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If you are planning a trip along the the vast, beautiful coast of Syracuse you are more than likely going to feel a bit overwhelmed as to the limitless options of things to enjoy in the area. And one of the most sought after attractions are in fact include some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

With over 100 km of astounding coastline that ranges from Brucoli to all the way to Isola delle Correnti you will be able to roam free along the numerous, expansive Siracusa beaches. One of the finest features of the beaches of Siracusa is the fact that you never quite know what you are going to get from each of them. Some of the sections of the beaches are more wild and rustic, whereas others are far more carefree and full of animation and life. However, you can safely expect excitement and beauty with each and every one that you seek to visit.

Beach of Avola

The Beach of Avola is most certainly one of the most beautiful Siracusa beaches. The region is also the home to some of the finest wines in the world, so if indulging in a delectable glass of wine on the sandy, expansive beaches of Avola sounds decadent to you, then the Beach of Avola is the perfect option for you. The area in itself is gorgeous, and most certainly well worth the visit, but you will definitely want to bring that swimsuit once you see the incredible, vast beach.

syracuse beach avola

Beach of Brucoli

The Beach of Brucoli is flawlessly situated within the natural recesses of which protect the sandy beaches from the currents and winds, that all too often lead to some difficult areas to trek and simply just relax and enjoy the view that the Beach of Brucoli has to offer those who visit. Brucoli is also the very first resort that may be of interest to visitors. And it is located right on the shore line if you are coming in from the north side into Siracusa.

Beach of Carratois Punta di Rio

The Beach of Carratois Punta di Rio, this beach boasts a tropical name for a reason, this incredibly beautiful beach stretches for over 10 miles of unmatched sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the sea.

Beach of Calamosche

The Beach of Calamosche has become some the most popular beaches for countless visitors to flock to in the most recent years. This is mostly due to the fact that the coastline is simply unspoiled in its beauty and astounding wonder. The water is crystal clear and there is so much room to explore and swim. This is a natural reserve however, so be prepared to walk a little bit in order to find a spot, and come prepared with your own drinks and snacks as there aren’t any places to grab a bite on the beach.

Beach of Eloro

If you are interested in taking in a bit of history that Siracusa has to offer, you may want to plan a visit to the Beach of Eloro. The Beach of Eloro is the ancient Greek city of Helorus, where you can enjoy countless ancient ruins. At the Beach of Eloro, you will be able to enjoy a day on the beach that is complete with a small bar located right on site and the beach even comes equipped with showers! To get to the beach you will have to walk roughly 300m from the northern entrance of the beach.

Beach of Marzamemi

The Beach of Marzamemi is a quaint seaside resort that is highly regarded for not only its picturesque beaches and scenic views, but also for the old-world legacy and charm that the area has somehow managed to maintain over the course of centuries. There are a number of great little area restaurants and bars that you can take advantage of hitting up prior to relaxing on the beach, so don’t miss the opportunity to do so before you indulge in the pristine waters.

syracuse beach

Beach of Portopalo

The Beach of Portopalo lays along the coast of Pachino and expands across the whole southern tip of the region of Sicily, situated just below the parallel area of Tunis. The location of the Beach of Portopalo means that it has strikingly different features than that of other areas of the region, in fact it has been noted to most notable resemble the striking coastlines of North Africa!

Beach of San Lorenzo

Located just to the south of the Natural Reserve of Vendicari you will find that the area meets yet another strikingly gorgeous expanse of the incredible coastline of the region of south-eastern Siracusa. The San Lorenzo beach is a breath of fresh air where you can sit back, bring your family and enjoy some time enjoying the fine sand and beautiful turquoise waters of the sea, where even little kids can enjoy the water free of any and all danger in terms of crashing waves or riptides.

Beach of Siracusa

Who wouldn’t want to be able to take advantage of swimming in the mythical waters of the ancients? That is precisely what you will be able to get to enjoy when you opt to head to the Beach of Siracusa. With strikingly blue water, powdery clean sand, restaurants and bars galore, you really couldn’t ask for more when you choose to spend your afternoon at the Beach of Siracusa.

Beach of Vendicari

Conveniently located in the center of the beautiful Vendicari Natural Reserve, the Beach of Vendicari is engulfed with lush, green vegetation of which naturally attracts countless large birds, including flamingos, most notably during the periods of migration. If you like hiking there are certainly areas that you may seek to explore, but the beach itself is most certainly going to be more than enough if you are just not ready to go on a nature exploration.

Siracusa beaches have so much to offer those who plan to visit the area on their next vacation getaway. And as you can see, there is a ton to do, most notable in the way of spending a day on the beach and just basking in the sun next to the rolling ways of the sea. Be sure to take advantage of doing some sightseeing as well when you are heading off to check out one of these incredible beaches, as the history and sights of the towns and villages in the area and simply unmatched in terms of the beauty and overall historical sense of significance.

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