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Hundreds of years ago, the center of the island of Santorini sank because of a very strong volcanic eruption. The only evidence left by its rich Minoan culture is its mystic ruin sites and submerged villages and volcanoes. Still, the clock of the island's history continues to run, promoting new beginnings and unforgettable vacation experiences to people who are attracted by its panoramic beauty. Considered as Greece's window to the Aegean Sea, the island keeps its guests enchanted by its most coveted sunsets, seascapes, and landscapes. The island's mysterious beauty makes a perfect spot for your planned honeymoon break. Hence, experiencing a Santorini honeymoon complements the new chapter of your life with a taste of luxurious Mediterranean life.

The picturesque backdrop of the island of Santorini makes is a perfect reception of special occasions. Surely, nothing is more special than your most-awaited honeymoon trip. Choosing Santorini Island is definitely a wise decision for it welcomes new couples with warm hospitality and exclusive vacation comfort amenities. Apart from its fine choices of hotel accommodations, a Santorini honeymoon provides a romantic setting that surely allows relationships to blossom amidst the island's majestic cliffs, relief and ruin sites.

At the east side of the island, you can find four of Greece's finest beaches: the Kamari, Perissa, Monilithos and the Red Beach. Beach-front island hotels host taverns, beach-bars, spa and suites or rooms that make a haven for beach lovers. By enjoying their sparkling blue waters, spending a Santorini honeymoon allows you to experience Greece at its finest.

For couples who are planning great things on their own, experiencing Santorini honeymoon is the perfect way of combining love and leisure at their finest. If you are looking for adventure, the island promises to mark this new chapter of your life with an enchanting vacation experience that is worth a lifetime memory of celebrating love and life.

Enjoy the colorful sunset at this islet and take the pleasure of the serene breeze that blows all over the area. Well, this was all about the Santorini Island. Make an outstanding and amusing honeymoon by tripping to this islet.

A different view of Santorini

A different view of Santorini. Photo by James

Santorini Beaches

Santorini Islands afford them everything that essence for love and romance like, breath taking sunrise and sunsets, sun bathing beaches, villages, blue doomed churches, lonely places and most significantly the Mediterranean climate. This island is gifted with beautiful beaches with uniquely colored sand. Most of the Santorini beaches have the black sand that creates an unforgettable experiences among the visitors.

Santorini is one of the most desired tourist and holiday destinations in Europe. It has been a perfect vacation destination especially for couples and their families. Glorious sunshine, sophisticated lifestyle, cheap air tickets, beautiful beaches, villages, restaurants and luxury hotels make it a great place for family holidays.

No introduction is required to explain the beauty of Santorini. All kind of accommodations are available in Santorini including apartments, luxury hotels, resorts, camping sites and villas keeping in mind to the visitors' budget. Due to easy holiday accommodation on budget Santorini has been attracting more than a Million of Visitors every year.

The gorgeous beaches are adequate to demonstrate the beauty of the Santorini, Greece. Some of the most popular and beautiful beaches of Santorini are, Perissa Black Beach, Akrotiri Red Beach, Kamari Black Beach, Monolithos Beach and Perivolos Beach.

Santorini, Your Dream Island Vacation Destination

The Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas. At one side, you can witness picturesque sunsets in the span of the Mediterranean Sea. On the other side, you can be enchanted by the breathtaking sunsets that bore into the Aegean Sea. The stretch of its fine beaches is a fine avenue for meeting friends or celebrating holidays. For lovers, taking a stroll in this romantic island setting creates a dreamy picture of the ultimate honeymoon experience.

The wonder that Santorini embodies lies on its fine combination of natural and man-made perfection. Waking up to the beauty of Santorini must be a dreamy experience, especially when you stay at the luxurious Santorini hotels. In every window in all its rooms, suites and parlor, guests are given the pleasure to witness the beauty of Santorini during the morning, at noon and night.

