Bhutan Trekking

Careful planning and preparing for a trek in Bhutan is of the utmost importance. The region’s climate is mainly dominated based upon the impact of the Indian Monsoon season which provides visitors with the finest months to trek: March to May and

The Best of Chiang Mai Trekking

Though still humid, Chiang Mai’s elevation makes it considerably cooler than the south. This makes trekking in Chiang Mai one of the best in Thailand.

The Biggest List of Best Trekking Shoes

Trekking shoes are an integral part of your trekking experience. A good pair can make the whole adventure fun and pleasurable while a bad one can turn it into a nightmare. All trekking boots don’t need to be heavy duty and firm.

Hiking in Thailand

The market for hiking in Thailand is growing. With beautiful trails running along the coastline, around the islands and through the mountains and forests in the north, it’s unsurprising. Not only is the scenery spectacular, there is much culture to enjoy along the way, particularly in the north where it is possible to walk through small hill tribe villages and learn about rural life in Thailand.

Kanchenjunga - Third Highest Mountain in the World

At an imposing height of 8586 meters, Kanchenjunga was thought to be the world’s tallest mountain until 1852. The Kanchenjunga Himal section of the Himalayas actually lies between the states of India and Nepal. It has 16 peaks which are more than 7000 meters high. The massif itself is divided into five parts by ...

9 Awesome Things to do in Fiji

Here is a list of top things to do in Fiji, one of the most exotic locations in the entire world. Fiji is an archipelago containing over 330 specific islands. With a population just shy of 1 million people, there is more land to explore than anyone can ever imagine. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, the crystal-clear waters circle the popular honeymoon destination, offering privacy, beautiful landscapes, immaculate food, and adventure like never before.

Phuket Tours

There are plenty of things to do in Phuket – restaurants, nightlife, museums and temples. Sometimes the best way to explore the area is by guided Phuket tours. Tour operators offers myriad options, usually centred around visits to the other nearby islands, adventurous activities like white-water rafting, fishing and shows. Here’s a comprehensive list of the tours available to tourists visiting Phuket Island.

Peru Treks

The Andes mountains offers some of the world’s best trails, making Peru treks a great attraction. The Inca Trail is arguably the most famous, but there are plenty more that offer spectacular views over the mountains and have far fewer tourists to contend with.

Machu Picchu Hike - a Quick Guide

Machu Picchu hike is one of the best in the world. The four-day classic trail passes ancient Inca ruins and meanders up through spectacular Andean countryside to ultimately reach the citadel of Machu Picchu.

How to get to Machu Picchu

How to get to Machu Picchu is a question that plagues many a tourist. There are multiple options such as hiking on of the Inca trails or taking the train from Poray to Aguas Calientes and then a bus from there.

Machu Picchu - For Those Who Are Yet To Visit

Machu Picchu is truly one of the man-made wonders of the world. Perched atop a mountain ridge in the Andes over the Sacred Valley and Urubamba River some 50 miles away from Cuzco in Peru, this 15th century citadel was once home to a thriving Inca community.

Annapurna Circuit Cost

The Annapurna circuit cost includes trekking expenses, flights to Nepal, visas and other costs for climbing Annapurna. Some expenses that you'll have to bear are : 1) Nepal Visa and Trekking permit: The cost of your visa depends on the length of

Vaccinations for Nepal

Nepal Vaccinations - some of the shots are spread out through several months or need to be taken within a certain time frame. You want to ensure your vaccines are sp..

Places to visit around Annapurna

If you’re heading over to Nepal, some of the best places to visit on your Annapurna trek include Pokhara, the second largest city in the country. You can combine a trip full of mountain adventures that will finish off with a visit to..

Five Great Reasons to trek Annapurna in Nepal

The Annapurna trek itself is so exciting that one minute you’ll be passing through valley hills or dark, steep canyons where it may look like no human has ever gone before. Then, after passing a few more miles, you’ll be...

