. Also, outdoor camping is allowed for the tourists who may not find staying closed-door rooms appealing. The two resorts are Canoe Beach Resort and Ohayo San Beach Resort. Anawangin Cove Beach is such a beautiful place adjacent to volcano attractions such as Mount Pinatubo and the coastlines covered by white volcanic ashes. Pine trees shelter the coastline thus further enhancing the beach's beauty. It is the perfect place for trekkers and mountain hikers to challenge themselves. What is more intriguing about Cove Beach is that it is open for visits all through the year. Additional places close to Anawangin Cove Beach in Zambales and are worth visiting include Silanguin Cove, Nagsasa Cove, and Talisayin Cove.

Liwliwa Beach in Zambales

Just like the first two beaches, Liwliwa can be reached by road. It is a three-hour drive from Manila. Car rental services are available to serve tourists who value privacy while traveling and a bus; a public vessel of transportation ferrying passenger from Manila to Iba and back. The first stop is in San Felipe. From this point take a tricycle and ride it to Liwliwa. On arrival, order some refreshments and book a room at The Circle Hostel or Board Culture Liwliwa Surf Camp. The major highlight of Liwliwa Beach is that it is a haven rich in adventures and surfing activities yet quite affordable for people with shoestring budgets. The shorelines are gorgeous and a good place to take breathtaking photographs. When the night falls, bonfires are lit to provide warmth and bring people together to interact by sharing their personal experiences and play fun games.

Puting Buhangin Beach in Quezon

Puting Buhangin Beach in Quezon. Photo Credit

Puting Buhangin Beach in Quezon

The journey from Manila to Putting Buhangin Beach takes approximately four and a half hours. Modes of transportation vary from the use of personal cars to public buses bound for Lucena city in Quezon. Take a ride on a jeepney to Brgy and Pagbilao then hop on a tricycle and head to Kwebang Lampas which serves as a jump-off point from where a tourist can either choose to walk or get in a boat and ride to the beach. There are rental cottages at the beach and sufficient space to pitch camping tents for an overnight stay. Rooms are also available in The Tamarind Tree Resort and Villa Anita Butterfly Garden and Resort. Both premises are located in nearby towns. Putting Buhangin Beach is a hidden paradise situated next to a power plant. The structure complements the beauty of this coastline treasure. During the visit, take a swim to a small cave called Kwebang Lampas located at the end of the beach and discover the mysteries surrounding the name.

Hermana Mayor and Hermana Menor Beaches in Zambales

Different from the others, both the Hermana Beaches can be accessed by road and air. There are domestic flights that fly directly from Manila to the Islands. Similar to all the other beaches discussed in this article, a ride to Hermana Mayor and Hermana Menor requires a personal car or in a public bus bound for Santa Cruz. A light at Candelaria where there are boats to offer a ride to different resorts and hotels. Accommodation facilities here include SunBloom Resort, Seasun Beach Resort and Hotel and Puerto Del Mar Beach Resort. The names of the two Islands are symbolic; Hermana Mayor means an older sister while Hermana Menor means younger sister. The vastness of the land gives travelers an opportunity to hop from one island or beach to the next and thus fulfilling their adventurous desires. More fun activities are swimming in the ocean waters, snorkeling with fish, both big and small, lazing around in the white beach sand while soaking in the dazzling view of the shoreline and sharing meals in picnic huts.

Fortune island in the Philippines

Fortune island in the Philippines.

Fortune Island Beach in Batangas

The main mode of transport to Fortune Island Beach is by road. Travelers who don't have personal cars can catch a bus headed to Catalagan from Manila but a light at a small town called Nasugbu. Take a tricycle and ride it to the coast then get in any of the boats that offer transportation services to Fortune Island at a fee. When visiting the beach don't forget to carry your own tent if camping is on your bucket list. But there should be no worries if the purpose of the visit is just to take a day long tour. Fortune Island beach is one of the mind blowing destinations for most adventurous souls who do not mind roughing it. Boat rides can be quite unpredictable due to spontaneous changes in the weather. It can be smooth in a moment yet to the next, the storm is making passengers and crew members to hang on for their dear lives. The island has bare camp sites big enough to host hundreds of travelers. The presence of powered sand, cerulean waters, and Grecian-inspired pillars are among the key reasons why most people find it compelling to flock into the long abandoned fortune island.

Sombrero Island Beach in Batangas

Sombrero Island Beach can be reached by road. It is a three and a half hours drive from Manila city. The easiest way to get to the Island is to take a bus headed to Batangas city. On alighting, ride a jeepney to Anilao port then take a boat to Sombrero Beach. Travelers need to know that they are not allowed to camp on the island overnight, however, they can seek accommodation services at the neighboring Masasa Beach. A more captivating factor about the island is that it is hat-shaped and provides a perfect spot to retreat after taking part in activities such as hiking on Mount Gulugod and diving in Anilao's wrecks. The Island's rocky appearance from a distance is what attracts most photographers. Additional activities to take part in include swimming and snorkeling.

Aninuan Beach in Oriental Mindoro

The ride to the beach can be in a car or a bus depending on what is more convenient for a tourist. It takes four and a half hour to get to the beach; therefore, patience is a key element of the journey. After getting off the bus at Batangas Pier, board a ferry board a ferry to Talipanan or Muelle Pier in Puerto Galera . From here ride a tricycle to Aninuan. Accommodation services at the beach are offered mainly by Tamaraw Beach Resort and Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort. The dazzling Aninuan Beach is clean and its shores are filled fine white sand. A traveler can spend time looking at the flourishing coral reefs underneath the crystal clear blue ocean waters or visit the beautiful Aninuan Falls.

There is no better place for beach lovers to spend their holidays if they are looking for a Manila Beach experience. The pure joy one gets on visiting these natural treasures in Manila is satisfying and long lasting. You can also visit Cebu or Palawan , for other beach worthy destinations in Philippines.

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