Serengeti Lodges - a Complete List

by Kshaunish Jaini

Serengeti Lodges

Established in the year 1952, the Serengeti National Park is undoubtedly one of the top tourist spots in Tanzania. Every year, as many as 350,000 tourists visit this park to experience the abundance of fauna, the famous wildebeest migration and to behold the breathtaking stable ecosystem that has managed to survive all odds.

Owing to the high number of tourists that come to the area all-round the year, there is an abundance of Serengeti lodges and camps here. There are diverse kind of camps and lodges and based on the kind of amenities and facilities you need and the money you are willing to spend. We can broadly categorize these lodges into three different sub-heads which are

With this segregation, it will be easier for you to decide the camps which will be apt for your stay. Of course, to know when to visit Serengeti and know about this stunning national park, click here . Our Tanzania safari and Kenya safari guides will help you make an informed decision about planning a Serengeti Safari .

High Luxury Camps

If you would not like to give up on the kind of comfort you want even when you are out in the wilderness, these high luxury camps have been made for you. While you will have to shell out more bucks, they will make your stay beyond comfortable.

Sanctuary Retreat Kusini Camp


Sanctuary Kusini Photo by Sanctuary Kusini

This luxury camp is located in the remote southern Serengeti region and is famous for the strategic location that it has. The camp has been built right around a breathtaking rocky outgrowth and it falls in the path of the wildebeest migration.

Ideally, if you happen to be here during the calving season which continues from December until March, you should be able to behold both the cheetahs and the wildebeest as they come together on the grassy plains.

The highlights

The rates vary from season to season and also if you stay longer, you can get attractive discounts too. Make sure to check the booking sites for the on-spot price update.

Sanctuary Retreat Migration Camp


Sanctuary Serengeti migration camp Photo by Sanctuary retreat

This is a mobile camp which keeps on moving its location based upon the wildebeest migration. The camp is located in Western Serengeti during the period from June to July. It then moves to northern Serengeti from August to November. Finally, it moves to southern Serengeti during the period December to March.

The highlights

The prices will vary based upon your time and duration of travel. Rates usually vary in the range of $350 - $600. Check out the rates while making a booking.

Four Seasons Migration Camp


Four Seasons Serengeti. Photo by Roman Boed

Located in central Serengeti, the four seasons is known for being a brand in itself. Renowned for offering the best kind of luxury you could ask for, this camp comes with some of the finest amenities and it really pampers you in a way nothing else can.


Check out the prices but they are going to be expensive because finding 5-star luxury treatments in the wilderness of the African desert is no joke.

Lamai Serengeti Camp

The Lamai Serengeti camp is located on the northern side, just south of the Kenyan border. Situated high amidst the Kogakuria Kopjes, you can steal views of both the Mara River valley and even the Lamai wedge. Ideally, the location is best during the period July to October as you can witness the wildebeest migration. The camp is close enough to the Mara River and guests can witness animals crossing the river in full swing from July to November.

The highlights

As rates vary based on the season, check out the price before making a booking.

Singita Faru Faru Lodge

The Singita Faru Faru lodge is located in northern Tanzania in the Grumeti reserve. It is counted among one of the finest lodges in Tanzania. With as little as eight rooms, it is one of the smallest luxury camps in the park.

This lodge is built on a gently sloping hill and is strategically placed on the migratory route. The migration passes through this lodge from the month of May until August.


Check out the rates before making a booking,

Mwiba River Lodge

Located in southern Serengeti, this high luxury lodge is counted as one of the most posh of all accommodations you can hope to get when exploring the wilderness in Africa. Owned by Texas based billionaire, Dan Friedkin, it surely is one of the most awesome places to stay. The lodge enjoys a befitting location as you can witness a million wildebeest along with their entourage during the period of December to March.


Of course, you would need to spend a substantial amount of money. Check the rates before making a booking.

Mkombe's Lodge At Lamai

Located in the northern part of Serengeti, this is a private house that has been made keeping families in mind. The house has been designed for ten people and the entire family can have the whole house to them and bask in the wilderness of this African outback.

This house is operated by Nomad Tanzania and was named after one of the guides, Mkombe Mniko, who passed away owing to illness.  It is during the month of July to October that the wildebeest herd can be spotted from this house.


Check the prices and make a booking.

Serengeti Under Canvas

Serengeti Under Canvas

Serengeti Under Canvas

Owned and run by &Beyond, one of the ace safari companies in Tanzania, the Serengeti Under Canvas is a mobile tented camp.  They track the migration all round the year and stay on the move accordingly. 

Approximately, every two months, the tents tend to move to stay in tune with the migration. While the tents aren’t as massive as some of the other luxury camps, they are still bestowed with top facilities and amenities to make it at par with luxury lodges.


Check the prices as they could be very expensive.

Dunia Camp

Located in central Serengeti, the Dunia camp offers some of the most breathtaking views of the Moru kopjes along with the possibility of sighting the big cats which include even leopards and rhinos. It is situated in the central Seronera river valley right in the heart of the park.

Along with being on the path of the wildebeest migration, this camp is known for offering terrific all round the year game viewing.