Getting to Nepal for your Annapurna Trek

There’s only one option for international flights to get into Nepal, as the capital Kathmandu hosts the country's only international airport. This is the Tribhuvan International Airport (airport code KTM) on the outskirts of the city. It’s a small airport with

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu – Porters and Welfare

On the Salkantay trek, the job of the porters is not limited to the carrying, but they also have to rush ahead and set up the camp; then, cook food for the group so meals are ready when you get there. After the group is done for the night, they stay behind to pick up the camp and then rush ahead of you to do all of those things over again, all the time while ...

Training for the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu

When training for your Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu it’s best to do a combination of cardio, body str...

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu - The Ultimate Guide

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, from a pure trekking perspective, is considered to be better than the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro - No. 1 Guide Online

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro requires prior planning and research to make an informed decision. This guide provides you all the knowledge to know about, plan and book your Kilimanjaro trek.

Weather at Machu Picchu and on the Inca-Salkantay Trail

It’s important to note that the weather in this region is unpredictable and changes fast. No matter what time of year you visit, you can experience quickly changing periods of rain, cloud, sunshine and wind both at the ruins and on the treks. This is because of Machu Picchu’s location - sitting above a cloud forest in a generally subtropical climate.

Routes for the Machu Picchu Trek - Inca, Salkantay trail and others

Beginning at Km 85, The Classic route follows the Inca Trail as it climbs through valleys, woodland and cloud forest to reach Machu Picchu. You’ll also discover a number of Incan ruins along the way.

Tipping Ceremony on Kilimanjaro

The tipping ceremony on Kilimanjaro is one of the lesser explored subjects. This post contains an extract from Dr. Joel Batzolfin's book, One Step at a Time, that describes this happy ceremony in detail.

Alternate Routes for the Everest Base Camp trek

The Everest Base camp trek is an extremely popular tea-house trek offering a plethora of options for the hiker. So which route should you take? Jiri, Gokyo, Three Passes or the classic Everest Route? It depends on how much time you have, your fitness, the money you are willing to spend and your choice of scenery. This blog post explores the various options in detail.

The Everest Sherpas - Everything you should know

Although Sherpas make up a proportion of the guides and porters that accompany tourists on Everest treks and climbs, the term “Sherpa” has also become a byword for any Nepalese person doing this kind of work on the mountain. In fact, many of what Westerners call “Sherpas” are not Sherpas in the genetic sense, but instead come from other tribes from elsewhere in Nepal. And large number of porters used on Everest Base Camp treks actually ..

Preparing for Mt. Everest trek - Training, practices and Exercises for the Everest Base Camp

Preparing to climb for your Everest Base Camp trek is one of the best ways to ensure that you will be able to complete the climb without any problems. Here are some exercises, techniques and some preparation tips and nuggets to prepare for your EBC trek.

The Everest Tea House Trekking experience: Exploring Nepal on Foot

Exploring the Himalayas in Nepal is a unique experience. Even the Everest Base Camp can be reached by the unique Tea House Trek, a trekking experience unique to the Himalayan regions of Nepal and India. Read more to find out how you can do tea house trek to Everest

Mount Everest Climbing Routes - insights and conditions on the trail

Mount Everest has over 18 routes that can be used to summit the iconic mountain. However, only two of these have been successfully been used more than twice. The South Col is the more popular of these two Everest routes and..

The Kilimanjaro Experience - an excerpt from Kilimanjaro Diaries

Author Eva Melusine Thieme shares her Kilimanjaro experience. An excellent read for those looking to climb Kilimanjaro. After almost seven hours of walking we glimpse the camp not far in front of us. I admit that I’m relieved to be here. Throughout the afternoon the path has been so steep that it mostly consisted of huge steps, cut into the slope and reinforced with wooden planks so that it felt like we were climbing up a giant and endless staircase. Each upward stride was so strenuous that we walked pole pole

Everest Deaths a complete look - causes, dangers, safety and precautions

This post takes a look at the deaths on Everest and categorizes them. A very useful article for those thinking about climbing Everest or trekking to the Everest Base Camp.