When it comes to exciting vacation experiences, Santorini has a lot to offer. A guided trip to its ruin sites will be perfect for those who are nursing a great interest for culture and history. A rented boat ride to the sunken volcanoes will be a thrilling experience. Through its old churches, monasteries and fishing villages, you can take the chance of having an in-depth learning of Santorini island living. Hence, the island is pretty much in vibe with all its guest's vacationing preferences. There are the luxurious Santorini hotels to offer comfortable and affordable island accommodations.

Amidst the serene landscapes and seascapes are towering medieval castles, pillars and architectural buildings, which are evident of Greece's ancient civilization. In adapting the historical and natural beauty of the island, Santorini hotels are built in architectural designs that are the tribute to its rich and interesting heritage. But don't get disheartened by the seemingly conservative and medieval appeal of these buildings for it has all the modern amenities that anyone would ask for.

Santorini Oia - Sunset

Hot sunny days and the warm Aegean Sea entice thousands of holidaymakers to the Greek islands every year. This area is the birthplace of Western civilization, and almost everywhere you go there is evidence of the rich, and often violent, past. Santorini, part of the Cyclades group of islands, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.

Home to an outpost of Minoans in ancient times, the island has been occupied by a variety of powers as civilizations rose and fell over time. 3,600 years ago a giant volcanic eruption, ten times as large as that at Krakatoa, radically transformed the geography of the island. It created a huge lagoon, approximately 12 kilometers long by 7 kilometers wide, which is connected to the sea in two places. The water in the center of the lagoon is nearly 400 meters deep. This depth, coupled with the shelter offered by the surrounding islands, made the lagoon an ideal harbor for everyone from ancient Phoenicians to modern holidaymakers on yachting holidays.

If you are planning a sailing holiday in the area I recommend a few days ashore on Santorini. For one thing, watching the sunset from a boat can be magical, but watching it while relaxing with a drink, sitting on the cliff top terrace of a Santorini hotel, is an experience you will never forget. Light shimmers and dances across the Aegean. The sky turns oranges. You gaze down 1,000 feet to the harbor where luxury yachts appear no bigger than toys. The world seems at peace, and the stresses of modern living float away.

Docks at Santorini, Greece

Docks at Santorini, Greece. Photo by Bruce

Things you shouldn't miss in Santorini

Santorini is an island in Greece that has long thought to be one of the best holiday destinations ever. When you get to witness the lovely seas and blue skies, along with several white houses which exude a nice, neat atmosphere, you can easily tell why a lot of people want to visit this Grecian destination. Santorini also is known for being the top spot where couples can get married and have a memorable honeymoon. Of course, it also helps to know that several filmmakers have used it as a backdrop for their movies, simply romanticizing it to no end. Below are five things you shouldn't miss out on if you ever decide to visit this one of a kind location:

  1. The Sunset at Oia is simply one of the most beautiful things you can ever witness, and you have several spots where you can admire its entire majestic splendor. In fact, there are about over a thousand places which you can bask in this truly wonderful natural occurrence, allowing you to create romantic memories of your own. Oia is known to be one of the best spots to view the sunset, this is a known fact not just all throughout Greece, but it's known all over the world.
  2. Speaking of Oia, you can also visit their Naval Maritime Museum. This was once an old house which, due to its size, was then changed into a place which showcases a lot of unusual yet historically significant figureheads, chests, and even old ships area.
  3. Because Santorini is an island which is the result of a volcanic eruption, you can visit the nearby volcano which is in the middle of the caldera. You can take your friends and loved ones with you as you visit the hot springs in the vicinity.
  4. As you're on the Grecian island to have a truly unforgettable time, you might want to take a donkey ride. Nothing beats the experience of seeing the sights and sounds of the island more than basking in it all on horseback. This is probably one of the most famous locations in which you can go for donkey rides all the way to Fira town.
  5. Santorini is also known for its delightful cuisine, with cherry tomatoes being one of its most popular exports, along with goat's cheese, capers and watermelon. If you're after a Greek diet, you will truly be able to appreciate the variety of fishes and calamari.

Enjoy your wonderful Santorini honeymoon and take plenty of pictures. 
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