The best tropical island holidays

...some of the top tropical islands that have made the cut on this list. The follow island destination getaways are aimed...

Carvoeiro Beaches

...the number of incredible beaches that fill the area, most notable in Carvoeiro. Commonly referred to as the 'town beach', Praia do Carvoeiro...

Cascais Beach

Cascais beach options range from the wild, natural surfing beaches to calm, more...

The 18 Most Famous Beaches in the World

For the ardent international travelers, instagrammers and travel photographers, here is a list of the 18 famous beaches in the world. A beach based on clarity of water...

The top 6 White Beach recommendations in the World

In a sense, the white beach sand is a marker of the history of life on earth. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best white beaches all over the world.

Top Ten Adelaide Beaches visit one or more of the stunning Adelaide beaches.Glenelg Beach is a lovely sandy beach that features a golf course and an amusement park, as well as the ever popular sailing tours of which will all

New Chums Beach

Though New Chums Beach can only be accessed on foot, it is most certainly a quaint, hidden gem and it can be located by heading from the Whangapoua beach carpark, and then

Sairee Beach Thailand

Sairee Beach is easily the most popular and also one of the most active beaches on Koh Tao. One of the finest features that Sairee Beach has to offer is a wide array of accommodations, diving centers, bars, restaurants, bars, and a ton of action in terms of

Christchurch Beaches

..perfect Christchurch beaches waiting for you. Sumner Beach is located strikingly close to the where the 2011 earthquake of Christchurch occurred. Since the earthquake,..

The best beach in Pattaya

Arguably the best beach in Pattaya is a 10 kilometre stretch of golden sand which is considerably quieter than its Pattaya beach neighbour. While Pattaya beach is ...

Lamai beach

... Lamai Beach comes in a close second. It’s slightly quieter than Chaweng and a little more charming, but still has the plethora for restaurants, accommodation, nightlife and attractions ...

Koh Lanta beaches

... Koh Lanta beaches, in one of the largest islands in Thailand. Nearby all the beaches and accommodation as located along the west. The east coast does have a few beaches, but is mainly made up of mangroves and forests. Each of the beaches offer something different..

Gloucester Beaches

..gorgeous sandy Gloucester beaches on the North Shore, with vast green parks, wild estuaries that are packed with shorebirds, woods that are full of hemlock, and rocky outcrops. Good Harbor Beach is a quaint little beach that...

Coromandel Beach

The Coromandel beaches are one of the best in the world, with stark white sands contrasting the bright blue seawater. There are many beaches to choose from during your stay in Coromandel.

Camping Biarritz

Camping in Biarritz has long been a popular destination for holiday makers who come to the region for the sun, sea, surf, and beautiful countryside.

Holidays to Bora Bora

Spend your holidays in Bora Bora, with beautiful sand-laced islets and breathtaking turquoise lagoon, which is protected by a vast coral reef,and is an unbeatable location to scuba dive.

Taormina Beach Sicily

Taormina Beach, Sicily is the prime vacation destination if you are heading to the island. Nestled in the hilltops of eastern Sicily, Taormina is situated close to the active volcano, Mount Etna,where you can enjoy a nice hike on

Siracusa Beaches

..the numerous, expansive Siracusa beaches. Some of the sections of Siracusa beaches are more wild and rustic, whereas others are far more carefree and full of animation and life..

Bora Bora Voyage

A great way to discover the islands is by taking a Bora Bora voyage or cruise. French Polynesia including Bora Bora is an overseas collectivity of France. The Polynesian inhabitants..

Best Beaches in Sardinia

The thousands of kilometers of coastline create some of the best beaches in Sardinia which are often compared to those in the Caribbean. Where ever you stay on the island, you won’t be far away from a beautiful beach in Sardinia, but there are some standouts which..

Beaches in Sardinia

With over two thousands kilometres of coastline, there are countless beautiful beaches in Sardinia, ranging from the secluded coves to swatches of golden sand backed by limestone cliffs. Located 100 metres or so from the old village of Santa Teresa Gallura, Spiaggia Rena Bianca is a large sandy beach overlooking the sea and Municca Island, as well as the large island of Corsica. It’s kept ...

Long Beach Koh Lanta

Often called Phra Ae Beach or Had Phra Ae, Long Beach in Koh Lanta is located south of Klong Dao in the north west of the island. The beautiful white sandy beach is almost 4 kilometers long, which looks out over the Andaman Sea.

Bonaire Beaches

Bonaire is home to some of the most extravagant beaches in the world. We have compiled a list of the sixteen best beaches throughout Bonaire.

Flamingo Beach in Aruba

One such spot is the Flamingo beach in Aruba, which as its name suggests is famous for its resident flamingo population. The Flamingo beach is one of the only two privately owned beaches in Aruba - the other being Iguana beach. Both these islands are..

Krabi Attractions - You Cannot Miss

Though it may feel tempting to spend your days sunbathing on the beach, there are plenty of Krabi attractions to keep you busy, from spectacular temples, to interesting fishing villages.