Rick and Morty explain why you should climb Kilimanjaro

Rick and Morty gifs that tell you EXACTLY why you should climb Kilimanjaro. Your favourite toons take you on an adventure.

Why Climb Kilimanjaro - a list of reasons in GIF

The best list of reasons for Climbing Kilimanjaro. If you're thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro, this list of animated GIFs will tell you all about why you should climb Kilimanjaro in a humourous way

Mt Kilimanjaro Facts - Which Ones Did You Know?

These Mt Kilimanjaro facts and stories will give a deeper insight about Kilimanjaro, the local people and add to the richness of the story and the history of the highest summit in Africa.

Climb Kilimanjaro and do an African Safari - The Best Tanzania Holiday

The Best Tanzania Holiday includes an African Safari and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the seven summits. If you are already in Africa to climb Kili, taking a few extra days to see the truly wild animals of the Serengeti is a must.

Other Things to do on a Kilimanjaro Trek Holiday

Looking to get the most out of your Tanzania holiday is understandable. The other things to do on a Kilimanjaro trek holiday include Safaris, which the National Parks in Tanzania happily provide, visit the Maasai tribes, see coffee plantations, travel around Moshi and Zanzibar..

Mt Kilimanjaro Weather and The Best Time to Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro's weather is varied. Despite that it can be climbed all year round. The best time to climb Kilimanjaro depends on what you prefer - less crowd or better visibility or both.

How to Climb Kilimanjaro Cheap

Want to climb Kilimanjaro on a budget? There are a few main areas you can save money to climb Kilimanjaro cheap. By booking your trek in advance, you can save on the basic Kilimanjaro trek cost and flight tickets to Tanzania. It also gives you time to get equipment for Kili at the right price.

Climb Kilimanjaro Solo - Everything you should know

Climbing Kilimanjaro solo is tough. Tanzanian laws and protection for porters ensure that you have to take a minimum staff with you, regardless of how experienced you are or how much you pay. This article talks about the various options you have to arrange a solo trek to Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity

Climbing Kilimanjaro for Charity is the epitome of a noble adventure. If you are not vigilant, you may find your hard-earned donations go to the wrong hands. To ensure that you select the right charity for climbing Kilimanjaro or do the charity climb to Kili yourself, here are a set of guidelines:

Books on Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

If you're planning a trip to Kilimanjaro, the following books on Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro are for you. Ranging from stories about Kilimnajaro to climbing advice, pictures and training, these will give you the best bibliographical Kilimanjaro experience

The Marangu route to Kilimanjaro

Choosing the best Kilimanjaro routes is essential for a successful trek. When hiking the Marangu route to Kilimanjaro, the itinerary and comparison with other routes like Lemosho and Marangu are described. This blog also takes into account seasons, foot traffic and success rates for the Marangu route to Kilimanjaro and how Marangu differs from the other routes to Kilimanjaro...

The Rongai route to Kilimanjaro

Choosing the best Kilimanjaro routes can be difficult. When hiking the Rongai route to Kilimanjaro, the itinerary and comparison with other routes like Shira and Marangu are described. This blog also takes into account seasons, foot traffic and success rates for the Rongai route to Kilimanjaro and how Rongai differs from the other routes to Kilimanjaro...

The Lemosho route to Kilimanjaro

Choosing the best Kilimanjaro routes can be difficult. When hiking the Lemosho route to Kilimanjaro, the itinerary and comparison with other routes like Shira and Marangu are as follows. This blog also takes into account seasons, foot traffic and success rates for the Lemosho route to Kilimanjaro. Lemosho differs from the other routes to Kilimanjaro...