Keep an eye for discounts while making a booking

Namiri Plains

Located in eastern Serengeti, the Namiri plans is a bunch of mobile camps that is now located in a region which was closed to visitors for two decades so as to increase the population of cheetahs. It is currently the territory of the big cats and so staying here gives you a better chance of watching cheetah, lion, and tiger in action. There are no other camps within an hour's drive so you can have the wilderness to yourself.


Keep an eye out for the best deals during booking.

Sayari camp

Situated in the unspoiled plains of northern Kogatende area of Serengeti national park, this camp is very close to the Lamai wedge and it also offers easy access to the famous Mara River too.

The peak season is usually from July to November and you are likely to spot river crossing owing to the close proximity to the Mara River. While you can behold game viewing all round the year, the activity is quite less otherwise.


As staying here can be an expensive affair, check out the offers .

Now that we are done with the high-end luxury camps, let us see some low budget options too for those who are not willing to splurge too much.

Low Luxury Camps

Coming to the low luxury camps, some of them may offer great amenities but charge justified price. Ideally, these are much cheaper as compared to the luxury camps we have listed above.

Kubu Kubu Tented Camp

Located in central Serengeti, the Kubu Kubu tented camp is the new addition to the Tanganyika wilderness camps’. The camp enjoys a spectacular location and so you can find some of the most breathtaking views. It also has easy access to some of the finest areas of the Serengeti National Park .


Check out the prices and then decide if you would want to make a booking.

Ang'ata Migration Camp

A mobile camp, the Ang'ata migration camp offers some of the best accommodation in budget price. The pristine environment of the camp along with the amenities it offers makes it a great choice for wildlife explorers waiting to gain the experience of a lifetime. The camps are located inside the national parks, the conservation areas, and even the game reserves too. There are plans to expand to the southern parks too.


Check out the rates here .

Nasikia Mobile Migration Camp

The Nasikia mobile migration camp moves along with the wildebeest migration and offers the best of Savannah ecosystem views. The number of tents in the camp varies from six to twelve as it depends on the season.

It is July to October and then December to March which is ideal to catch the wildebeest migration as the camp has the most strategic location at that time.


Check out the rates here

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge

Located in the northern Serengeti, it is a permanent lodge which comes with glass fronted bedrooms and colorful decor which makes it apt for honeymooners. They are a relatively new addition and have been set up as late as 2013 but have managed to quickly make a good name for themselves.


Find out the rates and compare them to get the right deals

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

The Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge is a part of the Serena hotels group. It is a Maasai village inspired lodge which has 66 rooms and can accommodate as many as 140 people.

The lodge is set high on the saddle of a ridge which is clad by trees. Of course, the location ensures that you can get some of the most amazing panoramic views. It is located close to the western corridor and the Grumeti river and the essence is to blend it with the natal landscape.


The rates are mostly economical. Check the on-spot rates while booking.

Lake Masek Tented Camp

The Lake Masek tented camp is located in the Ndutu area which lies in southern Serengeti.  Ideally, the period between December to March is apt for migration viewing. The camp has some of the best views to offer. They have been constructed in such way that the camps are raised on wooden decks and the eco-friendly structure makes it a comfortable stay.


The price is known to be affordable, check the rates and make your booking.

These were six of the low luxury camps which are going to be easy on your pockets and yet provide fantastic amenities to help you enjoy a luxurious stay.

If you are looking for something still cheaper but not in the budget range, the mid-range camps promise just that.

Mid-Range Camps

With these mid-range camps, you can enjoy quite a pleasant and luxurious stay and won’t have to spend a fortune either. While Tanzania has no dearth of such lodges, let us short list the best of them.

Kati Kati Tented Camps

Located in central Serengeti, the kati kati tented camps are mainly mobile camp which enjoys a strategic viewpoint. The camp has been made to give it the look of the old camps like those of the first explorers in Africa. Care has been taken to minimize the impact which the making of the camp had on the environment. The area mostly has a good game view all round the year.


Rates aren’t too high. Check them to make your booking .

Seronera Wildlife Lodge

Seronera is the heart of the Serengeti National Park (central area) as it is here that the real actual kill in the flesh action takes place. The Seronera Wildlife Lodge is situated right amidst the migratory route and you will be able to witness some of the most adrenaline pumping action during your stay here.

The lodge has been made around a rocky outcrop and it makes use of natural products to stay suitable and eco-friendly. There are several waterholes located close to the lodge which brings in a flurry of animals and birds.


This budget lodge should be easy on your pockets, Check the prices prior to booking .

Lobo Wildlife Lodge

Hailed as one of the most romantic of lodges in this category, it is located in northern Serengeti. It has been built into a huge volcanic rocky outcrop and enjoys the reputation for being the largest lodge on the migratory route. It is located at an elevation which means that you can witness the massive migration from a great viewing angle.


While it isn’t too expensive, keep an eye out for the discounts and offers.

Robanda Tented Camp

This intimate camp enjoys a really amazing location. It is located amidst the thick lush of vast savannah and it is sheltered by the canopy of acacia trees. The location also falls in the path of the wildebeest migration. It is a serene camp which apart from offering the migration sighting boasts of a really high amount of game action all round the year.

The highlights

Make a booking by running a price check beforehand.

Now that you have the list of the different Serengeti lodges and camps, their salient features and the location each one of them, we hope this will help you plan your perfect safari trip.

Cover image credit to Imagine Communications .

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