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New Zealand is a land of unmatched beauty and is also home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the entire world. In fact, most recently one in particular, New Chums Beach, was voted as one of the top 20 beaches in the world. New Chums beach is near Whangapoua on the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula in Wainuiototo Bay. Though New Chums Beach can only be accessed on foot, it is most certainly a quaint, hidden gem and it can be located by heading from the Whangapoua beach carpark, and then walking out along the headland, then around some rocks, then going past an old pa site and finally down onto the flawless shoreline. If you are heading to New Zealand and are seeking a prime beach that is conveniently located away from the hustle and bustle of the world, New Chums Beach is going to be the perfect spot for you.

New Chums beach is located near Whangapoua on the coast of the Coromandel Peninsula in the Wainuiototo Bay. Getting to New Chums Beach from Coromandel is about a 25 minute drive, and the drive in and above itself is purely mesmerizing. As you weave throughout the curvy mountain roads you will eventually find yourself greeted with the spectacular spectacle of Whangapaoua Beach. From here it takes a small trek to get to the actual New Chums Beach itself, however, you will most certainly not be sorry. The stunning white sandy beaches are as pure as any in the world as is the ocean as blue.

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As previously stated, getting to New Chums Beach does in fact require a bit of a trek to find, and it is important to understand the times of the tides in order to comfortably make your way across the stream that you will have to cross on the beach, if you are planning on staying dry until you find your spot. The good news however is that the local convenience store in town has a tidal times board set up just in front of the shop for you to check out to make sure that crossing the beach stream is of comfort and ease. At the start of the walk, you will come in contact with that stream, it crosses the beach and runs directly into the ocean. Upon crossing the stream you will simply follow the stunning coastline, though you should take note that the trek is pretty uneven so comfortable shoes are a good idea. The path will the start to veer inland and up a pretty large incline and will then dip through some trees and down to New Chums Beach. New Chums Beach is quite secluded which is one of the main things that truly adds to its overall charm.

New Chums Beach in Coromandel

New Chums Beach in Coromandel. Photo by Richard

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While New Chums Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and secluded spots to get away from it all and enjoy some rest and relaxation, as well as playing in the surf and sand, there is actually quite a bit to do in the area as well. For example, you take take in all of the nature and beauty of the area with one of the local nature and wildlife tours or even one of the breathtaking train tours of the area! Or if you are needing to pick up some great souvenirs to bring home to your family and friends, don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on some at the area’s local store The Coromandel Smoking Co.! You can even take advantage of checking out the incredible views of the Shakespeare Cliff Scenic and Historic Reserve, or even opt to head out and play a few rounds of golf at The Dunes Golf Resort.

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If you are planning on staying for the night or simply a few days, there are also quite a few area accommodations that you may seek to consider staying at. For example, while camping at New Chums Beach  is not permissible, there are a couple of locations super close by that you may want to pitch a tent or park your caravan at, such as Whangapoua Holiday Park or Earl’s Paradise Campground. There are also some truly remarkable hotels and hostels available in close vicinity that are also perfectly and conveniently priced to fit into anyone’s budget.

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New Chums Beach in Coromandel, New Zealand

New Chums Beach in Coromandel, New Zealand. Photo Credit

While planning a picnic is most certainly going to be an easy and fun way to spend your afternoon at New Chums Beach, there are also some really great local area restaurants and cafes that you may want to check out as well. Though there is nothing that can be found that is super close to New Chums Beach being that it is such a secluded area, you will more than likely have to take a small drive to get to some great locations to eat at and fill your belly. For instance, in Whangapoua, you may want to stop at Driving Creek Cafe, which a cute, eclectic little cafe that offers some incredibly delicious organic foods. Or you may want to check out the Pepper Tree Restaurant and Bar where you can grab a quick drink and bite to eat. If perhaps you have in fact opted to hit the green and go golfing, there is a restaurant located right on site as well.

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As you can clearly see by now, New Chums Beach is a wondrous spot to visit for a number of great reasons! However, you should really start planning a visit to New Chums Beach pretty quickly due to the fact that this incredible and remote beach is presently under some intense consideration for residential development and also for privatisation as well. New Chums Beach is most certainly well worth the drive and the trek however, its beauty and overall sense of secluded, pristine sense of wonder is something that is simply unmatched in the world today.

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