The Machame route to Kilimanjaro

Choosing the best Kilimanjaro routes can be difficult. When hiking the Machame route to Kilimanjaro, the itinerary and comparison with other routes like Shira and Lemosho are as follows. This blog also takes into account seasons, foot traffic and success rates for the Machame route to Kilimanjaro

The Shira route to Kilimanjaro

Choosing the best Kilimanjaro routes can be difficult. When hiking the Shira route to Kilimanjaro, the itinerary and comparison with other routes like Machame and Lemosho are as follows. This blog also takes into account seasons, foot traffic and success rates for the Shira route to Kilimanjaro

Best Boots for Climbing Kilimanjaro

If you're aiming to climb Kilimanjaro you need the right trekking boots. The best boots for climbing Kilimanjaro are the ones that are lightweight, waterproof, breathable.

Kilimanjaro Trek - Things to know before you climb Kilimanjaro

This article lists down everything you need to know before climbing Kilimanjaro. With resources to help to pack, train, the history of the region, Kilimanjaro's seasons and more, everything you need to prepare for your Kili trek is available here.

Kilimanjaro Packing List - The complete guide 2017

This Kilimanjaro trek packing list blog goes into the details of what you need to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. It will help you plan your packing and choose the right boots for Kilimanjaro, as well as footwear, layers, Sleeping bag, Jacket and all the other things you need on Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Routes - a complete guide

Looking for the best Kilimanjaro routes? This blog will help you narrow down between all the routes to Kilimanjaro. Contains detailed information on Machame route, Lemosho route, Marangu route, Rongai route and all the others. Also compares them by duration, type and other details.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - a guide for women 2017

Ladies trekking to Kilimanjaro often face difficulties getting information about climbing Kili. This blog lists everything women should know about Mount Kilimanjaro, how and what to pack and training for Kilimanjaro.

Nagaland - Hiking and Hornbill Festival in India

Visit Nagaland to learn about the tribes, their ways and the Hornbill Festival. Plenty of adventure and hiking can be done as well!

Hotspots in the Himalayas - WiFi on the trail?

Trekking in Himalayas does not have to keep you away from being online. Read about wifi when trekking in Nepal.

How Not to get Lost while Camping

Ever wondered what it takes to go camping alone? Arm yourself with basic camping knowledge that will help enjoy the great outdoors better!

The 4 Coolest Treks in Ladakh

The best treks in Ladakh India will take you on surreal moonscapes of Ladakhi wilderness. For those looking at unique trekking holidays.

Poon Hill Trek in Nepal: Memoirs of My Adventure

My beautiful trekking expedition to Poon Hill in the Annapurna region in Nepal. A day wise capture of my experience trekking in Nepal.

Mt. Sibayak: Psychology of trekking up an Active Volcano

Active volcano trek is a great way to see the volcanic environs of Sumatra during your holidays in Indonesia.

8 Wacky Things NOT to bring on a trek

Things to not bring on a trek. A humorous trekking guide for those seeking a fun read.

Trekking tips for beginners - A 101 guide

Guide to trekking for beginners informs you about the basics of trekking. What to wear, what to pack, how to remain safe and where you should go trek.

Kilimanjaro Vs Everest Trek - Which is Harder

Comparing Kilimanjaro vs Everest treks is not easy. Here we have tried to compare Everest Base Camp Trek Vs Kilimanjaro Summit Trek for those looking to decide between the two adventures for a holiday. A comprehensive list, this latest post is a detailed look at the two hikes.

Training for Kilimanjaro Trek- The complete guide 2017

Training for Kilimanjaro is essential. This post on training to climb Kilimanjaro tells you how to prepare yourself either by trekking or in the gym. Climbing Kilimanjaro will test your strength, stamina and determination.

10 Reasons to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

If you've ever wondered about trekking Kilimanjaro, this blog post gives you the best 10 reasons to climb Kilimanjaro. From the ever present perfect views to the intangible feelings, we cover everything to do with the Kilimanjaro climb

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