Top 10 Madagascar Beaches

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines, stretching more than 1,800 miles, it’s perhaps little wonder that Madagascar beaches are as good as they come; not to mention the amazing resorts which aim to cater for everyone lucky enough to head there.

Beautiful Places In The Philippines

There are many beautiful places in the Philippines that are popular among tourists. The country is made up of over 7,000 Islands widens your options even further. The view of idyllic undulating hills of Batanes, magnificent cascades of Lake Sebu, blinding-white sandy beaches of Palawan,

The Best Fiji Beaches

Fiji beaches are renowned as being among the most beautiful in the world. There is a reason they are featured on many picture postcards and computer screen savers. Just looking at images of these extraordinary creations of Mother Nature is a soothing, relaxing experience. The real thing is even better.

Calangute Beach Goa

Perhaps the most famous amongst all the beaches in Goa is Calangute - the largest beach in North Goa with an unbroken coastline that stretches for more than a kilometer. The Calangute beach is actually a part of the Calangute to..

Krabi Beaches - The Best You Did not Know About!

Visitors flock to Krabi for the beautiful scenery of limestone karsts, coral reefs and the spectacular Krabi beaches. Not many places on earth offer such incredible stretches of pristine beach. Thailand doesn’t allow permanent buildings next to most of their beaches which gives them an unspoiled feeling. Listing all the beaches in Krabi with simply be impossible, but here are a few of our favorites.

Goa in April

visiting Goa at different times of the year will actually be very different experiences - in April, everything from the colours, sights and sounds to the places you can visit and activities that

Manila Beach Recommendations

These gorgeous Manila beaches are a relaxation destination and have a way of sparking wanderlust in people. Even though there are many beautiful beaches in Manila, these are our picks for the casual thalassophile.

Beaches Near Manila

..a list of some of the best beaches near Manila. All of these are close enough to Manila to be reached by car, public transportation, or boat ride. In San Antonio, Zambales, you will find Silanguin Cove. Of all the newly discovered San Antonio beaches, Silanguin is the least ...

Agonda Beach Goa

Agonda Beach in Goa is a beautiful stretch of white sands forabout 2 km. A long road stretches parallel to the beach, and most of the homestays are located over here. So you always get a beachfront view if you plan to stay in one of the cozy beds and breakfast that this place offers. The sea at Agonda is naturally slightly rougher as compared to

Belize Beaches

Listing all of Belize beaches would simply be impossible, but here are some of the best and more accessible to visiting tourists. While some get really busy, hidden secluded beaches can be found, particularly in the uninhabited islands and sections of the mainland.

Belize Coral Reef

The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest reef in the world, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This series of coral reefs lies around 300 metres off the mainland in the north and 40 kilometres off the southern coast. It’s 300 kilometres in length and makes up the much larger Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System which runs from the Yucantan Peninsula in Mexico to Honduras.

Cebu Beaches

Cebu beaches are known for warm, crystal blue water, perfect for a postcard and feature activities, such as diving and waterfalls. The best...

South Goa Resorts

we will be focusing on resorts located in South Goa, starting right from the Dabolim airport. The southern part of Goa, often ignored by weekend tourists..

Goa Tourist Places

Goa is replete with famous tourist places. In the south, some of the more well known beaches are Bogmalo, Uttorda, Majorda, Colva, Benaulim, Varca, Mobor, Cola, Agonda, Palolem and Patnem. Apart from these, Goan beaches come in all shapes and sizes, and...

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach is located on the shores of the Palawan Island; it is the fifth largest island in the Philippines and the beach stretches from the province of Mindoro straight down to the tip of Borneo Island

Vietnam Beaches

Vietnam’s Beaches are the number one reason why Vietnam is on the list of many travelers. The best beaches in Vietnam consist of stretches of powdery sand, countless coves, tropical islands, and lagoons. The spectacular 3000 km coastline...

South Goa Beaches

South Goa beaches are the perfect playground for relaxing. In this article, we start from just south of the airport, which lies exactly in the middle of the state, and work our way further down south, recounting some of the beautiful beaches that we find along the way.

Best Time to Visit Goa the best time to visit Goa, which runs on a yearly seasonal calendar.A result of this is that prices of lodging, boarding, taxi services and bike rentals skyrocket during the peak tourist season, not to mention the crowds that you have to negotiate..

Peru Beaches

Though Peru is most known for the Andes mountain range and the Amazon rainforest to the east, the long coastline is home to some 2,500 kilometres of spectacular Peru beaches and coastline. The surf swells coming in from the Pacific coastline offer tourists some excellent waves as well as year-round good weather.

Maldives Beaches

Given the massive selection of perfect beaches in the Maldives it can be so difficult to find the best ones. But here’s a guide to the top 20 to help you decide!

Costa Rica Beaches - did you know these?

Costa Rica beaches are extremely famous because of their soft fluffy sand, the sun, the marine life and a variety of activities that you can indulge in.

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