Iceland in February

Most people imagine Iceland in February to be unpleasant because of the winter conditions. Iceland in February has shorter days, but the little light you get is beautiful...

Iceland in September

Iceland in September is exceptionally beautiful and mesmerizing. The weather is perfect as the warmth of the summer continues till the last days of September. The roads remain all open by that time too. Thus, it becomes easier...

Blue Lagoon Iceland Hotels

We have listed down some of the top rated and popular hotels in and around the Blue Lagoon in Iceland - in Keflavik, Grindavik as well as Reykjavik to help you pick your ideal hotel..

Iceland Packing List

When traveling to Iceland, a packing list is very useful. The changing weather along with different temperatures in different parts of the year require suitable clothing.

Iceland Accommodation

Iceland provides a wide range of accommodation choices, which are bound to suit you. Though prices for iceland hotels are generally on the..

Northern Lights Iceland

Watching the Northern Lights is certainly an overwhelming experience that only a few of us get to tick off our bucket list. The ghostly dance of green, purple and white lights in the Arctic sky has been a source of awe, myth and wonder for ages. For some cultures, auroras accompany good tidings while for others they are harbingers of bad luck. The certain thing is that an encounter with the Northern Lights tends to be an unforgettable memory for the beholder.

Best Time to Visit Iceland

Here is a concise guide of how the year looks like in the country, so that you can decide for yourself the best time to visit Iceland. Things to do in Iceland can range from outdoor activities and adventure sports like trekking, bird watching, whale watching, snorkeling, snowmobiling, glacier hiking, etc. to immersing oneself into the rich and vibrant Nordic culture and cuisine.

Game of Thrones Iceland

Iceland is one of the primary locations where HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series is shot.This has led to many game of thrones tours in Iceland visiting locations like the...

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a geothermal lagoon of milky-blue water that is around 38 degrees Celsius. The Blue lagoon waters are a mix of..

The Best Iceland Travel Guide

Iceland travel is easy. International arrivals to Iceland come through Keflavik International Airport (KEF) followed by transfer to Reykjavik city center which is..

Things to do in Iceland

Since Iceland is located in the northern end of Europe, the things to do in Iceland are dependent on the time you choose to visit Iceland. The country sees a large inflow of tourists as the summer sets in and the weather conditions are favorable to visit...

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