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Sri Lanka is known for its romantic weather and is a perfect honeymoon place with a difference. This small island is surrounded by the Arabian Ocean and the Indian Ocean and is lined with beautiful beaches with white sand. The blue sky melting into the turquoise water is a fabulous sight to look at, especially on your honeymoon. Surrounded by some of the best, yet relatively unknown beaches in the world, Sri Lanka has some world class heritage sites, which are perfect places to visit on your honeymoon. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a Sri Lankan honeymoon, recommend places to visit and experiences which will you will cherish.

Best Beaches in Srilanka

On your honeymoon in Sri Lanka, you definitely want to spend some time on the serene white sandy beaches offered by the country. These are some of the best beaches in the world and are surprisingly unknown.

Sri Lanka Beaches

Some of the best beaches in the world and are surprisingly unknown.

  1. Bentota (West Coast)

    This beach is famous for its golden sands. You can find a lot of boutique hotels and resorts which are perfect for a newlywed couple arriving for their honeymoon. Bentota beach offers some of the best water sports like snorkelling, sailing etc., which, on a perfect day, are some of the best activities to experience as a couple on your honeymoon.

    How to reach Bentota: This beach is very well-connected with all the major cities like Galle, Colombo etc. You can take a bus or train from the locations and arrive here easily.

    Best Time to visit: November to April.
    Approx Cost: $15-20 per couple per day.
    Where to Stay: You can find numerous hotels and resorts on the shore of the sea. A few of them : The Vivanta by Taj, Palm Beach Sea Inn, Whispering Palms Inn, Avani Bentota Resort and Spa etc. These are the most popular ones. However, you can find a lot of other alternatives suitable to your budget.

  2. Trincomalee (East Coast)

    This beach is located on the east coast of the island. Trincomalee is very famous for its white beaches with white sands and turquoise oceans. It consists of two beaches together. Both the beaches (Uppuveli and Nilaveli) are perfect for the honeymooners and a perfect ambience to spend some time with your spouse. You can go for a long walk by holding hands together over the sand while letting the shore kiss your legs. You can even witness Blue Whales and Dolphins in the month of August to September. By taking a boat trip from one of the beaches, you can easily stand a chance to spot them.

    How to Reach: You can reach this spot with train from all the major cities or by Bus. You can even use tuk-tuk (Small vehicle) to roam around the city and beaches.

    Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
    Approx Cost: $20-40 per couple per day.
    Where to stay: One of the best resorts of this place is Uga Jungle Beach Resort. The resort offers the best of Sri Lankan foods with a view of the forest, swimming pool, sea etc. Alternatively, you can find many hotels like Dyke resort, JKAB Park Hotel, N Joy Inn etc. All types of hotels in all budget ranges are available in Trincomalee.

  3. Sri Lanka Beaches

    Pigeon island is famous as the nesting ground of rock pigeons. Photo Credit

  4. Pigeon Island

    Pigeon Island is a small and eye catching island in Sri Lanka, known for being a nesting ground for rock pigeons. Divided into two parts, the “big” island is known for it’s coral reef while the small one has a wild and rather rocky ambience. The famous Pigeon National Park is located here.

    Best Time To Visit: Anytime in the year.
    Approx Cost: $10 for adults and $5 for child up to 12 years (Entry fee in the park)

  5. Nuwara Eliya

    The meaning of Nuwara Eliya is “City of Lights”. This location is called “Little England” for the British colonial villages and ambience which feels like old England. Here, you can roam around the tea plantations and relax. This hilly land is a must-visit due to its cold, rainy and dizzy weather. So, don’t miss this place if you want to enjoy a hot cup of tea in rather cold weather with your spouse in this hill station. In the summer, this town gets crowded and becomes a true ‘city of lights’ with several parties around.

    How to reach: You can reach here by bus up to Hatton from Colombo and then Nuwara Eliya by intercity bus from Hatton. Alternatively, you can reach Nanu Oya Station by train that is in between Colombo and Kandy route. Then you can hire a taxi from here to Nuwara Eliya.

    Best Time to visit: November to March.
    Approx Cost: $15-80 per couple per day.
    Where to stay: The Grand Hotel is a favourite at the Downtown of Nuwara Eliya. Other hotels and resorts like The Waterfall Villas, Elephant Trail, Heritance Tea factory etc are also easily available. You can choose as per your budget and convenience.

  6. Ella

    Ella is a recently “discovered” honeymoon destination popular for its awesome hideouts and spectacular mountain views. This is basically a village situated on the lap of the mountain. You’ll love this location for its awesome ambience, a haze and cloudy environment and a perfect sighting of tea plantation and jungle which hold the mountain like a green blanket.

    How to reach: You can reach here by train or bus from all the major cities like Colombo or Kandy.

    Best Time to visit: All round the year.
    Approx Cost: $25-40 per couple per day.
    Where to Stay: Some of the best home stays available in Ella like Idyll Homestay, Little Heaven homestay etc. Also, there are many hotels of all budgets available here -egs. Ella Flower Garden Resort, Ella Mount Relax Cottage, Cascade Valley etc.

  7. Ella Beach in Sri Lanka

    Ella Beach in Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka Cultural Experiences

    If you want to steep yourself in the culture here to get know the country better on your honeymoon, there are some recommendations below:

  8. Kandy

    Kandy is known as the colourful city in Sri Lanka. This city is full of historic statues and has a nice cultural vibe. Kandy was the last royal capital of Sri Lanka. The city has all the magnificence of ancient Sri Lanka. Here, you can visit the temple of Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. and can engage yourself in some cultural shows in the Kandyan Cultural Centre.

    How to reach: Kandy can be reached by bus or train from any major cities in Sri Lanka directly.

    Best Time To Visit: July and August are the best time to visit because of the local Lavish Kandy Festival.
    Approx Cost: $40- $60 per couple per day.
    Where to Stay: You can find numerous hotels and resorts around the city. Hotel Earl Regency, Hotel Amaya Hills are among the best. Also, you can find major and budget hotels around the city as per your suitability.

  9. Galle

    Galle is an ancient city of Sri Lanka that still holds the charm of old Europe. With a perfect tropical ambience here, you and your spouse  can explore Dutch colonial streets, buildings and the tropical beaches. You will find tasty Sri Lankan food at the Fort Area.

    How to reach: Galle can be reached by bus or train from any major cities in Sri Lanka directly.

    Best Time To Visit: February to April
    Approx Cost: $25 to $40 per couple per day.
    Where to stay: Being one of the major spots in Sri Lanka, Galle has a lot of hotels to be found here. A perfect hotel for honeymoon couple is the Jet Wing Lighthouse which is situated in Galle with ocean views. Other hotels like Edelweiss Resort, Deco on 44, The Country House are the most popular ones.

  10. Anuradhapura

    For a unique experience on your honeymoon, you can choose this place over the beaches and hills. Anuradhapura is a holy and sacred city in Sri Lanka. You can spend one or two romantic days here exploring the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    How to reach: Anuradhapura can be reached by train from any major cities like Colombo, Galle, Kandy etc.

    Best time to visit: All over the year.
    Approx Cost: $25 to $30 per person for a full day sightseeing.
    Where to stay: This city consists of numerous resorts and hotels like Andorra Tourist Rest, Liyana Holiday Resort, London Place etc. There will not be a problem in finding a great hotel for your honeymoon stays here as per your budget.

  11. So, being one of the most romantic places on the earth, Sri Lanka invites you with all its tropicl glory to spend your honeymoon here with your spouse. Get your bag ready and head towards the land of islands. This is assured; your honeymoon will be a memorable one.

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