9 Awesome Things to do in Fiji

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Here is a list of top things to do in Fiji, one of the most exotic locations in the entire world. Fiji is an archipelago containing over 330 specific islands. With a population just shy of 1 million people, there is more land to explore than anyone can ever imagine. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, the crystal-clear waters circle the popular honeymoon destination, offering privacy, beautiful landscapes, immaculate food, and adventure like never before. Whether you want to snorkel in Yasawas or meditate in the Garden of the Sleeping Giant – bring your adventure hat and some sunscreen !

Fiji Hiking

With numerous national parks, hiking becomes a daily activity. Each park offering a plethora of options such as, warm waterfalls, beautiful hiking trails, botanical gardens, and photo-opportunities with wildlife, you can’t pass this up. One of the most famous places in all of Fiji to hike is on Taveuni Island, or “the garden island of Fiji”, the third largest island of Fiji.

Much of the beautiful and pristine plant and animal life native to Fiji can be found in the ancient rainforest known as Bouma National Heritage Park. In fact, on your journey through the park, keep your eyes open for the tagimoucia flower, a rare red and white flower that represents romance.

This breathtaking spot offers over 56 square miles, where you will find three massive waterfalls, natural swimming pools, beautiful hiking paths, and the best scenic spots in the country. Nestled inside the national park are four villages: Waitabu, Vidawa, Korovou, and Lavena, each offering a specific eco-attraction ranging from a marine park, ancient ruins, and even waterfall trails.

Fiji Waterfalls

Nestled in the middle of an ocean, this island contains ancient rainforests which hold some of the loveliest waterfalls on planet Earth. If you are looking to catch a picture or swim in a waterfall pool, there are dozens of different eco-tour groups that will travel to different waterfalls across the country, depending on your island location. One of the best tours available today is the Jewel of the Fiji Day Tour , where tourists will have a full-day experience navigating the Navva River waters of Fiji and swimming in the Magic Waterfalls. If you don’t want to take a tour, the most notable waterfalls in all of Fiji are in the Vuadomo Village and the Tavoro Waterfalls in Bouma National Heritage Park, both which offer at least a 20-meter jump!

Fiji Diving


Beautiful soft corals in Fiji. Photo by Derek Keats

There is a reason why Fiji has been called the “Soft Coral Capital of the World” , and that is why anyone who plans to travel to Fiji must plan a dedicated day to dive. Spanning over 4000 square miles, there are 1000 different species of fish , an assortment of corals and sponges, and plenty underwater world to be uncovered. Visit the Great Astrolabe Reef in Kadavu, which is the largest living organism in all the South Pacific, where you can have close encounter with manta rays and catch glimpses of beautiful coral formations.

If you are looking for something a bit rarer, check out Namena Marine Protected Reserve in Savusavu and swim with pigmy seahorses, pelagics, and vibrant soft coral. Only in Fiji can you travel with trained Fijian divers to participate in a typical “shark feeding” expedition at Shark Reef Marine Reserve, which has been named the “Best Shark Dive in the World.” With Grey Reef sharks, Hammerheads, and even White Tip sharks, Fiji is the place to learn how to dive and conquer your fears.

Fiji Snorkeling

Aside from the beautiful national parks in Taveuni, this island is more formally known for its picturesque snorkeling environment . In fact, Taveuni is home to some of the most gorgeous snorkeling locations including Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef.

In Rainbow Reef, which is located on the Somosomo Strait in Taveuni, tourists can swim in the translucent waters and catch glimpses of the stunning and world famous Great White Wall. The best parts are swimming through the tunnels and looking at the vibrant yellow and purple corals, gorgonian fans, and orange crinoids. If you are lucky, you might happen to spot some unbelievable marine creatures like the lionfish, octopus, or a moray eel.

Vuna Reef is another popular destination for tourists, which is located on the southern tip of Taveuni. Vuna is the host to vibrant and stunning pink and orange coral, schools of damsel fish, moray eels, sea stars, and many other invertebrates. The best part about the Vuna Reef is the opportunity to catch rare glimpses of sea turtles that surround the Tavoro Cave. If you happen to bring a Go Pro, you might just find your best pictures here or near The Stairs.

