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Linlithgow, a small but royal burgh in Scottish. Most importantly it is known for birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and the ruins of the Linlithgow Palace which was built for over two centuries by the Stewart kings of Scotland. Apart from that it also has St. Michael’s Parish Church which was originally built as a cathedral to visit, Annet museum which provides you an excellent display of local history and many more places. But what drives tourists and hikers towards Linlithgow is its weather. It has an oceanic climate during the year i.e. warm but not hot summers and cool but not cold winters despite of it being situated towards northern hemisphere. Throughout the year, Linlithgow experience light to heavy rainfall totalling 914 mm in a typical year. Best time for exploring this place is between May and October, the weather is at its best with temperature during the day varying from 13 - 20 degree Celsius while during the night it varies from 7 – 11 degree Celsius. Unfortunately the best time to visit comes at a cost i.e. booking prices shoot up due to higher demands. So it’s advisable to plan well in advance.

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The cheapest month for travel to Linlithgow is December primarily due to the fact that it is the month with lowest temperature i.e. Days will be around 6℃ while night will be around 0℃ – the coldest time of the year. Be prepared with your most warm clothing and expect rain, snow and fog during the weather. While the month with best weather is July i.e. Days will be around 20℃ while night will be around 11℃ – the hottest time of the year and most expensive month to travel. Usually the fourth week of July is the hottest time of the month. But you have to be careful of rain and thunderstorm. Historically, the monthly average temperature during the year varies as: January (6℃), February (7℃), March (9℃), April (12℃), May (14℃), June (17℃), July(18℃), August (17℃), September (15℃), October (12℃), November (7℃), and December(6℃).

weather linlithgow

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Talking about the rainfall in the area, on an average Linlithgow receives precipitation in 18 days per month. Based on historical data, precipitation days each month are: January (21), February (19), March (16), April (20), May (22), June (19), July (20), August (23), September (18), October (21), November (20), and December (22). Average Precipitation in terms of mm of rainfall received varies across the year. On an average January month receive 60 mm of rainfall, February to April is 40-50 mm of rainfall, May to July varies between 50-60mm and August to December is more than 60mm of rainfall. Hence, the place really has no dry season with rainfall spread around the year.

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Linlithgow enjoys all four seasons’ i.e. spring, summer, autumn and winter. On the basis of meteorological seasons which is calculated using annual temperature cycle, Spring Season is from 1st March to 31st May, summer season is from 1st June to 31st August, autumn season is from 1st September to 30th November and winter season is from 1st December to 28th February. The months slightly differ if you consider Astronomical seasons, Spring Season is from 21st March to 20th June, summer season is from 21st June to 20th September, autumn season is from 21st September to 20th December and winter season is from 21st December to 20th March.

Based on historical data, you can experience rainy days during most part of the month followed by Snow or foggy day. You can also expect heavy thunderstorms during 1 or 2 days in a month from May till August. ~70% of the days in month will experience rains throughout the year. During the month of December to March, you can expect snow on 4-5 days every month. Throughout the year, there can be fog during 4-6 days in a month.

weather linlithgow

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Talking about the length of the day and sunshine, it can vary significantly throughout the year. On an average, from October to March you can expect 5-6 hours of sunlight. The day hours can be anything between 7 hours to 10 hours. The month from September to April, you can enjoy sunlight for 8-10 hours during the day, while the days are longer with 12-18 hours in a day.

The average percentage of sky covered with cloud varies across the year in Linlithgow. April to October is the clearer part of the year where sky can be clear, mostly clear or partly cloudy during 49% of the time and it is overcast or mostly cloudy 51% of the time. During October till April, is the cloudier part of the year. Sky is overcast or mostly cloudy 71% of the time and clear or partly cloudy 29% of the time.

Linlithgow is about 25 km away from ocean. The water temperature of the nearest location i.e. Edinburgh varies from 8 ℃ to 11 ℃ in December to March months. While it varies from 10 ℃ to17 ℃ during the month of April till September.

weather linlithgow

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Typically, humidity is at 80% in Linlithgow. And, it does not vary significantly across the year. So temperature can vary while the humidity levels does not change significantly.

The average hourly wind speed varies significantly during the year as per the seasons. Typically, November to April are the relatively windier part of the year with average hourly wind speed of 14.9 miles per hour. The calmer part of the year is from April to October with an average hourly wind speed of 10 miles per hour. During most part of the year i.e. 11 months the wind is from the west direction while only for 3 weeks i.e. April to May the wind direction is from east.

Hence, the best time of the year to visit Linlithgow for outdoor tourist activities is from late June to August as you can experience clear, rainless days with moderate temperature. While the best time of the year to enjoy hot weather activities is from mid-July to early August. If you want to enjoy cold climate then you can visit during November to January months.

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