Fiji Fire Walking

In Fiji, there is an art known as Vilavilairevo, or “jumping into the oven”, or in more common terms, fire walking. The island legend is that people who originally inhabited Beqa Island convinced Tui Namoliwai, a god, to allow human beings to walk on fire. 500 years later, Fijians celebrate each holiday with traditional fire walking ceremonies. Visit beautiful resorts like the Beqa Lagoon Resort, Shrangri-La’s Fijian Resort, or the Naviti Resort to witness the magic of fire walking and celebrate the Fijian culture.

Fiji Ziplining

If you are going to travel through Fiji, you can’t forget about the extreme sports and adventurous activities that surround the islands. There is no better feeling than ziplining over 160 meters in the air and moving at over 30 mph. There are many different adventure parks and ziplining companies through-out the islands. Some of the best and most popular places are Sleeping Giant Zipline and Zip Fiji .

Sleeping Giant Zipline offers tourists the opportunity to experience over 10 different ziplines in the middle of Fiji’s untouched ancient rainforest, where you can get jaw-dropping glimpses of waterfalls and rare and exotic animals. With four different waterfalls, chances to swim, coffee plants, jungle vines, fruit trees, butterflies, parrots, and orchids, it’s literally a zipline wonderland.

If you are looking for a bit more of an experience, Zip Fiji allows their tourists to not only zipline over 16 different lines, they can also abseil over 100 meters down into “the Tau Caves”, known as one of the most special locations in all of Fiji, to explore and learn about the underworld of Fiji.

Relax on Fiji Beaches


Beach in Fiji.

Most people who visit Fiji are most inclined to flock to the stunning and warm sandy beaches. The best part is that since Fiji has over 330 different islands, there are plenty of beaches just waiting to be discovered. On your journey, stop by Coral Coast, which can be found on the southwest of Viti Levu, one of the most popular spots in the entire country. With over 50 miles of pearly white sandy beaches, Coral Coast has been named the “real Fiji”, offering tourists an authentic experience to visit nearby villages, right on the beach.  The best part about Coral Coast is the beautiful view of the impressive coral reef near the shoreline.

Fiji Wildlife Tours

The moment you step foot onto any Fijian island, you will become enveloped in the natural and stunning protected forests and wildlife. From vibrant coral reefs, striking river gorges, and ancient rainforests, there is a world of nature that feels as if it has never been discovered. Get up close in person with rare and endangered animals like the Fijian Iguana or baby snakes while you venture through Kula Wild Adventure Park and investigate a costal forest. For more, you can sign up for Sigatoka Culture & Historical Full Day Eco Tour and learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Fiji and its endangered wildlife, including the Monuriki Crested iguana .

Fiji Cruises

With hundreds of different activities and things to do in Fiji, one of the best ways to experience the entire island and culture is by a cruise. With multiple options available to tourists, one may opt into hiring a single day cruise or signing up for a multiple day cruise . If you are planning on visiting the mainland Viti Leuu, one can plan an “island hopping” cruise to visit the key locations around the main three islands. However, if you are seeking a more authentic and less tourist crowded experience, the smaller islands like Yasawas offer cruising opportunities where one can get an authentic Fijian experience. Join companies and cruises like Nai’a Fiji , who will explore the best dive sites and wildlife on Fiji, or Awesome Adventures Fiji , which will take your family on a 12 day adventure through Fiji’s most popular islands. You can always just hire a private boat charter as well and create memories your way!

Fiji Best Time to Visit

The last pertinent part of information that we have yet to discuss is when the best time to visit Fiji is. The best months to visit are, without question, July to September. This is peak season since the weather in Fiji sits at a comfortably warm, 80 degrees. Alongside the weather, another great reason July and September are the best visiting months are due to Fiji’s best island events ranging from travel excursions to evening dinners with the locals.

The reality is, Fiji is a beautiful destination spot for travelers, romantics, and adventure-seekers all year-round and can be visited at any point in time. No matter the month, the temperature is quite consistent, and so are the tourists. With that said, if you have the opportunity to travel to Fiji, don’t let the time be a deterrent – just go!

Cover photo by Adam Selwood .

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